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To avoid corona or any other disease, we need to sanitize not only our hands but also the vegetables and fruits purchased from the market. Therefore, before consuming fruits and vegetables, definitely sanitize them with "Aarogyam Shakti Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizer" so that they can be completely free of germs and fungus.There is no chlorine, alcohol or any harmful chemicals in this sanitizer. It is made entirely from natural ingredients. Aarogyam Shakti Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizer contains neem, apple and lemon extracts which keeps fruits and vegetables completely fresh.


Natural ingredients
Natural ingredients

This includes natural ingredients like neem, apple and lemon.

Germs and bacteria
Germs and bacteria

It completely kills the germs, bacteria and fungi, present in fruits and vegetables.

Wax layers and chemicals
Wax layers and chemicals

It keeps the wax layers and chemicals away from fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables remain fresh by using it.

Chemical Free
Chemical Free

It is completely free of chemicals.

Key Ingredients

Lemon Extracts
Lemon Extracts

Lemon extract contains citric acid which has the ability to kill various germs. Extracts of its leaves are used as lemon balm, which protects the skin from ill effects of environment.

Neem Extracts
Neem Extracts

Neem has antibacterial properties which eliminate germs. Neem has the ability to eliminate toxic elements.

Apple Extracts
Apple Extracts

It helps in reducing fungus. Additionally, it helps in reducing diabetes and depression.

How To Use

Step 1. Add 50ml fruit and vegetable sanitizer in 1 litre of plain water.

Step 2. Put fruits and vegetables in the solution for 40-60 minutes.

Step 3. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with clean water and use them.

Safety Instructions

Step 1. Wash only whole fruits and vegetables.

Step 2. Always keep away from the reach of children.


1. What is Veg and Fruit Sanitizer?

Aarogyam Shakti Veg and Fruit Sanitizer is a herbal sanitiser that is prepared with natural ingredients to take care of the hygiene of vegetables and fruits. It effectively removes dirt, impurities, chemicals from vegetables and fruits and 99.9% of germs from fruits, vegetables.

2. What are the ingredients used in Veg and Fruit Sanitizer?

Veg & Fruit Sanitizer contains natural ingredients like neem extracts, apple extracts, and lemon extracts.

3. What are the benefits of using Veg and Fruit Sanitizer?

The natural ingredients used in it have antimicrobial properties which do not harm fruits and vegetables and retain their nutrients. Also, it does not take away the taste of fruits and vegetables.

4. How to use Veg and Fruit Sanitizer?

Mix 50 ml veg and fruit sanitiser in 1 litre of freshwater. Now keep fruits and vegetables in this solution for 40-60 minutes. Then use the fruits and vegetables by washing them thoroughly with clean water.

5. Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Veg And Fruit Sanitizer?

No, there is no side effect of using Veg and Fruit Sanitizer as it is prepared with completely natural ingredients.

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