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Benefits, Uses and Importance of Cumin in Ayurveda

Benefits, Uses and Importance of Cumin in Ayurveda

2022-01-20 00:00:00

Cumin is an ingredient that comes from the dried seed of a plant referred to as Cuminum cyminum. Cumin is among the most well-known spices and is widely used in Latin American, Middle Eastern, North African and Indian cuisines, as well as other dishes. It is available in the form of whole seeds as well as in ground form.

Cumin is used in all homes to enhance the taste of dishes. It is used in the form of spices, pickles, decoction, powder and cumin rice. Due to its properties, it is used for medicinal purposes and in several home remedies. It works to reduce digestion, stomach ache and other stomach related problems. Therefore, cumin is considered to be an excellent remedy in Ayurveda.

Importance of Cumin in Ayurveda

The flavor of cumin is spicy. Many nutritious ingredients are present in it which help to keep the tridoshas (Kapha, Pitta, Vata) calm. Minerals like calcium, sodium, iron and potassium are also found in cumin. The main benefit of cumin is to increase immunity. Use of cumin with curd, buttermilk, and shikanji in the summer season keeps the body cool. Apart from this, regular consumption of cumin keeps the body fit and healthy.

Benefits of Cumin

  • Aids in digestion

Due to a malfunction or disturbance in the digestive system, the body's immunity weakens due to which the body becomes prone to all kinds of diseases. Regular consumption of cumin helps in healing the digestive system. For this, drink cumin water before exercise every day.

  • Helpful in purifying the blood

When toxins are added to the body, this results in bad blood. Cumin has vitamin C, antibacterial and antiviral properties which help in removing the toxic particles from the body. For this, drink cumin water that eliminates the toxic particles and purifies the blood.

  • Beneficial in reducing weight

Cumin is a rich source of fiber that works to control abdominal obesity. Cumin does not allow fat to freeze in the body. As a result, obesity does not increase. It is best to consume cumin water every morning before exercise. Apart from this, cumin water also helps in reducing acidity and keeping the body hydrated.

  • Improves heart health

Cumin is considered good for the heart as mineral substances like phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese and zinc are found in cumin which works to keep heart health good for a long time. These nutrients control blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. Apart from this, it is also necessary for the development of blood cells.

  • Effective in cold and cough

Cumin also protects against cough and cold. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties of cumin seeds help fight infections by boosting immunity. For this, drinking ginger mixed with cumin water provides relief from cough and cold. It also works to clean the upper respiratory system by removing mucus from the mouth.

  • Provides relief in stomach problems

Cumin is a great option as a home remedy to get rid of the diseases like abdominal pain, bloating, gas and acidity that affects the whole body. Take it with lukewarm water to cure stomach related problems.

  • Builds strong bones

Phosphorus and calcium are essential for bones. Since cumin is considered a good source of calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, consuming cumin is good for bones.  

  • Good for swelling

Cumin is rich in antioxidants and minerals which help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress as the anti-inflammatory effect present in cumin helps in reducing and preventing inflammation.

  • Controls diabetes

Both the low or high level of sugar in the blood proves to be harmful for the body. In such a situation, cumin should be consumed regularly because some antioxidant elements are found in it which controls the blood sugar in the body and fights diabetes.

  • Beneficial in pregnancy

Cumin is extremely beneficial for pregnant women because at this time there is a change in the hormones of the body and digestion slows down. This results in problems like flatulence, gas formation in the alimentary canal. For this, consuming cumin water containing black salt is beneficial because the active enzymes present in it increase digestive activity. It also removes the problems related to the intestines. Cumin water is helpful in relieving the problem of menstrual pain and cramps.

  • Increases mother's milk

Calcium and iron are found in sufficient quantities in cumin. Both of these are great for lactating and pregnant women as it increases the amount of milk in the mother's breasts. It also helps in bringing back the lost strength and vigor after the birth of the baby.

  • Effective in removing skin disorders

Cumin is very beneficial in skin related disorders like blemishes, scabies, itching, spots, wrinkles etc. Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-K, antioxidant etc. properties are found in it which help in getting rid of skin related problems. For this, making a paste of cumin and applying it on the affected area cures skin disorders.

  • Nourishes hair

Cumin has both antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties and works to clean the scalp and hair. Cumin essential oil is a good option for this. Washing the hair with cumin water containing black salt helps in conditioning the hair.

In what forms is Cumin used?

  • Cumin seeds and ginger powder are mixed and used in the form of tea or decoction.
  • Cumin is used in cooking vegetables and pulses.
  • It is also used to enhance the flavor of pickles.
  • Cumin is also used to prepare a Bengali spice (panch phoran) mixture.
  • It is used for cumin powder and cumin water.

Side effects of Cumin

  • Excessive consumption of cumin leads to spots and rashes on the skin.
  • People with hypersensitivity problems should not use cumin.
  • Excessive consumption of cumin can cause digestive problems and heartburn.
  • Excessive consumption of cumin may cause belching due to the carminative effects in it.
  • Pregnant women should avoid excessive consumption of cumin because consuming it in large quantities increases the risk of miscarriage or premature delivery.
  • While taking any kind of medicine, take cumin seeds according to the advice of the doctor.

Where is Cumin found?

Cumin is cultivated all over India and is produced in large quantities in India mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.


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