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Benefits, Uses and Side effects of Sweet potatoes

Benefits, Uses and Side effects of Sweet potatoes

2021-12-09 10:25:22

Sweet potato is a fruit rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. As delicious as it is to eat, it is equally beneficial for health. Usually, it is eaten more in winter, because then its benefits are also more. It is found in almost all parts of the country and the way of eating it is also different. There are different varieties of sweet potatoes. The pulp of red sweet potatoes is dry and solid, while the pulp of white and yellow sweet potatoes has more juice. There is a characteristic in the aroma of the red variety sweet potato, which becomes more prominent upon boiling. The colour of sweet potatoes is mostly red or orange, which makes them more fragrant. This is also due to the presence of beta carotene present in sugar potatoes.


Sweet potatoes contain high amounts of anthocyanins and phenolic compounds. These antioxidants also enhance the nutritive properties of sweet potatoes and provide many health benefits. It is also a good baby food for newborns when they start taking solid foods. Many types of properties and nutritious elements are found in sweet potato, which makes it beneficial for health. Along with keeping the body healthy, it also helps in recovering from various physical problems. Yes, if someone is seriously ill, just a sweet potato is not enough. For proper treatment, it is necessary to have a checkup with a doctor. Let us now know in detail what are the benefits of sweet potato.


Benefits of Sweet Potato

Benefits of sweet potato to control diabetes-

The rising glucose level in the blood causes the problem of diabetes. Sweet potato is beneficial in controlling this problem or avoiding this condition. According to research, the flavonoids found in sweet potatoes control the level of glucose present in the blood. In addition, sweet potatoes have antidiabetic properties, which are helpful in controlling diabetes.


Benefits of sweet potato in good digestion-

Sweet potato is beneficial to overcome digestive problems. Many types of research have been done on this topic. A good amount of fibre is found in sweet potatoes. Fibre is beneficial in improving gastrointestinal digestion. Consumption of sweet potatoes is effective in improving poor digestion. The protein found in it has been considered beneficial for digestive enzymes. It has a positive effect on gastric digestion.


Benefits of eating sweet potatoes for cancer prevention-

Cancer is a deadly disease. By consuming sweet potatoes, this serious disease can be prevented from flourishing. Sweet potato peel has antioxidant and anticancer properties. In addition, sweet potatoes also contain many beneficial ingredients. These properties and elements found in sweet potatoes prevent various types of cancer from growing.


Improves immunity-

Many diseases like colds occur due to a weak immune system. To combat this problem and to increase immunity, sweet potato is used. Research has shown that purple sweet potato extract contains a compound called polysaccharides. This compound is helpful in improving the level of immune cytokine. Immune cytokine is a type of protein that plays an important role in improving the immune system.


For a healthy heart-

Sweet potato is used to overcome the problem of heart to some extent. Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients like potassium, sodium and calcium. These nutrients found in sweet potatoes are helpful in controlling heart rate as well as preventing blood clotting. In addition, sweet potatoes contain flavonoids called anthocyanidins. This flavonoid is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic properties, which is helpful in protecting against heart diseases.


Benefits of eating sweet potatoes for asthma relief-

Consumption of sweet potatoes is also beneficial for people suffering from asthma. Antioxidants are effective in fighting asthma and an antioxidant called carotene is found in sweet potatoes. Therefore, sweet potato is beneficial in breathing problems like asthma.


For bone strength-

Bones become weak due to a lack of calcium. Sweet potato is used to strengthen bones. Research has found that a good amount of calcium and magnesium is found in sweet potato, due to which it is beneficial for bones. Along with strengthening the bones, calcium and magnesium also help in their development.


To keep the brain healthy-

Along with good health, it is also necessary to have a healthy mind. Therefore, sweet potatoes must be consumed. Regular consumption of sweet potatoes increases the working capacity of the brain. According to research, sweet potato enhances memory and learning ability. It contains a compound called anthocyanins, the antioxidant properties of which help in increasing the ability of the brain to function by removing oxidative stress.


Benefits of eating sweet potato in the treatment of arthritis-

Arthritis is a condition that causes pain and swelling in the joints. The properties of sweet potato act as relief for patients suffering from the problem of arthritis. Sweet potatoes have anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritis properties. The anti-inflammatory properties act to relieve inflammation and pain, while the anti-arthritic effect helps in treating arthritis.



Sweet potato is beneficial for providing protection to the eyes and for eye care. Research has shown that sweet potatoes contain essential nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin, which are helpful in protecting the eyes from harmful rays. In addition, it also helps to remove oxidative damage. Apart from this, ascorbic acid is also found in sweet potatoes which protects the eyes by protecting them from many diseases.


Benefits of sweet potato for weight loss-

Increasing weight causes many problems and nowadays everyone likes to consume healthy food along with exercise to reduce weight. The name of sweet potato also comes in this healthy food. Sweet potato is beneficial in controlling weight. Anti-obesity properties are found in sweet potatoes which helps in reducing obesity by controlling the increasing weight.


Benefits of eating sweet potatoes during pregnancy-

Vitamin A deficiency causes blindness and in severe cases, even death. Its biggest side effects are seen in pregnancy. Along with the normal condition, the benefits of sweet potato are also seen in pregnancy. Research has found that a good amount of vitamin-A is found in sweet potatoes. Therefore, if someone is deficient in Vitamin-A, consumption of sweet potatoes is beneficial but pregnant women must consult a doctor before eating sweet potatoes.


Benefits of sweet potatoes for kids-

There are many benefits of eating sweet potatoes for adults as well as for children. Vitamin A deficiency in children causes many diseases. Sweet potato is helpful in fulfilling the deficiency of Vitamin-A. This removes the problem to some extent, apart from this it is also beneficial in removing blindness in children.


Other benefits of sweet potato-

  • Consumption of sweet potatoes helps in quitting habits like smoking, alcohol and tobacco.
  • It is good for the health of arteries and veins as it protects the walls of the veins.
  • Being rich in beta-carotene (an alternative form of vitamin A) and phosphorus, it is also beneficial for eye and heart health.

Side effects of Sweet potato

  • Those who have problems with low sugar should consume it on the advice of a doctor because it has glucose-lowering properties, which can have a bad effect on the health of such persons.
  • Sweet potato may have side effects if there is a complaint of stomach pain, so it should be avoided.
  • Sweet potatoes contain high amounts of oxalate. When there is a high amount of oxalate in the body, it takes the form of a rash. Calcium-oxalate forms kidney stones, which are the most common form of kidney stone.
  • People who have kidney failure and who have trouble with the functioning of the gallbladder should consume sweet potato after consulting a doctor.


The informative content furnished in the blog section is not intended and should never be considered a substitution for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of any health concern. This blog does not guarantee that the remedies listed will treat the medical condition or act as an alternative to professional health care advice. We do not recommend using the remedies listed in these blogs as second opinions or specific treatments. If a person has any concerns related to their health, they should consult with their health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment immediately. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it based on the content of this blog.