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Vedobi Aqeeq Bracelet

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Aqeeq Bracelet

Aqeeq stone is a kind of stone that is known for its important properties. There is a popular belief about this stone that it has immense positive and bright light. This gemstone is excellent for striking a balance between emotional, physical and intellectual energies. Apart from this, this bracelet with the popular gemstone is also known to provide a sense of peace. Therefore, any person can wear this gem. The Aqeeq Stone is also known by some people as Hakik.

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The Vedobi Aqeeq Stone has many spiritual properties which make it a powerful root chakra stone. In this form, this stone is the basis of physical and spiritual energy which helps in increasing the body's stability and feelings of security. The positive effect of this gemstone spreads in every part of a person's life. Apart from spiritual healing, this bracelet also aids in physical healing. It helps in aiding in metabolism and digestion and increasing the vital force in the body. It improves circulation and quality of blood and heart disorders.

This gem was discovered by Greek philosophers around 300 BC. Wearing this gemstone bracelet is considered auspicious and good for the body.


Make Diabetes Free
The mind of extreme vision

The mind of the person wearing the Vedobi Aqeeq bracelet is opened to extreme vision. As a result, the person remains positive towards thinking.

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Fostering feelings of restraint, inner stability and maturity

The Vedobi Aqeeq bracelet promotes feelings of peace, stability and maturity. Its protective and anti-worm properties help to encourage protection and confidence in the person wearing it.

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Heals physical and mental illness

The Vedobi Aqeeq bracelet is an excellent stone for healing both physical and mental ailments because it helps in treating the symptoms as well as the causes of the disease.

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To increase fertility and stimulate potency

The healing properties of the Vedobi Aqeeq bracelet are also used by practitioners to promote fertility in women and stimulate potency in men to conceive healthy babies.

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Useful for heart and blood vessels

The Vedobi Aqeeq bracelet is proven to be helpful for the better functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Keeping this bracelet in the center of the chest strengthens the heart muscles and removes emotional disharmony.

Make Diabetes Free
Helpful in removing toxins from the body

The healing energy present in the Vedobi Aqeeq bracelet is good for the skin and eyes because it helps in getting rid of harmful toxins in the body.

How To Care

The Vedobi Aqeeq bracelet can be cleaned thoroughly using soap and warm water. A cotton cloth or soft brush is used to clean it. Take care not to clean it with steam because this stone is sensitive to heat. Therefore, do not store it in sunlight or a hot place and take it off during swimming and sports.

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