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Amazing Benefits and Uses of Ghee

Amazing Benefits and Uses of Ghee

2022-03-17 12:46:01

Ghee is one of the things easily available in every household consuming which is good for the body. Therefore, ghee is used to apply on chapatis and to enhance the taste of lentils and vegetables. In fact, many such nutrients are found in ghee, which works to give strength to the body. Therefore, ghee is used to make many types of dishes.


Elders often advise children to have ghee because they believe that consuming ghee turns physically strong and remains healthy for a long time. Apart from this, ghee is good for both physical and mental health. If the ghee is of cow, then it becomes even more beneficial.


What is Ghee?

Milk and many types of products made from it have been used in India since ancient times, among which curd, butter, paneer, rabri, khoya means mawa etc. One of these products is 'Ghee' which is made by cooking cream or butter extracted from milk. When butter is cooked properly, after a time the buttermilk portions get separated from it and a different kind of substance is obtained. This substance obtained is called ghee. Ghee is considered to be the best among all types of greasy and oily substances. This is the reason why it is used in many Ayurvedic medicines apart from food items.


Benefits of ghee

Ghee is beneficial for people of all ages. It works to provide strength to the body and increases immunity, which helps protect the body from many diseases. Let us discuss some of the major benefits of ghee-

For immunity-

According to a research report done on ghee, it contains a conjugated linolenic acid which helps increase the body’s immunity and cure physical weakness.

For digestion-

Poor digestion power of the body is the cause of many problems but according to Ayurveda, the digestive power of the body improves by consuming ghee. However, ghee should be consumed only in a limited quantity.

For cough-

There are many reasons for cough and if seen, coughing is a very common problem but cough for a long time is not good. Therefore, according to Ayurvedic experts, consuming ghee at the time of cough proves beneficial but keep in mind that at the time of cough with mucus (phlegm), the consumption of ghee should be minimized.

For eyes-

All the nutrients are present in ghee among which is Vitamin-A which is very important for the eyes. Since the lack of vitamin-A affects eyesight, therefore, the defects of the eyes can be cured by the consumption of ghee.

For heart health-

According to scientific research published by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), ghee works to control the cholesterol of the body. According to the report, adding ghee to different types of Ayurvedic herbs produces an antioxidant effect that helps in reducing harmful cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol in the body.

To remove weakness-

People who do physical work or go to the gym should consume ghee because it increases the strength of the body. Apart from this, children and infants should also be fed ghee as a diet because it develops their mental and physical health.

For the prevention of wounds, swelling and scars-

Ghee has healing properties that reduce bacteria. Therefore, when ghee is used with honey, it proves to be even more beneficial. Using ghee and honey together helps in wound healing, reduces inflammation and removes scars. Keep in mind that ghee with honey should be used only on the affected area in the form of a paste because consuming this mixture can prove to be harmful.

For Vata effect-

Consumption of ghee continuously helps in reducing the effect of Vata in the body. As a result, the diseases caused by the outbreak of Vata are not able to affect the body quickly.

For mental diseases-

According to Ayurveda, regular consumption of ghee increases memory and reasoning ability. It also provides relief from many mental diseases.

For sperm-

Fertility is affected when there is a decrease in the number and quality of sperm in the body which can also have an effect on the child to be born but for those who consume ghee, the chances of getting such problems are reduced as the consumption of ghee improve sperm count and quality but it is better to consume ghee for sperm only as per medical advice.


Uses of Ghee

  • Most of the ghee is consumed by applying it to chapatis.
  • Desi Ghee, mixed with various herbs, is used to cure many diseases.
  • Ghee is used for tempering many vegetables and lentils.
  • Ghee is an essential ingredient in South India to make delicious dishes like Idli, Dosa and Uttapam.
  • Ghee is used in the preparation of many sweets and dishes.
  • Drinking ghee mixed with black pepper, ginger and sugar tea is good for cough and throat problems.
  • The effect of heat can be reduced by eating a spoonful of ghee mixed with light sugar during summers.
  • Ghee can also be used in place of oil to make any food item.

Side effects of Ghee

  • Ghee contains a good amount of Vitamin A. Excessive intake of vitamin A can cause headaches, loss of appetite, vomiting and blockage of the airways.
  • Excess consumption of ghee can also cause indigestion and diarrhoea problems. Therefore, it should be consumed in limited quantity.


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