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Unknown and Amazing Facts about Christmas

By Anand Dubey March 11, 2021

Unknown and Amazing Facts about Christmas

All of us know that Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th of December every year. It was earlier celebrated only by one religion i.e., by the Christians. Now every one is enthusiastic for the festival because of the joy and festivities it brings along. People invite their close ones and celebrate. We all celebrate Christmas. You will be surprised to know some of the most unknown and amazing facts about Christmas. 

  • Jesus Christ was not born on Christmas day

All of us think of Christmas day as the day when Jesus Christ was born right? You would be amazed and shocked to know that is not the case. This is one of the most unknown and Amazing Facts about Christmas. According to the History Channel, Jesus was not born on the day Christmas is globally celebrated. This day was chosen as a convenient day for the celebration because it was already a pagan holiday. It celebrated the winter solstice.

  • Santa Claus did not always dress up in red

Santa Claus was initially dressed in green, purple, or blue. This was only the common theme for the old man at the North Pole for many years. However Coca Cola, , the leading brand of beverages decided to dress him up in colors. This went with their brand theme and really worked out well and Santa got its new outfit forever!

  • Multiple Santa come to leave gifts for Children in Iceland

It is believed that there are 13 Santa in Iceland, who leave a gift for every child. They travel from far-off places and come down from the mountains one after the other from 12th December and have intriguing names like Door sniffer, Spoon Licker, and Meat Hook.

  • Jingle bells was not originally a song for Christmas

All of us love to sing Jingle Bells, right? The tune which comes to our mind as soon as we think of Christmas but have you ever noticed that the song doesn’t contain “Christmas” in it or Jesus or Santa Claus, for that matter! It was not originally composed for Christmas. It was written & composed in 1850, entitled One Horse Open Sleigh, for Thanksgiving Day, that is the American holiday.

  • Santa Claus was based on a Christian bishop who helped the needy

The character of Santa Claus is based on the character of St. Nicholas, a Christian bishop, who provided basic amenities for the poor and the needy. He adored children. He gave presents to the kids secretly and came to be known as Sinterklaas in Dutch. As his story became famous he later turned out to be Santa Claus.

  • The different names of Santa

Santa Claus is known by different names around the world. In Germany they are famous with the name “Kriss Kringle”, “Le Befana” in Italy, “Pere Noel” in France and “Deushka Moroz” in Russia.

  • The Interesting Drill for Christmas Dinner

A traditional custom which is famous in Somerset and a few parts of Dorset is that whoever finishes their sprouts last will do the dishes while being dressed as a giant turkey. This tradition started in the late 90s. It was a way to encourage children so that they finish eating their veggies.

We Wish you & your family a Merry Christmas

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