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Benefits & Side effects of Lisoda

Benefits & Side effects of Lisoda

2022-06-07 00:00:00

There are many fruits in the world, which most people are unfamiliar with. Lisoda is also one of those fruits. It is enriched with many medicinal properties due to which it is considered very beneficial for the body. Lisoda is a hill fruit which is also known as Gondi or Nisori. Lisoda is generally consumed in the form of pickles and churan. In many places people use its leaves as greens. From its leaves to flowers, there are many medicinal properties and it is used in many Ayurvedic remedies. For this reason Lisoda is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. Lisoda is beneficial in cough, fever, asthma and many skin-related problems.

Lisoda is a tree of medium height in which flowers appear in spring and its fruits ripen by the end of summer. Its fruits are like betel nuts in appearance. Raw lisoda greens or pickles are made. On the other hand, the fruit of ripe lisoda is sweet and inside it is smooth and sweet juice like gum. Generally, there are mainly two types of lisoda. The first one is large and the second is small. Its botanical name is cordia myxa.

Importance of Lisoda in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, different parts of Lisoda like seeds, fruits, bark, flowers, leaves etc. are considered very beneficial for health. Due to its nutritional and curative properties, it is used as a medicine in Ayurveda for many diseases. The bark of Lisoda is said to remove cough, sore throat, and fever. The seeds and fruits of Lisoda provide a variety of health benefits. It contains nutrients like protein, carbohydrate, fiber, fat, iron, phosphorus and calcium. In addition, Lisoda is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties. All these properties are very beneficial in inflammation, semen, skin disorders and women related diseases.

Benefits of Lisoda

For the treatment of cough-

Lisoda is good for curing coughs due to its medicinal properties. Boil some fruits of Lisoda in water and filter it when about one-fourth of the water remains. Now taking this decoction gives relief from cough. Apart from this, make a decoction of Lisoda bark and mix it with 10-20 ml. If taken in moderation, it gets rid of the cough.

For the treatment of fever-

Lisoda churna has antiviral and antibacterial effects which are beneficial in reducing fever. Making a decoction of the bark of Lisoda and consuming 20-40 ml in the morning and evening is beneficial. Therefore, lisoda can be used in mild fever and typhoid.

Beneficial for toothache-

Lisoda is a good remedy to get rid of toothache as the anti-bacterial properties found in it eliminates the bacteria present in the mouth and prevents them from growing. Lisoda is also known to remove plaque and reduce inflammation of the gums. Boiling the bark of Lisoda and gargling with it helps to cure the problems of teeth and gums.

For sore throat-

Lisoda is effective in curing throat related problems. The medicinal properties present in it cure cold and sore throat. Gargle with a decoction made from the bark of Lisoda to get rid of a terrible sore throat.

Helpful in reducing inflammation-

Lisoda acts as a medicine in reducing inflammation as it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in reducing the effects of inflammation. Mixing camphor in a decoction made from its bark and applying it on the affected parts is beneficial.

For skin disorders-

The leaves and seeds of Lisoda are used to get rid of skin related problems. Applying a paste made from lisoda leaves on ulcers and boils provides relief. Apart from this, making a bundle of its leaves and tying it on the boils helps to cure the pimples quickly.

To increase energy in the body-

Consuming Lisoda fruit helps to increase the strength of the body. Apart from this, make powder by drying its fruits and mix sugar syrup in this powder. Consuming it by making laddus.

Helpful in getting rid of leucorrhoea-

If a woman has a problem of white discharge or leucorrhoea, grind the leaves of Lisoda and extract the juice. Drinking this juice helps to get rid of leucorrhoea.

Side effects of Lisoda

Excess consumption of lisoda adversely affects the stomach and liver.


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