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Vedobi Citrine Pyramid Bracelet

Citrine Pyramid Bracelet
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Vedobi Yellow Citrine Pyramid bracelet has a glowing bright yellow hue that has the ability to brighten up every sphere of life as well as bring an abundance of good luck to the wearer. Citrine Pyramid stone is associated with the amethyst family and is a variety of crystalline quartz. It is very beneficial for the body in terms of physical benefits as well as metaphysical properties. It helps to reduce night fears while promoting proper slumber. Yellow Citrine Pyramid bracelet is also a great substitute for yellow sapphire and is highly recommended by astrologers as a stone of the planet Jupiter. It is well known for its ability to absorb negative energy from a person and the area around it. Wearing a Citrine Pyramid crystal bracelet is also beneficial for improving bonds, prosperity, wealth and happiness.

Vedobi Yellow Citrine Pyramid Gemstone bracelet works on the Manipura Chakra and increases the energy leading to a focused intent and willpower of the individual. It combats negative energy and cleanses the environment of unwanted energies, be it of the home, office, car, or other areas indoors or outdoors. While taking care of the negative energies, helps to maintain harmony in the family. This also results in spiritual, psychic growth and a ray of hopes. It is beneficial in increasing mental clarity and confidence by encouraging balanced emotions and calm feelings.

Apart from this, the Citrine Pyramid bracelet is also recommended to help with digestive issues due to its connection with the solar plexus chakra, which is located in the gut. Citrine Pyramid improves luck as well as an excellent stone for those who are placed at executive positions and becomes the most potent luck and wealth enhancer.


  • Benefits in career and business: Being related to the planet of knowledge and prosperity, Citrine Pyramid bracelet gives benefits in career and business. Wearing a Citrine Pyramid bracelet is beneficial if someone is incurring losses in business, unnecessary expenses and is not able to get profit from the investment.
  • Eliminates negative energy: The Citrine Pyramid Bracelet acts on the Manipura Chakra and boosts energy. It eliminates the negative energy spread around the person. Citrine Pyramid bracelet is beneficial in meditation, mental awareness and spiritual development.
  • Increases Confidence: Wearing a Citrine Pyramid bracelet increases confidence due to which the wearer is able to move ahead in life by taking the right decision with his understanding.
  • Cures health problems related to solar plexus: The Citrine Pyramid bracelet has a solar quality of energy. For this reason, the healing crystals of a Citrine Pyramid bracelet are used to cure health problems related to the third chakra or solar plexus.
  • Improves the ability to think: Citrine Pyramid bracelet also enhances the learning ability of a person and wearing it improves the analytical skills of the person.
  • Beneficial for students: Citrine Pyramid bracelets are considered very beneficial for students. Wearing it helps people doing research and preparing for government jobs and competitive exams to achieve their goals.
  • Removes estrangement: Citrine Pyramid bracelet also has the power to strengthen relationships. Wearing this helps to eliminate the estrangement between the relations.

How To Care

Step 1. Cleanse your bracelet at least once a month and the first time you’re wearing it. To energize your Citrine Pyramid crystal, you can place it under sunlight or moonlight.

Step 2. Sunlight is particularly good to recharge its solar quality of energy. You can also charge Citrine Pyramid with other crystals and stones. Other Citrine Pyramid cleansing methods include sage cleansing, salt cleansing, and meditation.