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8 types of intelligence - Vedobi Way

8 types of intelligence - Vedobi Way

2021-12-22 10:06:16

Naturalistic Intelligence

We have seen before that how some people can develop anything, sometimes looks like they have a 'green thumb'. With the help of which they are easily associated with animals and some people are at home due to nature. Natural describes those who are sensitive to the natural world. They enjoy living outside the natural, nurturing, and exploring the environment. There are also people with high naturalistic intelligence who are very sensitive to small changes in nature and the environment around them.


Musical intelligence

Nowadays music-savvy people are usually more sensitive to sound and they often pick up on things that were not usually known to others. He then also has an excellent sense of ability to recognize rhythm and pitch. More often they do not play an instrument or engage in music as a profession.


Logical-mathematical intelligence

Of all our types of intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence is the most similar, which we usually associate with general intelligence. People with this type of intelligence are very sharp in mathematics and work with marks. These people easily recognize the pattern and perform various processes in it. They have excellent reasoning skills and can often get themselves out of trouble. People with more logical-mathematical intelligence are often drawn to strategy and puzzle-solving games.


Existential intelligence

Nowadays intelligent people with a high degree of existence often think very deeply about daily events. They ask similar questions why are we here? And what does all this mean? Those people are often deep philosophical thinkers and can find answers to big questions from their minds. Their intelligence is often called spiritual or moral intelligence.


Interpersonal intelligence

Do you have a natural ability to connect well with others? Are you capable of identifies the circumstance of the people and social situations? So, the possibility is that you should have a high degree of mutual intelligence. People with this type of intelligence are often able to read the verbal and non-verbal signals, as well as to determine temperament and mood. They feel sympathetic while often this type of intelligence is found in leaders, politicians, social workers, life coaches, and psychologists.


Interpersonal skills

  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Listening skills
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making

Linguistic intelligence


Linguistic intelligence is a type of intelligence that is most shared by humans. This includes our ability to think and use these words to make us think. People with high linguistic intelligence are very good at putting their feelings and thoughts into words so that others and people can understand them. They are also prepared for reading, writing, and public speaking activities.


 kinaesthetic intelligence

People with high levels of physical-kinaesthetic intelligence have an excellent sense of timing and great body coordination as well as fine and gross motor skills. Those people can use their bodies to express feelings and thoughts. These people often play roles in dance, sports, and medicine. They use their bodies to solve problems and make them meaningful.


 Characteristics of Kinaesthetic


 They must touch everything.

  • They are also well coordinated.
  • Some people enjoy playing games more than books.

  Intrapersonal intelligence


Have you ever understood your thoughts and feelings, and can you use this understanding in your everyday life? So, you should probably have high intra-personal intelligence. Intra-personal intelligence refers to one's understanding and the human condition. They are known as 'self-smart' people and, despite having a deep understanding of their feelings, they are often quite shy. These philosophers, spiritual leaders, psychologists, and writers generally have high inter-personal intelligence.


Characteristics of Intrapersonal


Like to work alone

  • Reflective and self-aware
  • Instinctual

 The intrapersonal person learns better when he is working alone and working on individualized projects.


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