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Benefits and Side effects of Gokshura

Benefits and Side effects of Gokshura

2021-12-14 16:53:40

There are many wild plants that grow around homes and gardens. One of them is Gokshura also known as Tribulus terrestris in western countries. This plant bears small yellow flowers that bloom in it and its fruits are like thorns and green in color. Gokshura is a Sanskrit name which means "cow's hoof" in literal sense. It is named Gokshura because its fruit has small thorns on the upper surface. This plant grows in a dry climate. It is also known by other names like Gokhru, Gudkhul, Trikant etc. It is believed that the origin of Gokshura is India but it is widely grown in parts of Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe apart from India. Therefore, this herb is used in traditional Chinese medicine apart from Indian Ayurveda.

Medicinal properties of Gokshura

In Ayurveda, various parts of Gokshura like seeds, roots, flowers, leaves, twigs etc. are considered extremely beneficial for health. At the same time, due to its nutritious and curative properties, it is also used as a medicine in Ayurveda for many diseases. Gokshura is hot and bitter in taste due to which it is fever preventive, anthelmintic, and helps in curing physical weakness. Apart from this, it also helps in curing thirst, tridosha and vata pain. Its fruit has diuretic properties. The roots of this medicine are used in the treatment of cough, asthma, anemia and internal inflammation. Apart from this, the use of ash from this plant also proves beneficial in the treatment of arthritis. In Ayurveda, Gokshura has a prominent place among nutritious medicines that increase strength.

Benefits of Gokshura
For difficulty while urinating

Difficulty passing urine can be due to many reasons. If the cause is not prostate, then the powder of the root of gokshura helps in this difficulty due to its diuretic properties. It allows urine to pass with proper flow. Apart from this, taking a decoction of the root of gokshura is beneficial in all kinds of problems related to urination.

Beneficial in menstrual disorders

Gokshura is used to cure various gynecological problems and to treat menstrual disorders in women. It acts as a tonic for the uterine muscles and endometrium. In the problem of excessive bleeding during menstruation, mixing sugar candy or honey in the powder of the root of gokshura is beneficial, by doing this, the menstruation becomes regular.

For enhancing sexual power

By taking gokshura, there is benefit in premature ejaculation, lack of semen, mental weakness and weakness in men. If a person feels any kind of physical or internal weakness, especially for sexual stamina, consuming gokshura is very beneficial for them because the elements found in Gokshura help in increasing sexual stamina by removing the internal weakness of the body. According to Ayurveda, the quality of Balya and Vrushya is also found in Gokhru which helps to reinforce metals or tissues. For this, drink Gokshura powder with milk or warm water.

Beneficial for sportspersons and athletes

The significant benefit of Gokshura is believed to improve the performance of players and athletes. Actually, gokhru has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties which help in increasing physical capacity. Also, the consumption of gokshura protects players from heart-related problems. According to experts, the consumption of gokshura plays an active role in increasing physical stamina, especially in weight lifting athletes.

For Digestive Power

Consuming gokhru is a great remedy to overcome the problem of digestion and acidity. It helps in increasing digestive power. Sipping a decoction made from the powder of Gokhru fruit and peepal powder and drinking it improves digestion power.

For respiratory disease or asthma

Due to the increase of Kapha dosha in the body, breathing problems also arise. Since phlegm sedative properties are found in gokshura, therefore, the use of gokshura helps in reducing respiratory diseases and their symptoms. For this, taking 2 grams powdered fruit powder with 2-3 pieces of dried figs thrice a day for a few days provides relief in respiratory diseases or asthma.

For dysentery

The medicinal properties of Gokshura prove beneficial in problems like dysentery. If the diarrhoea is thin, white and foul-smelling, feed Gokshura Phal Churna (Gokhru Churna) with buttermilk twice a day.

For heart health

Gokshura is rich in antioxidants which help in improving the cardioprotective functions. It helps in reducing and controlling the increased levels of blood pressure and cholesterol and also helps in the prevention of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

Beneficial in joint pain and arthritis

Gokshura fruit powder has an antiarrhythmic effect which helps in relieving joint pain and arthritis. Gokshura reduces the symptoms of arthritis by improving blood pressure. At the same time, its antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the pain and swelling caused by arthritis.

For eczema

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. Eczema is a type of skin disorder in which the person's skin starts itching and there may also be wounds. Gokshura fruit has anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in reducing the risk of eczema.

For skin

Gokshura fruit powder also works to make the skin glowing. Certain skin creams are prepared using the extract of Gokhru. It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from this, skin-related disorders are cured by applying the powder of Gokhru making the skin soft and glowing.

Uses of Gokshura
  • Gokshura powder is drunk with milk or hot water.
  • Dried powder and ginger powder are boiled in a glass of water and consumed in the form of a decoction.
  • Gokshura extract is consumed and also used on the skin.
  • A decoction is made from its stem and drunk.
  • Its powder is mixed with whey and drunk.
  • It is used in the form of capsules or tablets.
  • The powder of Gokshur mixed with honey is made into a paste and applied to the skin.
Side effects of Gokshura
  • Its excessive consumption can cause hepatotoxicity.
  • Excessive consumption can increase testosterone more than necessary which is dangerous for heart health.
  • Excessive consumption of Gokshura powder can cause neurotoxicity (damage to the nervous system).


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