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Benefits and Uses of Chaulmoogra & its Oil

Benefits and Uses of Chaulmoogra & its Oil

2022-06-15 12:45:33

Chaulmoogra, also known as Tuvarak, is a medicinal herb that is used in healing wounds, preventing vomiting and leprosy. The botanical name of Chaulmoogra is Hydnocarpus wightianus. Chaulmoogra is also beneficial in itching, throat diseases, diabetes, inflammation including cough and respiratory diseases.


Chaulmoogra trees are about 15–30 m tall, sedentary, and medium-sized. These trees are found in moist places where rainfall is high. White monogamous flowers bloom in the form of bunches on its tree. The fruit of Chaulmoogra has many seeds and oil is obtained from these seeds. The oil is brown in color, emits a special type of smell, and bitter in taste. In winter it freezes like ghee. It is especially beneficial in dermatitis. It is also used in diseases like phlegm, wind, pain, worm, spasm, etc. This oil cleanses the blood. Its effect is warm.

Benefits of Chaulmoogra Oil
Benefits of Chaulmoogra in skin disease-

All types of skin diseases can be cured by taking 5-6 drops of Chaulmoogra oil with honey. This oil is also consumed by adding butter, ghee, or cream. The patient should take fruits and milk while consuming it as the fruit is sweet in taste. At the time of its use, the use of salt should be completely abandoned. Spices, jaggery, and sweets should also be avoided. If it causes vomiting or nausea, then its use should be stopped.

Benefits of Chaulmoogra in Herpes and Leprosy-

Mix the oil of Chaulmoogra with Neem oil or butter and massage it on the 'ringworm' for at least one month. 10 grams of oil should be stored in Vaseline or butter or mixed with Neem oil. The person with leprosy should first be given 8-10 drops of this oil with honey or butter. This leads to vomiting which helps in flushing out the harmful toxins of the body. After that, mix 5-6 drops of this oil in milk, cream, honey, or butter and give it to the patient after meals in the morning and evening. Later, increase the number of oil drops gradually. You can also apply Chaulmoogra oil by mixing it with neem oil. In 'scabies and itching', mix the oil in castor oil and add sulfur, camphor, and lemon juice to it, and apply it to the skin.

Benefits of Chaulmoogra in blood purification-

By taking 5 drops of Chaulmoogra oil with butter in the morning and evening after meals, the blood disorder starts to disappear. The blood starts to purify.

Benefits of Chaulmoogra in eye disease-

Burn the seeds of Chaulmoogra in a closed can. Now cover it with another vessel, so that its smoke does not come out. Add a pinch of rock salt to the mascara obtained from that smoke, mix four to five drops of sesame oil, and a pinch of Surma. Apply the obtained mascara or Anjan to the eyes at night. It cures eye diseases like night blindness, redness of the eyes, etc.

Benefits of Chaulmoogra in arthritis-

Eating 1 gram powder of Chaulmoogra seeds thrice a day also provides relief in arthritis.

Benefits of Chaulmoogra in wound and skin eruptions-

Finely grind the seeds of Chaulmoogra and apply them to the wounds. For cracked skin, mix it with Neem oil, and applying this mixture will ease the wound.

Benefits of Chaulmoogra in Tuberculosis-

 In Tuberculosis, take 5-6 drops of Chaulmoogra oil with milk or butter daily and mix the butter in this oil and rub it on the chest. This helps to cure Tuberculosis disease.

Other skin benefits-
  • Add Chaulmoogra oil to castor oil. Add sulfur, camphor, and lemon juice to it. It is beneficial in itching and scabies.
  • Grind the seeds of Chaulmoogra with peel and mix it in castor oil. Applying it on the skin cures itching.
  • Grind the seeds of Chaulmoogra and add cow urine. Apply it 2-3 times a day, it provides relief in itching.
  • Applying ripe seed oil of Chaulmoogra is beneficial in skin disorders.
Side-effects of Chaulmoogra
  • Chaulmoogra should be used with caution, as it is harmful to the stomach. Therefore, this oil should be taken after mixing with butter.
  • In case of side effects, milk-ghee should be consumed.
Where is Chaulmoogra found?

Chaulmoogra trees are found on the mountains of the Western Ghats in South India. Its trees are found abundantly in South Konkan and Travancore and in Sri Lanka.


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