Know what to do in case of a Snake bite?

Posted 05 August, 2022

Know what to do in case of a Snake bite?

If a person does not get proper or timely treatment for snake bite, it may lead to a fatal result and a person may die. According to WHO, about 83,000 people are victims of snakebite every year. Of which about 11,000 people die. The biggest reason for which is the lack of immediate first aid. India leads the world in death due to snake bites. After a snake bite, its venom takes about three to four hours to reach the heart and brain or spread to the whole body after which the effect of the poison starts appearing in the whole body. However, it is not necessary that every snake is poisonous because there are about five to six hundred species of snakes found in India out of which poisonous snakes are very few in number.

What happens when a Snake bites?

When a snake bites a person, the poison of its poisonous teeth goes inside the person's flesh from where it slowly moves upwards towards the brain and soon it spreads throughout the body. In such a situation, if there is even a slight delay in getting treatment, then the person may die.

Keep these things in mind in case of a snakebite

  • Take the victim away from the snake and try to calm the person.
  • If possible, find out the species of snake to keep yourself safe so that it can be easy for the doctor to treat the person.
  • If there is any jewelry (rings, anklets, bracelets etc.) worn by the snake bitten person, remove it immediately as it can harm the person if the inflammation increases.
  • If the victim is wearing shoes, remove them as soon as possible.
  • Tie a bandage over the bitten area with the help of tree bark, a piece of newspaper, sleeping bag or backpack frame.
  • After tying the bandage, take the person to the nearest health center.
  • Do not let the patient walk at all because the muscles rub while walking leading to rapid spread of poison in the body. Therefore, use a vehicle to take the victim to the health center or doctor.

Course of action in case of snake bite

  • Use of Root of Toor Dal (Arhar Dal)Grind the root of tur dal and feed it to the snake bitten person, it reduces snake venom and infection.
  • Use of Kantola (teasle gourd)मThere are two types of teasle gourd. One which bears both flowers and fruits while the other one has only flowers that is why it is also called 'infertile Kantola'. Rubbing the bulb of this kantola and applying it on the snake bitten part reduces snake venom and infection.
  • Use of GarlicमGrinding garlic and applying it in the form of a paste on the snake bitten part and eating garlic paste mixed with honey also reduces snake venom and infection.
  • Other measuresमImmediately after the snake bite, make the victim vomit by feeding ghee or using other ways of making a person vomit. Make the person vomit 2-3 times after drinking lukewarm water for 6-8 times. This reduces the effect of snake venom. After that, take him to the nearest medical center as soon as possible.
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