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Almond Oil- A Medicinal Boon for Health and Beauty

Almond Oil- A Medicinal Boon for Health and Beauty

2021-12-20 15:20:19

It is often heard that almonds are very good for the body. Its intake increases physical and mental strength but very few people are aware that almond oil is as good for the body as are the almonds. These have many properties such as anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting which help to improve the health as well as the skin. Almond oil is much lighter than other oils due to which it is also used in the kitchen. Many types of nutrients are found in almond oil. It contains high levels of essential elements such as monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin-E, potassium, zinc and protein.


Almond oil is of two types, Bitter and Sweet. Amygdalin is present in the bitter almond oil. After processing, it turns into a kind of harmful hydrogen cyanide (HCN). This bitter oil contains medicinal ingredients, but it is not healthy to be eaten rather is used for other beneficial purposes. In contrast, the sweet oil of almonds are edible. This oil is also very beneficial for hair and face. In addition, sweet oil is also used for cooking. 

Benefits of Almond Oil
Good for Heart Health-

Monounsaturated fats are found in almond oil which lowers the body's LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol). This reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Digestive Health-

Almond oil improves digestive health. Its intake improves intestinal function. It also cures Irritable Bowel Syndrome (abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea etc.). Hence almond oil is said to be good for digestive health.


Almond oil helps to relieve symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome such as constipation, abdominal pain, bowel problems. For this, two to three teaspoons of almond oil should be drunk in a glass of warm milk before going to bed. This gives relief from the problems of bowel movement.

Beneficial for the eyes-

Almond oil is also good for the eyes. Almond oil contains Vitamin-E, which is necessary for eye health. Apart from this, it also contains Vitamin-E called alpha-tocopherol which helps to increase eyesight. Almond oil for the eyes can be used as an intake, as a massage oil around the eyes, mixed with any other oil, or as an eye-drop.

Hair health-

Almond oils are a good option for keeping hair healthy. Applying almond oil to the roots of hair gives natural shine to the hair. Since almond oil is light, the scalp pores are not closed due to its use. It also boosts hair growth.

Ear infection-

Almond oil also helps in ejecting earwax. For this, put lukewarm almond oil in the ear due to which the dirt in the ear becomes soft and swells. This later becomes easier to remove and can protect the ear from infection.

Dark circles-

Almond oil helps in reducing the dark circles under the eyes. For this, apply two to three drops of almond oil under the eyes and massage it lightly. By doing this, you get rid of dark circles quickly. Almonds are rich in skin lightening and vitamin-E properties and Vitamin-E works to cure dark circles.

Glowing skin-

Almond oil has the ability to enhance the skin and keep it alive. The emollient and sclerosant properties present in almond oil improve facial complexion. Therefore, almond oil is said to be good for glowing skin. Additionally, almond oil is also considered useful for reducing injuries and other skin marks.

Helpful in Psoriasis and Eczema-

Almond oil for the skin is used for severe skin-related problems like Psoriasis and Eczema. Psoriasis is a skin disease in which the skin becomes flaky and red. Sometimes the skin also starts to hurt and leads to swelling. At the same time, eczema causes red spots and rashes on the skin.


Using almond oil for aromatherapy gives a pleasant feeling. Additionally, using almond oil twice a day improves sleep quality and duration and also reduces fatigue. The use of almond oil also provides benefits in rhino conjunctivitis (runny nose, sneeze, red eyes etc.).

Helpful for Newborn cradle cap-

The freezing layer on the baby's head which causes crusty or oily scaly patches on a baby's scalp is called the Cradle Cap. Almond oil proves to be a good option for the child to get relief from it because almond oil has skin healing properties. Therefore, it is also considered good to reduce the problem of cradle cap. The use of almond oil softens the scaly skin that forms on the scalp. It is said about the cradle cap that this problem occurs only to children for a certain period of time. It resolves on its own after an age.

Side effects of Almond Oil
  • Excess intake of almond oil increases the amount of vitamin-E in the body. It can cause dizziness, diarrhea, blurred eyesight and weakness.
  • Almond oil contains a lot of calories. Therefore, its high intake can also increase weight.
  • Pregnant women should reduce their intake of almond oil because its excessive intake causes premature delivery.
  • Almond oil reduces the level of glucose in the blood. Therefore, diabetic patients should consume it with caution or according to the consultation of a doctor.


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