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Vedobi Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Vedobi Tiger Eye Bracelet
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Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet, provided by Vedobi is an alluring stone which is a semi-precious form of quartz. It has a mesmerizing radiance that can attract every individual to itself. It has several benefits to the health as well as bringing fortune to the wearer. Some people wear it to gain prosperity and fortune in their lives, and others adore it to stay away from mishaps.

More than its appearance, the Tiger Eye bracelet serves as a powerful stone to captivate inner strength and stand taller in stature because it has inherent powers  captured in itself. To gain strength and stay away from misfortune, you can also wear Vedobi's Tiger eye bracelet.

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Tiger eye stone is connected to both the sacral chakra and the root chakra and hence comes with a lot of healing properties and provides inherent benefits to the wearer. It helps to balance the physical and emotional wellbeing in accordance with each other. Vedobi Tiger Eye bracelet will bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer. It has immense power to bring focus to the mind and promote mental clarity. It also helps in assisting the wearer to resolve problems objectively without being affected by the emotions. It is particularly useful for healing anxiety, psychosomatic illnesses, and dispelling fear. It also has its usefulness for recognising one’s capabilities to assist the needs of others. Tiger eye stone is especially useful in balancing the yin-yang and invigorating the emotional body by stabilising the mood swings and providing strong willpower, courage and self-confidence. All this helps in releasing the tension and making a person powerful.

Tiger Eye bracelet helps to treat throat, eyes, and reproductive organs. It alleviates pain and is helpful in repairing broken bones and strengthening the spinal column.


  • Brings Peace Happiness: Vedobi Tiger eye Bracelet is known for making the day to day life very relaxing. It helps to find happiness in anything and everything by dispelling the negative energies.
  • Attracts Positive Energies: It helps to lead a peaceful life as it attracts positive energies & positive people and helps you gain a positive mindset.
  • Heal the pain of a person suffering from bone problems: Tiger Eye Bracelet helps to heal the pain of a person suffering from bone problems. Though the bracelet is not an alternative to a doctor's visit, it definitely can support in various ways. After wearing this bracelet, the bones show rapid recovery and the medicines work quickly.
  • Promotes Financial Situation: Tiger’s eye bracelet helps to gain good financial status as it captivates money. Facing a financial crunch makes a person more negative in life. Here, a Tiger’s eye stone bracelet can help by providing you positivity and you survive through the financial breakdown.
  • Helps Keep away from evil eyes: Wearing a Tiger Eye bracelet will keep you away from evil eyes.
  • Boosts confidence and morale: This bracelet boosts a person’s confidence and morale and brings a remarkable spark in you that helps to transform you into an active person who strives to achieve excellence.
  • Supports stability of mind: Tiger eye bracelet helps to provide you with the right frame of mind which can support you in taking the right decisions at the right time.

How To Care

Tigers Eye Gemstone can be cleaned using lukewarm water mixed with soap, rinse it thoroughly afterward as the chemicals in the detergent can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions to the wearer. Avoid enzyme cleaners to clean the bracelet and always use an old toothbrush to remove the dirt and grease in the bracelet. Avoid strong cleaning agents that have chlorine as they may have a detrimental effect on the bracelet.

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