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Causes and Home remedies for Blood in stool

Causes and Home remedies for Blood in stool

2022-01-20 00:00:00

Modern lifestyle and especially food habits of people have made them prone to many diseases and disorders. Constipation and gas are the most common problems among these. Food is not digested on time, due to which defecation time becomes very difficult. Due to not being able to digest food properly and being constipated, the stool becomes hard and thick. This leads to more pressure in the anus while passing stool and as a result, blood starts coming from the stool.

What does bloody stool look like?

  • Red blood mixed with stool.
  • Red blood-covered stool.
  • Black stool.
  • Thick blood mixed with stool.

From where does the blood come?

Bleeding can occur from anywhere in the anus. The most common areas are-

In case of bleeding from the rectum or anus

The blood in it looks red and shiny because this blood cannot mix with the stool but sometimes after passing stool we get to see stool covered with blood or blood droplets. For example, bleeding from the anus and haemorrhoids etc.

In case of bleeding from the colon

In this, the blood remains mixed with the stool and the colour of the blood may be more dark red. For example, bleeding from colitis, diverticular disease and intestinal tumours.

In case of bleeding from the small intestine

Blood has to go through a long journey before exiting the body. During this, the colour of the blood darkens and mixes with the stool. Due to this, the colour of the stool becomes black. Therefore, it is also called blood black stool. For example- bleeding from the stomach and duodenal ulcer.

Causes of Blood in stool

There can be many reasons behind blood in the stool. These reasons may vary from person to person. In some cases this cause may be common, in other cases, it may also be a sign of a serious problem. Due to the presence of blood in the stool, the colour of the stool can be black. Therefore, the following are the common causes of blood in the stool-

Intestinal Infection

Many times blood starts coming into the stool due to infection in the intestines. This problem occurring in the intestines is called gastroenteritis. This disease occurs due to reasons like viruses, bacteria, food poisoning.

Stomach Ulcer

Due to stomach ulcers, people have to face difficulty in passing stool. In some people, it is also the cause of diarrhoea. A stomach ulcer is called a peptic ulcer which occurs due to a wound or blister in the intestines. It mainly occurs in the lining of the digestive tract. Along with the stomach, it sometimes also happens in the small intestine. Thus, having an ulcer in the stomach is also a reason for blood in the stool. When it occurs, symptoms like thickening of the stool, diarrhoea, less appetite, burning in the stomach can be seen.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease occurs when there is chronic inflammation in the digestive tract due to which the problem of diarrhoea can also occur along with blood in the stool. Sometimes, due to these problems, pus or mucus is also visible in the stool.


Haemorrhoids are a type of inflammation which is in the anus and lower part (rectum) inside the kidney and lower rectum there is a network of small blood vessels (veins). Sometimes these veins become more dilated and fill with more blood than normal. Then these nerves and the tissues above cause inflammation called piles. Haemorrhoids are very common in some people and develop heavy bleeding. The most common symptom is bleeding when going to the toilet but larger hemorrhoids can cause mucus leakage, pain, burning and itching when going to the toilet.

Anal Fissure

This is a type of cut or crack that occurs around the anus which causes severe pain and blood in the stool. Sometimes the problem of anal fissure (crack in the anus) is also due to the pressure on the anus due to constipation. An anal fissure is caused by a rupture of the lining of the anus. An anal fissure is actually a tearing of the skin of the anus. It is usually small but very painful. Often there is also a small amount of bleeding when the anus is cracked which can be seen while passing stool.


The anal glands are located in the middle of the anus which sometimes leads to infection due to which there is an abscess on the anus and after some time pus starts coming. Its symptoms are as follows-

  • It can be caused by cancer, radiation, trauma, Crohn's disease etc.
  • It can also be caused by obesity and prolonged sitting.
  • Can be recognized in the form of pus coming from the mouth, swelling, pain etc.

If there is blood in the stool, pay attention to the following things

  • Drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
  • Take bath daily and clean the anal area properly.
  • Avoid consumption of tea, coffee, smoking etc.
  • Do not exert too much force while passing the stool.
  • Keep away from the consumption of alcohol.

Home remedies for Blood in stool

  • In Ayurveda, the consumption of buttermilk acts as a medicine in the treatment of diseases like piles and fistula.
  • The initial phase of piles can be cured by changing the diet. Therefore, take special care of food and drink at such times.
  • In Ayurveda, it is recommended to drink rice water and moong dal in the problem of blood in stool, loss of appetite.
  • Use fiber and protein-rich things like green vegetables, lentils, soybeans, fenugreek seeds, etc. in the food.
  • Fried-roasted, hot chilli-spices and maida etc. should not be taken
  • Minimize the consumption of vegetables containing seeds.
  • Take one spoonful of Triphala powder with lukewarm water every night at bedtime. Its use gives relief in problems like constipation.
  • Fluffing small myrobalan in ghee, making its powder and taking it with water is beneficial.
  • Drinking honey mixed with milk provides relief in the problem of blood in the stool.
  • Apart from this, it is also good to consume oats, corn flakes, herbal tea etc. with honey.

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