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Haldi Mala or Turmeric Rosary

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Haldi Mala or Turmeric Rosary is made of raw turmeric bulbs, consisting of 108 beads of sanctity. These beads are purified in holy water and energized by enchanting special mantras to provide numerous benefits to the wearer. It has healing powers and provides many benefits to health, money-related problems, attaining peace, along with several other benefits. It is also a very good instrument to appease Lord Ganesha. Reciting mantras of Lord Ganesha while keeping Haldi Mala in hand bears great results and solves various life-related problems.

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Haldi or turmeric is a traditional herb that is considered the most sattvik. It has a lot of ayurvedic and medicinal properties. It is used to treat several illnesses like Cancer, bone problems, cough cold, immunity-boosting, and even jaundice. Haldi is believed to be a very auspicious herb and is hence used while performing Hindu rituals, prayer, and also havans and is also associated with fertility. According to popular belief, Haldi mala benefits people in lawsuits and removes differences between people to establish peace and harmony. Turmeric also reduces stress and anxiety and has a positive effect on the state of mind. This mala has a special use while praying to Pitambara Devi, Goddess Baglamukhi or Jupiter (Guru).

For best and quick results chanting of “Om Brim Brihaspataye Namath” on Thursday while wearing this Haldi Mala helps to strengthen the position of Jupiter in planetary mahadasha and removes its negative effects. The person also acquires spiritual powers with Haldi Mala.


  • Cure Jaundice: Haldi Mala is beneficial for curing many diseases and is a wonderful cure for jaundice.
  • Benefits mind and provides mental peace: People who have mental problems or anxiety should wear Haldi Mala on Thursday to attain mental peace.
  • Helps to get rid of nightmares: People who are troubled due to nightmares should keep Haldi Mala under the pillow while sleeping.
  • Establishes peace and removes differences: Haldi/Turmeric mala benefits people in lawsuits and removes differences between enemies to promote peace.
  • Used in worshipping ceremonies to bring success: Haldi Mala is used for reciting mantras during worshipping ceremonies to bring success when one is in a troubled time.
  • Useful for people whose marriage is delayed: Haldi Mala is a wonder garland for people whose marriage is delayed. Such people should wear Haldi Mala on Thursday.
  • To overcome the obstacles of failure and work: Some people are unable to succeed in their work even after working hard. Those people should wear Haldi mala in the throat or hand on Thursday. But before wearing the garland, sprinkle Gangajal on it and keep it at lord Vishnu’s feet for some time. By doing this, the garland is purified. In this way, wearing Haldi mala begins to remove all the obstacles.
  • Solves money-related problems: Haldi Mala appeases various lords and helps to solve money matters to bring wealth.

Key Ingredients

  • Process of making Haldi Mala: Turmeric garlands are made from the raw turmeric bulbs. For this, turmeric lumps are first dried. Later, after cutting those knots into equal round pieces and piercing them, the Mala is prepared by weaving the beads into a thread.

How To Use

Step 1: This garland is worn while chanting the mantra of Baglamukhi Devi. Chanting the mantra of Jupiter or Lord Ganesha with this garland also results in prosperity.

Step 2: To get rid problems, offer yellow flowers, yellow rice, yellow sandalwood, maize flour, jaggery, chickpea, pulses etc. on Thursday to Jupiter (Guru). Now apply turmeric tilak on the forehead and chant Om Cleon Brihaspataye Namah, Om Brahma Brihaspataye Namah with turmeric rosary/ Haldi Mala.

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