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Vedobi Tibetan Smokey Quartz Bracelet contains 100% Original & Natural Smoky Quartz which is a rare stone that is found in the most sacred and highly spiritual areas of the Himalayan mountains of Tibet and Nepal. The stone, also known as a stone of Grounding, the Tibetan Smokey Quartz bracelet helps in keeping you attracted to your roots and provide peace and Serenity to the inner self. A popular belief attached to these powerful stones is that Tibetan Quartz crystals are procured from Tibet where these stones have fully anchored the Spirit onto Earth and held the Divine resonance for centuries. Vedobi Tibetan Smokey Quartz Bracelet effectively balances the chakra and energy fields. It is also beneficial in activating the third eye chakra, also known as brow chakra.


  • Provides Calmness: The bracelet brings calmness to the mind of the wearer.
  • Help bring positive thoughts: It helps to garner positive thoughts which helps a person gain a better perspective of things.
  • Lifts depression: The positive thoughts helps to bring happiness to a person helping in avoiding depression.
  • Calms fear: The positivity gained through the power of the bracelet helps to calm a person and keeps them away from fear.
  • Brings Stability: The stones brings stability to the mind of the wearer assisting the person to gain self-confidence.
  • Aids Concentration: Tibetan Smokey Quartz bracelet helps to attain concentration and assists in communication difficulties.
  • Relieving Stress: This bracelet is a great ornament to bring emotional calmness thereby relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Purification of the body: Tibetan Smokey Quartz bracelet aid in healing the nervous system and brain for removing toxins and other impurities from the body which helps to purify the body which further helps in curing various illnesses.
  • Helps in Clarity of mind: This bracelet is so powerful that it can help attain clarity in thoughts and make good decisions.

How To Care

It can be cleaned using lukewarm water mixed with soap with a cotton cloth, rinse it thoroughly afterwards as the chemicals in the detergent can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions to the wearer. Avoid enzyme cleaners to clean the bracelet and always use an old toothbrush to remove the dirt and grease in the bracelet. Detergents and lotions can damage the finishing and colour of the stones of the bracelet. Make sure not to dip your bracelet in water. Remove it before swimming and cleaning.

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