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Get Free Vedobi Pain Relief Balm
Vedobi Orthodic Capsules
Get Free Vedobi Pain Relief Balm
Vedobi Orthodic Capsules
Get Free Vedobi Pain Relief Balm
Vedobi Orthodic Capsules
Vedobi Orthodic Capsules
Vedobi Orthodic Capsules
Vedobi Orthodic Capsules
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Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

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Ayush vedobi
Brand: Vedobi
  • Helps in relieving muscle and joint pain
  • Relieves rheumatoid arthritis
  • Beneficial in gout and acute inflammatory arthritis
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieves redness and stiffness of joints
  • Helpful in muscle spasms
  • Provides relaxation to the muscles
  • Helps to strengthen bones
  • Gelatin free

Know Your Product

According to Ayurveda, we experience joint pain because of the imbalance in Doshas (functional energies of the body) especially Vata. Vata is responsible for the movement and spaces between the joints. An imbalance of Vata dosha causes inefficient circulation of nutrients. As a result, the tissues fail to get nourishment which leads to wear and tear in the joints which further causes severe joint and muscular pain.

Digestive fire becomes weak because of the imbalanced doshas. This results in the accumulation of toxins which according to ayurveda is called “aama”. The aama is carried to the joints by Vata where they cause inflammation and pain. The Kapha(another type of dosha which is responsible for lubrication between the joints) gets dried up due to the presence of toxins. This affects the lubrication in the joints which causes severe pain in the joints.

According to Ayurveda, to help manage joint pain, maintaining the balance of tridoshas is necessary. Vedobi’s Orthodic capsules are made of 100% natural and ayurvedic herbs, maintaining its potency according to ancient vedas.These capsules are 100% gelatin free and contains herbs such as Yograj guggulu, Nirgundi, Ashwagandha, Triphala, Trikatu, Rasna etc which have anti-inflammatory and healing properties. These herbs balance the doshas and remove accumulated toxins. Hence, provides relief from pain and inflammation.

These are some noted benefits! There’s more Ayurveda has to offer

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Aids in relieving inflammation and redness

The nutmeg and cinnamon oil present in Vedobi Pain Relief Balm is a strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent which suppresses the production of inflammatory compounds. Additionally, camphor present in it reduces symptoms of arthritis such as joint pain, swelling, redness, and stiffness of joints.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Beneficial in improving flexibility

Vedobi Orthodic capsule provides flexibility to muscles and joints which improves the efficiency and function of the muscles and joints.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Quick Relief

Vedobi Pain Relief Balm starts working within minutes of massage which provides quick relief.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Relaxation in muscle pain

Vedobi Orthodic capsule effectively reduces muscle pain. Regular intake of this capsule increases blood flow of the affected area which helps to rejuvenate joints, muscles, and bones.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Relief from joint pain and arthritis

Maharasnadi Kwath present in Vedobi Orthodic capsules have significant anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, foot pain, back pain, neck pain, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, and all joint pain problems. Apart from this, it also helps in improving the functional efficiency of the affected part.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules


This balm helps to increase the mobility of joints by relieving pain.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Gelatin Free Capsules

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules is a pure vegetarian product prepared from natural medicines which are completely gelatin-free. The cellulose cover of the Vedobi Orthodic capsule is made from trees naturally.

There’s nothing Hidden in our composition! We give you a complete transparency of what you’re Using

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Yograj Guggul (Ayurvedic Compound Formulation)

Yograj Guggul helps in reducing stiffness, pain, and swelling in joint disorders. This works as a supplement and medical assistant for various disorders in Ayurveda. Yograj Guggulu is an anti-inflammatory agent, which effectively cures painful conditions of arthritis and inflammation.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Roots and Leaves of Chinese chaste tree

Extracts of Chinese chaste tree (Nirgundi) root and leaves have sufficient anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. It helps in reducing arthritis, joint pain, and muscle spasms.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

Ashwagandha controls bacterial infections due to its antibacterial properties which reduce respiratory tract, gastrointestinal, urogenital, and arthritis diseases.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Trikatu (Ayurvedic Compound Formulation)

Trikatu is a strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent which suppresses inflammation and the production of its compounds. Trikatu reduces symptoms of arthritis such as joint pain, swelling, redness, and stiffness of joints.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Frankincense (Boswellia serrata)

Frankincense (Salai Gugal) is known to have positive effects on various joint conditions. This specific flora contains a gum resin (gum-like fluid) which has components such as boswellic acid that inhibit the inflammation that leukotriene produces in the body.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Maharasnadi Kwath (Ayurvedic Compound Formulation)

Maharasnadi Kwath is an Ayurvedic medicine that is made by mixing many herbs. Its use relieves foot pain, back pain, neck pain, and paralysis. Additionally, it also helps to improve the functional efficiency of the affected part.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Triphala (Ayurvedic Compound Formulation)

Triphala is a rich source of vitamin C and minerals like selenium, copper, potassium, and manganese. It helps in reducing inflammation and weight. The fibre present in Triphala helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It also acts to strengthen the immune system.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Musk mallow (Hibiscus Abelmoschus)

