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Benefits and Uses of Jasmine oil

By Anand Dubey August 10, 2021

Benefits and Uses of Jasmine oil

Jasmine is a white-coloured flower that has a sweet fragrance that starts drenching the mind. Apart from the aroma of jasmine, its healthy properties act as a medicine for many diseases in Ayurveda. Therefore its flowers, leaves and root are used to make medicine that proves to be helpful in reducing headache, earache and also cures vaginal dysfunction. Apart from the flower of jasmine, its oil has also been used for many years for health, skin and hair related problems.

Benefits of Jasmine oil

For antiseptic-

Jasmine oil has antibacterial (bacteria destroying) properties which help to eliminate the activity of bacteria. Therefore, jasmine oil can be used as an antiseptic lotion on the body.

To combat depression-

Jasmine flower is known for its lovely fragrance. Due to the aroma of its oil, it is used for patients with depression. According to research done by the University of Thailand on jasmine, aromatherapy done with its oil works to have a positive effect on patients with depression due to which a feeling of happiness is communicated in the person. Therefore jasmine oil is considered beneficial in depression.

For blood pressure-

The report published on the site of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) mentions that the aerial part of the jasmine plant (the part of the plant that is in the air, such as flowers and leaves) has anti-hypertensive (lowering high blood pressure)properties. Since jasmine oil is prepared from its flowers, it is also natural to have these properties in jasmine oil. Therefore, it is considered effective for controlling increased blood pressure.

To reduce the symptoms of menopause-

The symptoms of this change can be reduced to some extent with the help of aromatherapy in women suffering from the problem of menopause, according to the report published on the NCBI site in which the name of jasmine oil comes first. Therefore, jasmine oil has been considered helpful for the condition of menopause.

For inflammation-

Jasmine oil has anti-inflammatory properties which are in the extract of its leaves. Therefore, both jasmine oil and its leaf extracts are used to relieve inflammation. This oil also proves to be effective in curing all types of physical inflammation.

For mouth infection-

Jasmine oil has anti-bacterial properties which prove to be helpful in cleaning the mouth and relieving mouth infections.

Nutritious Ingredients of Jasmine oil

  • Glycoside
  • Flavonoids
  • Saponins
  • Tannins and Phenolic Compounds

Uses of Jasmine Oil

  • Jasmine oil is used for massaging the skin.
  • It is also used for applying on the scalp.
  • Jasmine oil is used as a mouthwash to remove oral infections.
  • Some people use jasmine oil as a room diffuser.

Side effects of Jasmine oil

  • Some people may have skin allergies to jasmine oil.
  • Excessive use of jasmine oil should be avoided due to its relaxing and stimulating effect.


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