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12 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

12 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

2022-07-12 00:00:00

A panic attack is a sudden and intense attack of fear, panic or anxiety. These are overwhelming and have physical as well as emotional symptoms. When you have a panic attack, you may have difficulty breathing, sweat profusely, trembling, and you may feel your heart beating fast. Some people will also experience chest pain and a feeling of detachment from reality or themselves during a panic attack, which may make them think they are having a heart attack.


Here are some ways to help stop a panic attack


  • Focus on breathingWhile suffering from panic attacks, we are often so stuck up in giving into our fear that we fail to recognize that our breathing becomes erratic and much unmeasured. In order to calm down from a panic attack at home, it is important to focus on breathing. Indulge in deep breathing by inhaling deeply and then exhaling deeply. It helps get rid of shortness of breath and helps in overcoming fear too. This ensures that you can easily prevent hyperventilation and get a good treatment at home itself.
  • Accept the conditionFor a person, it is important for them to accept the fact that they are having an anxiety attack and that would pass over in a quick succession of time. Don't avoid the topic completely because it won't bring you anything good.
  • Block out the world, close your eyesOften, panic attacks begin from the condition of past triggers of trauma. To get rid of the same, the best way to do it is by closing your eyes and letting the stimuli around come to a halt. It helps in bringing forth a better understanding of the situation. Closing the eyes during a panic attack helps in slowing down the excessive stimuli and makes it easier for you to reduce panic attacks and keep them in check.
  • Try LavenderLavender is an amazing treatment option for a panic attack. It helps in relieving the signs of anxiety and fear in individuals mainly because of its relaxing properties. People suffering from panic attacks can effectively calm down by inhaling the smell of lavender. For best effect, put 1 drop of lavender oil on your wrist and rub it. Inhale the scent to help calm down your mind.
  • Be mindfulBeing mindful or rather the practice of mindfulness, has been found to have a remarkable effect, helps to get rid of the signs and symptoms of panic attack. Panic attacks can affect the cause of detachment, so being mindful is very important. For best impacts, feel the texture of the ground or even dig the heels deeper into the ground that can definitely help regain that consciousness back, which is beneficial for helping you get rid of a panic attack.
  • Know your triggersTriggers can be anything from a bad memory to an enclosed place nearby. If you are familiar with these triggers then you are sure to cope much better with the panic attack condition.
  • Muscle relaxation techniqueWhile suffering from a panic attack, there are chances that you could have muscle spasms that contractile issues with your body. One of the best ways to stop a panic attack is to consciously relax one muscle at a time. It is always suggested to know the muscle relaxing methods that work efficiently, and rest will beneficially fall into place.
  • Indulge in light exerciseStudies show that indulging in some light exercises are helpful in managing conditions associated with panic attacks. Any form of light exercise, be it jogging, running, or even working out in the gym can go a long way in promoting the release of hormones known as endorphins, which have a tremendous effect in quickly curing panic attacks. Endorphins have the capability of removing a person from a stressful condition, thus helping in getting rid of a panic attack and anxiety that you are suffering from.
  • Think of happy memoriesEvery single one of us has their happy place, a memory that makes us feel safe and secure and confines the place around us. If you have been struggling with awful memories, the best way to handle the same is by reading your mind to think of something happy and good. When you think of your happy place, picture yourself there and be free. The feeling itself should be enough for the panic attack treatment at home.
  • Chant a mantraA mantra is nothing more than a phrase that helps calm your senses and strengthen your inner core. It is often very effective in treating panic attacks as it helps you focus on only one thing and thus prevents all kinds of unnecessary thoughts from flowing through your mind. As you keep chanting, it does become a lot easier for your physical responses to become slow and let the excruciating stress dissipate easily. It relaxes the muscles and brings forth a calming sensation.
  • Use of benzodiazepineBenzodiazepine is one of the most powerful forms of medication that helps heal panic attacks quickly. This drug is a prescription drug which is why it is necessary for you to have a diagnosis for getting the medication for you. In fact, it is very effective in dealing with the overall condition. The medication comes with its side effects which is why it is important to ensure you take it only in the most extreme conditions only.
  • Talk to professionalSeeking professional help can be very effective in dealing with the conditions associated with your panic attacks. If you have been experiencing recurring panic attacks, the best way to combat the same is by ensuring you do talk to a specialist about the condition.Having someone professional to guide you through the process can be quite effective in handling the situation maturely.

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