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How is Indian Berry (Ber) beneficial for the Body?

How is Indian Berry (Ber) beneficial for the Body?

2021-12-13 22:40:07

On hearing the name of Indian berry (ber), the image of small fruits of green, brown and red colour comes to mind which are soft in texture and sour-sweet in taste. At some places, a pickle of Ber is made while its murabba (sweet pickle) is also preferred in other places. Ber is very beneficial for health.


Indian berry (Ber) is a winter fruit and cold in effect. Its tree is full of thorns and the fruits on this tree are slightly oval which are green till unripe and turn yellow or orange when half-ripe and red when fully ripe. This fruit becomes slightly wrinkled after ripening which looks somewhat like a date palm. The botanical name of the Ber is jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) which is a member of the buckthorn family Rhamnaceae. Its leaves are green and shiny like its fruits, its flowers are also very small in size.


Benefits of Ber

For immunity-

In addition to vitamins A, B12 and C, antioxidants are also found in jujube which works to improve the body's immune system.


For the digestive system-

Ber is a great source of fibre that works to improve the digestive system by boosting metabolism. Apart from this, ber also has the power to cure the condition of severe constipation.


To lose weight-

Ber is a good source of fibre which helps in controlling weight because if there is enough fibre in the body, the stomach feels full due to which there is no strong desire to eat which further helps in controlling the weight.


For insomnia-

Ber has always been used as an effective herb in Chinese medicine which calms the mind and removes mental stress. There is an element called saponins in jujube which works to improve sleep time. Jujube tea is used to relieve insomnia.


For blood flow-

Ber extract contains many ingredients that promote blood circulation. One of which is also nitric oxide which works to control blood flow and blood pressure in the body.


For heart health-

Ber contains minerals like phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese and zinc which work to keep heart health good for a long time. These nutrients control blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. Apart from this, it is also necessary for the development of blood cells. For this reason, Ber is considered good for the heart.


For bones-

Phosphorus and calcium are essential for building bones and maintaining their health. Since Ber is considered a good source of calcium and phosphorus, its consumption is good for bones.


For swelling-

Jujube is rich in elements such as antioxidants, alkaloids, flavonoids, phenolic acids and saponins which help in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Apart from this, the effect of biomolecules present in jujube also helps in reducing and preventing inflammation.


For brain development-

The neuroprotective properties present in jujube help to develop the brain and overcome all the diseases related to it. Apart from this, the consumption of jujube increases the memory of the brain and protects neuronal cells.


For stress and anxiety-

Ber has neuroprotective properties which work by calming the mind, fighting oxidative stress. Therefore, the consumption of its extract is able to relieve anxiety and stress.


To get rid of brain attack-

The hydrochloric extract of jujube has an anticonvulsant effect which provides protection from brain attacks. Apart from this, the neuroprotection present in jujube also helps in removing oxidative stress.


For cancer-

Bioactive substances, amino acids and antioxidants are found to have anti-carcinogenic effects. Therefore, the consumption of jujube is good for the prevention of cancer.


For hair-

The essential oil made from jujube seeds helps in increasing the length of the hair and making them strong. It also serves to nourish them.


For skin-

Vitamin C is found in Ber which works to remove skin related problems like acne. It also helps to cure itching caused by eczema. Apart from this, Ber oil also helps in reducing inflammation of the skin.


Side effects of Ber

  • Since Ber is a good source of fibre, it helps in curing constipation, but consuming high amounts of fibre can cause abdominal bloating and gas.
  • People suffering from diabetes should avoid the consumption of jujube because the carbohydrates present in it can further increase the sugar level present in the blood.
  • People who are allergic to latex should also avoid the consumption of Ber.


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