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Acacia: Benefits & Side effects

Acacia: Benefits & Side effects

2021-12-20 11:39:33

There are many such herbs in the world, which are considered very beneficial for the body. Acacia is also one of those herbs which can live for years. The roots of acacia are very strong. Its leaves and flowers are rich in many medicinal properties and it is used in Ayurvedic remedies and medicines. Its green and thin twigs are used as toothbrushes which effectively clean the teeth. Its bark produces excellent quality gum which is full of medicinal properties and many diseases are treated by it due to which its powder is used as medicine in Ayurveda. Acacia provides relief in many problems such as bad smell from the mouth, gingivitis, toothache, headache, and a lot many diseases.


Importance of Acacia in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, various parts of acacia like flowers, leaves etc. are considered very beneficial for the health of women. Due to its nutritious and curative properties, it is used as a medicine in Ayurveda for many diseases. Acacia is a tree which has many medicinal properties. Acacia trees have been used for thousands of years to get rid of diseases and to cure physical pain. It is quite beneficial mainly in gynecology, bleeding disorders and urinary-related diseases.


Acacia's bark is astringent, dry and cold in nature. Its flowers, leaves, fruits and bark are used to cure constipation, cold, cough, wounds, diabetes, throat diseases, skin diseases etc. Its bark has a mild effect on the stomach. Therefore, weak people and pregnant women should use it as an analgesic medicine. Apart from this, it can also be used in symptoms like Afara (flatulence), mouth watering.


Benefits of Acacia

Beneficial for teeth and oral health-

Acacia gum is used daily for oral hygiene. Its antimicrobial properties eliminate bacteria present in the mouth and prevent them from growing. Acacia is also known to remove plaque in the mouth and reduce gingivitis. For this, it is beneficial to chew the fresh bark of an acacia tree and toast it with its twigs. Apart from this, brushing with equal quantities of acacia bark, leaves, flowers and beans, cures diseases of teeth. In addition, it also cleans the teeth and gums and makes them strong.


For the treatment of diarrhea-

Research on Acacia shows that it has hepatoprotective, cardiovascular, antispasmodic and anti microbial properties. Hence it is used at the time of diarrhea. Grind the leaves of acacia and black cumin and consume it. It provides relief in diarrhea. Apart from this, taking decoction made of acacia bark is beneficial for the treatment of stomach infection or diarrhea.


Acacia for the treatment of cough-

Acacia is a good option for curing coughs. The medicinal properties found in it cures cough. For this, powder made of acacia leaf and stem bark can be taken with honey.


Effective in removing swelling-

Acacia has anti-granuloma and anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in preventing inflammation. Research on Acacia suggests that it helps treat inflammatory diseases. It provides relief to patients with osteoporosis (bone disease). Acacia pods are also used in the treatment of inflammation caused by rheumatoid (inflammatory disorders) and arthritis.


Help to get rid of Leucorrhea-

If anyone has problems with white water or leucorrhoea, then take 1 teaspoon of acacia bark powder twice a day with cow's milk. Consuming it helps to get rid of these problems. Apart from this, soak the bark of acacia in water overnight and boil it the next day. Boil the water until it is reduced to half. Later filter it and fill it in the bottle. Now washing the vagina with this water provides relief in leucorrhoea and vaginal inflammation.


Beneficial in menstrual disorders-

Acacia is used to remove various gynecological problems and to treat menstrual disorders in women. It acts as a tonic for the uterine muscles and the endometrium. It is beneficial to drink a decoction of acacia bark in case of excessive bleeding at the time of menstruation. With its use, menstruation will become regular.


Strengthens the uterus-

In case of problems like infertility, uterine weakness, hormonal imbalance, stomach disease and pelvic pain, consume Acacia pod. In such a situation, a boil emerges in the trunk of an acacia tree, which is called a bandana of acacia. Grind it to make powder and take it from the next day after the end of menstruation, one can get rid of infertility problems.


Beneficial in the problem of abnormal vaginal blood-

If someone has problems related to blood circulation, abnormal vaginal bleeding, urination, then make a decoction of acacia bark and drink it twice a day. Consuming it will get rid of these problems.


For masculine power-

Toast 100 grams of Acacia Keekar and mix 500 grams of Ashwagandha in it. Now take one spoon of this mixture regularly for 15 days in the morning and evening. By doing this, you get benefit in premature ejaculation, lack of semen and metal debility. Apart from this, frying gum of acacia in ghee and making it a dish increases the stamina.


Beneficial in eye pain and swelling-

Grind the leaves of acacia and make its cake, tying it on the eye at night while sleeping, it cures eye pain, burning sensation and redness of the eyes. Apart from this, after grinding acacia leaf, mixing honey and applying this paste in the form of mascara to the eyes ends the problem of watery eyes.


Helpful in the treatment of diabetes-

Acacia has the ability to balance insulin levels which is very beneficial for the patient of diabetes. Apart from insulin, acacia pods also control glucose levels in the body. Therefore, consuming powder of Acacia pods is good for diabetes.


Help in reducing obesity-

Acacia is also very effective for reducing weight. Preliminary research suggests that obesity is reduced rapidly by consuming 30 grams of acacia powder daily.


 Anticancer properties-

According to Ayurveda, acacia has sufficient cancer fighting properties. The elements present in it are DNA from cancer cells and also reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.


It is helpful in healing the wound-

Acacia is a very beneficial medicine for healing wounds because acacia leaves and bark have the ability to control bleeding and infection. Therefore Acacia is used to cure any kind of injury, wound, bleeding and infection. For this, grinded acacia leaves should be applied on the wound. This heals the wound quickly.


For anxiety, depression and stress-

Acacia glue is used to reduce stress because it has antioxidant properties which help reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is directly related to psychosis. Reduction of oxidative stress helps to reduce many mental diseases and problems like depression, stress and anxiety.


For the treatment of hemorrhoids-

Acacia pods are a good remedy for the treatment of bloody piles. Acacia has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing the inflammation on any part of the body. Make a powder by grinding the Banda of acacia with black pepper. Now, taking this mixture with water daily is beneficial in piles.


Helpful in blood purification-

Acacia has the properties of a natural blood purifier which helps in removing impurities (toxins) from the body. Apart from this, immunity can also be boosted by the decoction of acacia bark.


Antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties-

Various research conducted on acacia shows that it inhibits the growth of many types of bacteria, pathogenic fungi and parasites.


Side effects of Acacia

Use of Acacia in sufficient quantities or as a medicine does not have any detrimental effect on the body. However, excessive use can have the following side effects-

  • It can worsen the amenorrhoea, that is, the problem of not having menstruation.
  • Consumption of acacia in excess can damage the liver and kidneys.
  • Pregnant women should not use Acacia because it can be harmful for them.
  • A patient of heart disease must consult a doctor before taking this herb.

Where is Acacia found?

Acacia is a tree originating in the desert. Apart from desert, acacia trees are found in the forests of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh in India. It is also found as planted trees along with wild trees.


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