Musk mallow (Lata Kasturi) has natural antispasmodic and carminative elements. Hence, it is widely used in the Ayurveda and Unani systems of medicine. Musk mallow is used to treat asthma, bronchitis, diarrhoea, gonorrhoea, hysteria, and other urogenital problems. Kadha made from its seeds is used to treat fever, nervous disorder, sore throat, and hysteria.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Castor (Ricinus communis)

Castor leaves, seeds, roots, flowers, and the oil extracted from are used as a treatment. The antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties present in it help in protecting the body from external infection. It also reduces pain in arthritis. Grinding its seeds and applying them on the joints ends swelling of joints and arthritis.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata)

Rasna root is aromatic and bitter. It is useful in arthritis and other inflammatory disorders. Its stem and leaves are muscle relaxants. Its roots along with other ingredients are useful in all nervous and gout diseases. Rasna is used for relieving digestive disturbances such as flatulence, colic, and indigestion. It is also very useful in respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, pleuritis, and chest pain.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Gandhpura Oil (Gaultheria fragrantissima)

Gandhpura oil is considered one of the important ingredients in Ayurveda. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and analgesic properties, which provide relief from muscle, joint, and other types of pain (Osteoarthritis and rheumatism).

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Peppermint Oil (Mentha Viridis)

It contains naturally found menthol and limonene, which help to promote healing & have a cooling effect on the body. Additionally, mint oil helps in relieving muscle aches, itching, and skin allergies.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Clove Oil (Syzygium aromaticum)

Clove is one of the most powerful and useful ingredients which is used for various therapies. The anti-analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory properties present in it can help reduce inflammation and pain. It provides the ability for people suffering from insomnia, restlessness, or general fatigue to perform their regular tasks.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora)

Camphor is an active agent, which helps in relieving muscle aches and skin allergies due to which the risk of skin infection is reduced. Camphor is also beneficial in itching and ringworms.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum)

Its antioxidant properties calm the mind and relieve stress. Cinnamon bark is known as a disinfectant, antispasmodic, and fungicidal, which is beneficial in joint and muscle pain. The intake of cinnamon improves mental alertness.

Vedobi Orthodic Capsules

Nutmeg Oil (Myristica)

Nutmeg is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-depressant properties. It has a positive effect on muscle pain. In the absence of sleep, nutmeg is used as a medicine to eliminate stress and calm the mind.

How To Use

  • Take one capsule twice a day with fresh water or as directed by the physician.
Caution: Please read the label carefully to avoid known allergies, if any. Discontinue using in case of any allergic reaction and immediately consult a doctor.

Frequently Asked question

Vedobi Orthodic Capsule is an Ayurvedic Proprietary, which is effective in treating all problems related to bones, joints & muscles health. It is helpful in managing concerns like joint pains, back pain, neck pain, swelling, redness & inflammation of muscles & joints.

Orthodic Capsules are 100 % herbal in nature. It contains herbs like Yograj Guggul, root and leaves of Chinese Chaste tree(Nirgundi), Ashwagandha, Trikatu, Frankincense (Salai Gugal), Maharasnadi Kvath, Triphala, Musk mallow (Lata Kasturi), Castor root, Rasna, etc.

Orthodic Capsules can be taken by anyone who is of 15 years or above age group. It is very helpful in healing, repairing, managing bones & joint health, as well muscle strength.

Rest assured, Orthodic Capsules are 100 % herbal & natural, without any added preservatives. Even the cellulose cover of capsules is gelatin-free and made of trees naturally.

The recommended dosage of capsule is one capsule twice a day with water after meals or as directed by the physician.

Results may vary depending on factors as age, duration of disease, severity and also the activity levels and food habits of a person. Most people start noticing positive results in 15 days, while some may observe improvement after longer period. Based on the above factors, one may need to take capsules from 1-3 months as per requirement or as directed by the physician.

As they are herbal and made with natural ingredients, these capsules are very helpful in managing prolonged issues and can be taken safely for longer durations. Orthodic Capsules are very effective in treating chronic pains like Arthritis, Back pain, Muscle spasm, Knee Pain etc.

Orthodic Capsules are made with natural herbs and do not contain any harmful chemical. Hence, they do not have any side-effects on body.

It is generally not recommended to take any unnecessary medicine during pregnancy. Orthodic Capsules are not recommended during pregnancy. However, if recommended, it should only be taken under supervision of the physician.

Orthodic Capsule can definitely be used along with allopathic medicines and other treatments. In fact, it can also help you reduce your medicines with prolonged use.

Review & Ratings


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(132) Reviews

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Meghna Saxena


Verified Buyer

Ortho capsule has been really helpful in my knee problem

Asha Singh


Verified Buyer

I am using it for the past 3 months and my problem of pain is nearly gone. Since their doctor has advised me to continue the medicine for sometime i can still taking it. Very good medicine

Savita Mitra


Verified Buyer

Vedobi team is very frienly and patient with all the queries and helped me through my journey

Shabnam Manocha


Verified Buyer

The capsule is quite effective in my continuos back pain

Amit Patel


Verified Buyer

I used a lot of medcines in allopathy, ayurved and homeopathy but i can guarantee this is the best of all as i found good amount of relief by using it

Vaibhav Varshney


Verified Buyer

This thing is great for easing pain in the joints

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