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Chickenpox- Causes, Symptoms and Home remedies

Chickenpox- Causes, Symptoms and Home remedies

2021-12-14 12:46:14

Chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by a type of virus. In the initial stages, the symptoms of chickenpox are seen on the stomach, back and face of the body but after some time it spreads easily to all parts of the body. Another reason for this is also coming in contact with an infected object or infected person. When a person is infected with chickenpox, pimples-like rashes start appearing all over the body due to which there is a lot of itching and pain in the body. Generally, chickenpox can happen to a person of any age but most commonly young children are at higher risk of getting this disease. There is a vaccine available to prevent this disease but if some things are taken care of then this disease can be avoided. Let us know about it through this blog.


What is Chickenpox?

There are two types of pox. The first is called chickenpox and the second is called smallpox. This is a serious disease. When a person is infected with smallpox, the rash appears all over the body. These rashes also cause pain and itching. In this disease, the patient feels weakness and gets a fever.


Difference between smallpox and chickenpox

In both types of pox, the rash comes out in all parts of the body but the main difference between them is that the grains of the smallpox are bigger and those of the chickenpox are smaller. Apart from this, pus is filled in the pimples of smallpox which burst in the middle during treatment and then dry up. Along with this, the crust also starts coming off from the skin but the grains of the chickenpox is much smaller than that of the smallpox. There is no pus in its grains. As a result, it dries quickly. Even the crust does not come off of these. Smallpox is more common in children than adults. Therefore, whenever a person takes home treatment of chickenpox, they should first know the identity of the disease.


Symptoms of chickenpox

The most important identification of chickenpox is smallpox - it causes red coloured rash, itching, burning in the skin, pus that starts coming out of the rash on all parts of the body. Apart from this, there are some other symptoms of chickenpox as well. Let's talk about other symptoms of chickenpox-

  • High fever accompanied by severe pain in the back or joints.
  • Sharp shivering (cold) feeling.
  • Pain in muscles.
  • Having a headache
  • Frequent dry throat.
  • Frequent vomiting and nausea.
  • Sore throat, cough.
  • Runny nose, etc.

Causes of chickenpox

The primary cause of chickenpox is a virus called Varicella zoster (VZV). Apart from this, chickenpox is actually a contagious disease. If a healthy person comes in contact with an infected child or adult, then they also become infected with this infection. Apart from this, when an infected person shakes hands, coughs or sneezes on another person, droplets of variola zester virus (VZV) enter the body of the other person through indirect contact in the air or through direct contact. Apart from this, people who have not been vaccinated against chickenpox are most at risk of getting the infection.


Take these precautions if you have chickenpox

  • Avoid coming in contact with an infected person.
  • Keep yourself clean to avoid any kind of infection.
  • Keep skin dry and clean to avoid viral infection.
  • Use only cotton clothes.
  • If small children have chickenpox, tie a cloth in their hands. So that he could not scratch the body.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water.
  • Eat nutritious food like pulses, gram, milk, green vegetables and fruits and flowers due to which the immunity of the body remains strong.
  • Do not consume potatoes, brinjal, lentils, red chillies, kachalu, spices etc.

Home remedies of Chickenpox

  • Sesame oil has a cooling effect. Thus, it acts as an antioxidant. This oil has anti-bacterial properties which protect against infection by removing bacteria. Sesame oil also helps in relieving pain because it has an anti-nociceptive (pain-reducing) effect. Therefore, applying this oil to the body provides relief in the case of chickenpox.
  • Taking bath by boiling neem leaves in water and grinding neem leaves with water and applying it to the infected areas reduces the chances of spreading chickenpox. Also, it gives relief from pain.
  • Carrot and coriander leaves both have a cooling effect. In such a situation, their mixture works as a good anti-oxidant. For this, cut some carrot pieces and coriander leaves and boil them in water. Boil it till it becomes half cooked, then drink it. Use this once a day. Doing so reduces the chances of spreading chickenpox. Also, the wounds start drying soon from the inside.
  • Grind 3-4 black peppercorns in a spoonful of onion juice. Now drink this mixture 2-3 times a day. By doing this, both smallpox and chickenpox are cured.
  • There is severe itching in the body due to chickenpox. To avoid this, boil oat flour mixed with water. Now put this water in the bathtub and take a bath. Doing this gives instant relief from itching.
  • Honey has antibiotic properties which help in getting rid of any kind of infection present in the body. Therefore, if there is smallpox, apply pure honey to the body. Do this process 2-3 times a day.
  • Baking soda helps to remove the infection by healing the wound because it has antibacterial properties. For this, mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in water, soak a clean cloth in it and apply it to the body. By doing this, itching and red rash caused by chickenpox end quickly.
  • Taking a bath by adding vinegar to the bathwater gets rid of itching caused by chickenpox.
  • Cook green peas in water. Now apply this water to the body. By doing this, itching and red rash caused by chickenpox end quickly.


The informative content furnished in the blog section is not intended and should never be considered a substitution for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of any health concern. This blog does not guarantee that the remedies listed will treat the medical condition or act as an alternative to professional health care advice. We do not recommend using the remedies listed in these blogs as second opinions or specific treatments. If a person has any concerns related to their health, they should consult with their health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment immediately. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it based on the content of this blog.