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Carom Seeds- Benefits, Importance, & Medicinal Properties

Carom Seeds- Benefits, Importance, & Medicinal Properties

2021-12-20 16:10:18

Carom seeds are used in all households. It enhances the taste of food and also a great ingredient for digestion. Therefore, Carom seeds are mostly used in Indian food as spice, powder, decoction (Kadha), and juice. According to Ayurveda, Carom seeds are highly important.


Carom seeds are a type of spice that belongs to the family of cumin and fennel. Its plant is green, has feather-like leaves, and seeds are small and oval in shape. Its scientific name is Trachyspermum Ammi. It is bitter and pungent in taste. It is known by different names in different regions such as Omam in Tamil, Om Kalugalu in Kannada, Vamu in Telugu, Ayodhamakam in Malayalam, and Jawine in Hindi.


Importance of Carom seeds in Ayurveda

Carom seeds are rich in medicinal properties. Therefore, it is also used extensively in Ayurveda as well as in the kitchen. According to Ayurveda, many medicinal properties are found in it such as thymol and active enzymes which are helpful in treating many stomach-related diseases. Taking it provides relief in stomachache, gas, vomiting, sour belching, and acidity. It also assists in weight loss.


Benefits of Carom seeds

Remove gastric problems-

Carom seeds have high thymol content which increases the secretion of gastric juice. It also helps better absorption of food due to which it is easy to excrete feces. Also, it helps to overcome the problem of constipation.


Beneficial in vomiting-

If someone is suffering from vomiting due to some reason, then it is better to consume Carom seeds. This will provide relief.


Beneficial in pregnancy-

It is very beneficial mainly for pregnant women because during this period digestion is slowed due to changes in hormones, as well as the growing uterus due to which problems such as flatulence, gas in the alimentary canal begin to arise. During this, it is very beneficial to consume it because active enzymes are found in it which increases the activities of digestive enzymes. Also, it removes intestinal problems.


Reducing Cholesterol-

It is used for reducing high cholesterol. Antihyperlipidemic is found in its seeds which helps in reducing the body's cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and total lipids.


Beneficial in Asthma-

According to NCBI research, Carom seeds have an anti-asthmatic effect which has a positive effect on the respiratory system which prevents problems like asthma. Also, a person suffering from asthma gets relief too.


Beneficial in cold, flu and viral infections-

Carom seeds mostly contain thymol which is mainly known as antibacterials. In addition, thyme also works to enhance the immune system of the body which can prevent cold, flu, and other viral infections.


Relief from pain in arthritis-

Carom seeds mainly have anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure joint pain.


Beneficial for breastfeeding-

It is seen that post delivering a baby, milk is not properly formed in the breasts of some women because of which the infant does not get adequate nutrition. In this situation, Carom seeds are given along with the diet to increase milk production in lactating women. Carom seeds also help to improve milk secretion.


Beneficial for ear pain-

Most earaches are due to cough, cold, swelling, and boils. Carom seeds contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds which help to remove the congestion gathered in the ear. It also has antiseptic properties which provide relief in pain caused by boils.


Side-effects of Carom seeds

  • Carom seeds are hot in nature. Use it in small quantities during the summers as excess use may result in several problems.
  • Plenty of fiber is found mainly in Carom seeds. Therefore, consuming it in large quantities causes problems like gas (flatulence), torsion, swelling, and acidity in the stomach.
  • Consumption of Carom seeds should be avoided in diseases of stomach ulcers, internal bleeding, ulcerative colitis.


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