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Vedobi Ruby Zoisite Bracelet

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Ruby Zoisite Bracelet

Ruby zoisite stone bracelet is a natural combination of ruby stone and green zoisite. Hence it is known as ruby zoisite or anolyte. It is a stone that is a great combination of energy and colour which makes it the greatest and most magnificent of all stones. The name of this stone comes from the word Masai, which literally means green. It is green in the middle which can be seen inside the stone and it also matches perfectly with the deep magenta red of ruby stone. Ruby zoisite is mainly found in India and Zambia. This stone is an energy-intensive stone that activates the area around the body. It helps to increase mental capacity and empowerment as well as altered states of consciousness. It also stimulates the heart chakra. Apart from this, Ruby zoisite Bracelet is also beneficial for heart disorders and increasing physical vitality.

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Due to the presence of a cool and a warm effect in the same gemstone, ruby signifies the power of zoisite to harmonize, which seems opposite to what we hear but in reality, these are different sides of the same coin. Ruby Zoisite harnesses the strong, fiery energy of the ruby โ€‹โ€‹and the calming, soothing energy of the Zoisite. The Vedobi Ruby Zoisite Bracelet promotes joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage. It also brings enthusiasm to life. It helps to cure many diseases. By wearing it, energy is transmitted in the person due to which his efficiency increases. Vedobi Ruby Zoisite Bracelet is quite an effective stone to bring happiness and other positive emotions in life. It helps in aiding metabolism and digestion and increasing the vital force in the body. It improves circulation and quality of blood and heart disorders.

It is also believed that the Ruby zoisite bracelet increases the magnetic field around the body and activates the life force. It helps to live life in one own way. It fosters creativity and helps to focus on your real object. This creates an altered state of consciousness. It also enhances fertility and mainly treats the problem of the reproductive system of ovaries and testicles. It promotes self- control and self-esteem and helps to recover from your unpleasant past experiences and bring harmony. It gives inspiration to the person. Apart from this, it also helps in bringing peace.


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For Healing and Health

Ruby Zoisite has a strong life force energy which makes it an effective stone for healing. Wearing a Ruby zoisite Bracelet brings positivity to the mind of a person.

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For happiness and prosperity

Ruby Zoisite is considered a stone of vitality and growth. When it comes to wealth, it is a very lucky gemstone. It attracts the energy of prosperity and abundance. Moreover, the Vedobi Ruby Zoisite Bracelet helps to make a person's dreams come true.

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For love and relationship

Ruby Zoisite is a stone that is based on the heart. It promotes positive feelings in the love life of the person. Wearing it increases one's happiness, passion, satisfaction and security. Along with this, the feelings of jealousy, insecurity, bitterness and resentment go away. This stone is an emotional healer which calms the heart of a person in times of stress and pain.

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Helpful in increasing courage

Vedobi Ruby Zoisite Bracelet makes a person stunning, courageous, fearless. After wearing it, confidence in the person increases. At the same time, the person is not afraid to do even the most difficult tasks. Apart from this, wearing a Ruby Zoisite Bracelet removes any kind of sorrow and pain. So, wear the Ruby Zoisite Bracelet as soon as possible and get its benefits.

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Helpful in battling depression

At present, almost everyone is going through anxiety and depression. Therefore, wearing a Vedobi Ruby Zoisite Bracelet is beneficial to find peace in this hectic life. Wearing this helps to attain peace of mind and good sleep at night due to which the mind gets peace. Apart from this, wearing it also helps in dealing with problems related to eyesight and blood circulation.

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To increase fertility and stimulate potency

The healing properties of the Ruby zoisite bracelet are also used by practitioners to promote fertility in women and stimulate potency in men to conceive healthy babies.

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For the heart and blood vessels

Ruby zoisite Bracelet is proven to be helpful for better functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Keeping this bracelet in the centre of the chest strengthens the heart muscles and removes emotional disharmony.

How To Care

Ruby zoisite Bracelet can be cleaned using lukewarm water mixed with soap, rinse it thoroughly afterwards as the chemicals in the detergent can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions to the wearer. Avoid enzyme cleaners to clean the bracelet and always use an old toothbrush to remove the dirt and grease in the bracelet. Avoid strong cleaning agents that have chlorine as they may have a detrimental effect on the bracelet.

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