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Vedobi Moonstone Bracelet

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Moonstone Bracelet

The Moonstone set in the Vedobi Moonstone Bracelet is a semiprecious gemstone. It is called Gaudanti and Chandrakanta in Hindi. It is very beautiful white, brown and dark brown in colour which is sometimes also semi-transparent. It is a stone of the moon, so it is considered a protective gemstone for women. A moonstone bracelet is also worn to keep the mind calm. Moonstone is a great gemstone that brings emotional balance and peace. It is a symbol of peace and higher consciousness. Mainly moonstone is found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and Madagascar. Wearing a Moonstone bracelet keeps the mind calm and balanced. Wearing this also reduces mental stress.

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Moonstone is the gem of the moon and this bracelet is worn to get auspicious results related to the moon god. Moon is the factor of the mind, so wearing it keeps the mind calm and the mind does not wander. You can wear a moonstone bracelet to please the moon god. The gem of the Moon planet is Moti i.e. Pearl Stone and its Uparatna is Moonstone. If a person is not able to wear pearl stone due to any reason, then he can wear a moonstone bracelet instead. Moonstone or Chandrakanta Ratna or Godanti is ruled by the Moon and its zodiac sign is Cancer. Therefore, the people of the Cancer zodiac can wear the Moonstone bracelet without any hesitation. Apart from this, this stone does not give any negative effect on anyone, so any person can wear this stone.


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The mind remains calm

Wearing a Moonstone bracelet keeps both the mind calm and removes negativity and stress. This gemstone is called Chandra Mani and wearing it keeps one's mind calm.

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Removes negative energy

Moonstone bracelet favors luck and removes negative energy and brings happiness around you.

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Protects from dangers

If you travel a lot or you love to travel from one place to another, then you must wear a moonstone bracelet. It protects you from unintentional danger.

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Increases self-confidence

Moonstone bracelet enhances confidence and strengthens the decision-making ability of the wearer.

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Beneficial for creativity

A moonstone bracelet also enhances your creativity. It helps writers, artists, musicians and people in other creative fields to move forward.

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Removes phobia

If you have a phobia of something and want to get rid of it, you can wear a Moonstone bracelet as this gemstone balances your mind and body due to which all kinds of fear sitting inside the mind is removed.

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Protects from the evil eye

Moonstone protects from the evil eye and protects from diseases and disorders. It means that if you are sick or wish to be always healthy, then Moonstone can help you in this task.

How To Care

The Vedobi Moonstone Bracelet can be cleaned with lukewarm water with the help of soap. Clean the bracelet thoroughly after washing because the chemicals present in detergents can cause inflammation and allergic reactions by damaging the skin of the wearer. Do not use an enzyme cleaner to clean the bracelet. Always use an old toothbrush to remove dirt and grease from the bracelet. Avoid strong cleaning agents that contain chlorine as they can have a harmful effect on the bracelet.

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