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How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

2021-12-21 12:02:55

Weakening of eyesight is a common problem these days due to modernization and technological innovations. There can be several reasons for partial or permanent loss of eyesight. Here we will know how to improve eyesight naturally at home.


The primary reasons for weak eyesight are our diet and lifestyle. We are glued to electronic gadgets such as televisions, laptops, I pads, and mobile phones, etc. The rays emitting out of these devices are harmful. These have a very negative impact on our eyes.


We have all heard that nature is a healer. It has solution for every problem, so is the case with the weak eyesight. There are several home remedies which helps in improving your eyesight. These reduces your rounds to the doctor.


Symptoms of Low Vision


There are several alarming factors. These could signal you of a deteriorating vision. These factors are listed below:-

  • Severe, sudden, and recurrent pain in or around the eyes.
  • Hazy, blurred, or double vision.
  • Rainbow or halo, appearing around the lights.
  • Unusual pain or sensitivity to light.
  • Swollen, red and itchy eyes.
  • Change in the iris color.
  • White areas in or around the pupil of the eye.
  • Burning, watery eyes, or excessive eye discharge.

Major Causes of Weak Eyesight

  • Unhealthy lifestyle such as not taking enough sleep, stress, no physical activity, and exertion contributes to low vision.
  •  Age factor is one of the major reasons of low vision/ eyesight.
  • Diseases such as Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetes, Glaucoma can cause weak eyesight.
  • Cataract can also cause weak vision.
  • Low vision is also genetically inherited in certain cases.
  • Deficiency of Vitamins & minerals.
  • Other causes of low vision are health conditions such as bacterial infection, corneal scars, and eye tumor.
  • Some other causes such as Ischemic optic neuropathy, onchocerciasis, Stargardt disease, toxins, trauma also cause weak eyesight.
  • Viral infections of the Eye are also responsible for weak eyesight.

Is it Possible to Improve Eyesight?


Most widely asked questions are:


If it’s possible to improve eyesight without glasses,




How to improve eyesight naturally at home with food items.


The answer to this is YES. It is quite possible to partially improve your eyesight. if not fully because the solution lies in the problem.


Since unhealthy lifestyle is one of the major reasons of weakening of the eyesight. So, it could be rectified by the intake of a well-balanced diet.


Proper Eye-care and Daily Routine


All of us search for an answer to how to improve eyesight naturally at home. Activities such as proper eye-care and daily routine have improved the eyesight in many cases. The eyesight gets weak due to the negligence of people. These include habits such as not taking care of their diet. There are certain ingredients that helps in improving your vision. We will study these in the next section.


Food Items for Improving Eyesight




Vitamins A, C, E, and mineral zinc contain antioxidants. These are great to cure eye problems. Following food-items are good for eyes-

  • Carrot
  • Red pepper
  • Spinach
  • Strawberry
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet potato
  • Citrus fruits

Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids rich food is also a good supplement for repairing eyesight. Rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids i.e., Salmon and flaxseed ensures better eye health.


Zeaxanthin and lutein


A few other nutrients are also essential for improving eyesight. The two important carotenoids i.e., Zeaxanthin and lutein are essential. These are found in the retina. These are found in leafy green vegetables. Zeaxanthin and lutein are found in zucchini, and eggs.


Lifestyle Changes for Vision Improvement


The perfect phrase for those who are accustomed to unhealthy and ill habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol is “Change your lifestyle, improve your vision”. Some of the changes that can improve your eyesight are:-

  • Sleep for at least 6-8 hours.
  • Exercising regularly is a must.
  • Always protect your eyes from the sun because these are harmful for eyes.
  • Wear eye protection gear. If you are doing something that could potentially lead to an eye injury. Activities such as tennis, baseball, etc., can cause severe damage to the eyes.
  • Take break from screen time because the harmful rays leads to poor eyesight.
  • Do NOT smoke.
  • Practice good hygiene. Always wash your eyes with water.
  • Never rub your eyes too much or touch them with dirty hands.

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