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What is Isabgol? Know its Benefits and Uses

By Anand Dubey September 01, 2021

What is Isabgol? Know its Benefits and Uses

Isabgol is a bushy plant that looks like a wheat plant. The ends of this plant have earrings like wheat. Its seeds have white husks on them which are known as Isabgol husk. This plant is cut when the husk comes in its plant. After this, the plant of Isabgol is dried in the sun and the seeds of Isabgol are separated from it. It is brewed 5 to 6 times to separate the husk. Apart from the husk of Isabgol, its leaves and flowers are also used in many health-related problems in Ayurveda. The botanical name of Isabgol is Plantago ovata.

Importance of Isabgol in Ayurveda

Isabgol has been traditionally used in Ayurveda for problems related to constipation. It is rich in medicinal properties. The nutrients present in it work to relieve and protect from health problems. Isabgol husk benefits in the treatment of diseases like constipation, dysentery, diarrhoea, weak immunity, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, ulcers and inflammation. It is rich in fibre, protein, antioxidants, calcium and fatty acids. Therefore, it is used for weight loss, healing the digestive system.

Benefits of Isabgol

Beneficial for constipation-

Isabgol is good for relieving constipation as laxative acid is found in Isabgol. Apart from this, both soluble and insoluble fibre is found in Isabgol which is very beneficial in curing constipation. Isabgol absorbs water from the digestive tract. It also makes bowel movement easier.

Helpful in diarrhoea-

The property of a water-absorbing agent is found in Isabgol which is also very beneficial in getting relief from diarrhoea. It works to make the stool hard and thick. For this, mix two spoons of Isabgol in curd and consume it twice a day. By doing this the problem of diarrhoea goes away.

Helps in strengthening the digestive system-

A healthy digestive system is essential for a healthy body. Any kind of malfunction or disturbance in it leads to weak immunity due to which the body becomes afflicted with various diseases. Isabgol husk strengthens the digestive system as well as helps in curing the poor digestive system. It is good to take Isabgol.

To reduce weight-

Isabgol contains protein and fibre that helps in reducing obesity. The protein and fibre present in Isabgol improve metabolism by preventing the deposition of fat. Along with this, it is also helpful in detoxifying the body and reducing weight. Thus, research shows that the high fibre present in Isabgol helps in reducing weight by reducing the feeling of hunger. Therefore, to lose weight, we should consume Isabgol regularly.

Beneficial in diabetes and high blood pressure-

Isabgol is also beneficial in the problem of diabetes and high blood pressure. Research shows that the fibre, unsaturated fatty acids present in Isabgol together play an important role in controlling the increased blood sugar. Apart from this, due to the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and protein present in Isabgol, it helps in reducing increased blood pressure. Therefore, the consumption of Isabgol is considered nutritionally important in the treatment of this disease.

Beneficial for the heart-

A study shows that consuming a diet rich in fat-soluble fibre can lower triglyceride levels in the body due to which the risk of heart diseases is reduced. In such a situation, Isabgol is very beneficial in keeping the heart healthy as it contains a good amount of fibre and protein that helps in keeping the arteries of the heart-healthy. Therefore, by consuming Isabgol, the risk of all heart-related problems such as irregular heartbeat and heart blockage etc. is reduced.

Helpful in improving the intestinal and excretory system-

The fibre present in Isabgol helps in curing and preventing problems related to the intestine. According to experts, consuming Isabgol increases the amount of water in the intestine. This makes it easier to pass stools. Along with this, it ensures the regular functioning of the intestine and excretory system. In this way, the consumption of Isabgol husk is helpful in preventing problems of the intestine and excretory system.

Uses of Isabgol

  • Isabgol is consumed by soaking it in water.
  • It can also be consumed by mixing it with curd.
  • It is also consumed by mixing it with Triphala powder.

Side effects of Isabgol

  • Since Isabgol contains more fibre, therefore, consuming it in excess can cause stomach pain, bloating and gas problems.
  • People who have low blood sugar should avoid consuming it.
  • Someone with difficulty in swallowing or bowel problems should avoid its consumption or consume it only after consulting a doctor.
  • Long-term consumption of Isabgol can lead to nutritional deficiencies in the body.
  • Consuming it continuously makes the stomach feel full all the time which may lead to loss of appetite.
  • Isabgol should not be used by pregnant and lactating women.

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