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Figs- Types, Benefits, and Side-effects

By Anand Dubey March 10, 2021 0 comments

Fig (Botanical name: Ficus carica), also known as Anjeer in Hindi, is a pulpy and succulent fruit and a very beneficial dry fruit. The taste of figs depends on the ripeness. The riper it is, the sweeter it is in taste. The flavor and medicinal properties of fig make it a beneficial and important ingredient. Because of its high sweetness, people use it in many sweets. Figs help in treating constipation, and colds. It also helps in curing lung and skin-related diseases.

 Fig types

Figs are of two types-

  1. This type of fig is cultivated and grown. Its leaves and fruits are large.
  2. These are wild figs. Its fruits and leaves are smaller than cultivated figs.

 Benefits of Figs

Use of Figs in Constipation-

Figs contain abundant fiber, which prevents constipation. It makes the bowel movement easier and regularizes it. By soaking figs in water overnight, eating in the morning, and drinking its water clears the stomach. It also improves digestive power and removes problems related to it.

 Use of Figs for Bones-

Figs are rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These strengthen bones. It is beneficial in curing bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

 Benefits of Figs in preventing Heart Disease-

The intake of figs helps in reducing the level of triglyceride in the blood. Triglycerides are the fat particles present in the blood. People consider it a major cause of heart disease. Dried figs contain omega-3, phenol, and omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids reduce the risk of serious diseases such as coronary heart disease.

 Use of Figs for Eyes-

Macular degeneration in the eye with increasing age is the major reason for decreased eyesight. Consumption of figs slows down the process. Vitamin-A is abundant in figs. Hence figs help to increase eyesight and prevent macular degeneration.

Benefits of Eating Figs in Throat Pain-

Fig is also useful in relieving pain caused in the throat, as well as in cheek inflammation. It relieves pain by reducing the pressure on the vocal cords. Mixing fig paste with warm water and applying it to the throat also works to reduce pain and provides relief to the throat. It also cures cough and other respiratory system-related diseases.

Use of Figs for Urinary Problems-

The potassium present in figs controls the element released out of the body by urine. This helps to release the toxins from out of the body by stopping calcium degradation.

 Side-effects of Figs

  • Excessive consumption of figs can cause diarrhea.
  • The excessive quantity of sugar in dried figs can cause tooth decay.
  • Figs can also cause allergy, so for the first time use them in small quantities.
  • Eating too many figs in a single week can cause bleeding in the body’s digestive system.
  • Eating too many figs can also cause stomach problems.

 Cultivation of Figs

Cultivation of Figs is done in places where there is an enormous amount of lime in the ground. Figs grow outstandingly at such places.

Cultivation of figs in India is mainly done in the north-western regions and southern regions. Apart from this, figs are also found in the Mediterranean, Southwest Asia, and Middle Eastern parts.

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