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No Extra Charges on Shipping & COD

Vedobi will send you an email confirming receipt of your payment after you place your order and pay for the goods. The email will also include information about your order and delivery. However, this is only if the e-mail address you provided is correct.

On working days, items that are in stock are typically shipped within 24-48 hours. However, the shipment may be delayed due to special requirements, such as and not limited to bulk orders, severe weather conditions, or any unforeseen issues or circumstances. However, Vedobi will make every effort to pack and ship your order as soon as possible. The timeline for that is usually within two business days of the date you placed your order. In case of any incomplete or incorrect information about the payment, order processing may be delayed by two business days. The transit time and date of delivery are determined by the location of delivery.

We recommend that you print or save the payment information for online transactions, as well as the confirmation email, as soon as you receive them so that you can contact us about your order whenever necessary. If you find any information in the email to be incorrect, please notify us immediately so that it can be corrected.

Value Proclamation

It should be noted that Vedobi ensures that the full value of your order, excluding any shipping or delivery charges, is declared on the shipping documents or the packaging label.

Shipping by Express

You can place your order with a premium delivery service that will deliver your order quickly to your shipping address. However, express delivery takes at least two to three business days to process before being shipped to your delivery address. After your order is processed at Vedobi, it will be prioritized and delivered as soon as possible to your delivery address. Express delivery is only available in major cities and not in rural areas.

Shipping Fee

Shipping and handling charges are displayed when you place an order and are calculated based on the total cost of the items ordered and the delivery options you select. However, if you order multiple items, they may be shipped separately, but shipping will be charged as a single package.

If there is an error in the shipping address, the package is refused by you, or you are not reachable, then the shipping charges for redelivery will be the customer's responsibility.

Shipping Address

Each item in your order must have a single delivery address. Please ensure that the shipping address you provide is correct to avoid any delays in order processing. You can change the delivery address up to 24 hours after placing your order, but not after that because your order is processed within two business days.

Delivery Specifics

We will send you a confirmation at the e-mail address you provided as soon as your order is processed and shipped. You will also be provided a Tracking-ID to track your order.

Orders are delivered between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to all locations within our service area.

Errors Notification

If the items sent to you in the confirmation email do not match the order you placed, please notify us ASAP so that your order can be replaced. If you discover that the items you received do not match the order you placed, please notify us via our customer service email & you order will be replaced.

Items that are damaged

Vedobi does not accept returns or exchanges. We do, however, have a replacement policy for damaged items. If you discover that the goods you received were damaged in transit or have a manufacturing defect or damage, please notify us and they will be replaced.

Please Contact Us

For any clarifications, please contact our customer service at