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Importance and Benefits of Dhataki in Ayurveda

Importance and Benefits of Dhataki in Ayurveda

2022-04-19 00:00:00

According to Ayurveda, there are many herbs in nature which are considered extremely beneficial for the body. Dhataki is also one of those herbs. It is a plant of medium height  of about 3 to 4m. The flowers bloom in the time period of January and April. It is filled with a variety of medicinal properties due to which it is used in many Ayurvedic medicines.

Dhataki is used to cure many diseases and is believed to be the backbone herb of almost all Asava and Arishta formulations. Let us know about the  importance and benefits of this plant through the sections of this blog.

Importance of Dhataki in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, different parts of Dhataki like flowers, leaves etc. are considered extremely beneficial for health. Due to the nutritional and curative properties, it is used as medicine for many diseases. Dhataki has been used for years to get rid of  body pain. It is mainly beneficial for bone diseases, ulcers, fever, diarrhoea, piles, bleeding disorders and urinary diseases, that is why, dhataki flower is used in almost all ayurvedic extracts or juices.

Dhataki flowers are bitter in taste, cold in effect and small in size. Its flowers, leaves and fruits are used to cure constipation, cold, cough, wounds, diabetes, throat diseases, skin diseases etc. Its flower has a mild effect on the stomach, therefore, it is used as a laxative for people with a weak immune system and pregnant women.

Benefits of Dhataki

Beneficial for eyes-

Dhataki is an effective medicine for the eyes. Make powder by grinding the flowers of Dhataki and the essence of Tinish. Now consume this powder by adding honey or milk to it. This helps in providing strength  to the eye muscle and prevents weakening of eyesight . Along with this, symptoms like eye pain, swelling and redness of eyes  also get cured.

Beneficial for teeth and oral health-

The leaves and flowers of dhataki are used daily for oral hygiene. The antimicrobial properties present in it kill the bacteria present in the mouth and prevent them from growing. Dhataki is also known to remove plaque from teeth and tongue  along with this, it also reduces the inflammation of gums. For this, gargle with a decoction prepared by mixing equal quantities of Dhataki leaves, flowers and pods. It helps to relieve diseases of teeth and gums.

For the treatment of diarrhea-

Dhataki is also useful for treating diarrhea. Grind its leaves and flowers and take it with honey or buttermilk  to get relief from diarrhea . Apart from this, taking decoction of flowers or leaves of Dhataki is also beneficial for the treatment of stomach-related infection or diarrhea.

For the treatment of piles-

Dhataki flowers are a good remedy for the treatment of bleeding piles. For this or for any other reason, to stop the abnormal flow of blood, take one teaspoon of powdered Dhataki flower and mix it with two teaspoons of honey should be consumed 2-3 times a day. By doing this the abnormal bleeding stops or gradually reduces. Apart from this, anti-inflammatory properties are found in dhatki which helps in reducing swelling on any part of the body.

Beneficial in spleen-related disorder-

Mix the powder of Dhataki flowers, root of Chitrak and the powder of turmeric together and consume this mixture daily with 50 grams of jaggery. By doing this, it helps to overcome problems related to spleen (such as spleen enlargement).

Beneficial in ulcer-

Ulcer leads to bleeding from the intestines. Consuming dhataki proves to be very beneficial in such ulcers. For this, mix equal quantities of powder of Dhataki flower and powder of Lodhra bark and consume it. By doing this, there is a lot of benefit in ulcers.

Helpful in leprosy-

Using Dhataki flower in the form of a paste or mask is beneficial in leprosy. Apart from this, burning dhataki flowers and kateri to make ashes and mix mustard oil in it and applying it on the affected parts is also beneficial.

Helpful in the treatment of diabetes-

Dhataki has the property of balancing the level of insulin which is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Apart from insulin, dhataki churna also controls the level of glucose in the body. Therefore, consuming Dhataki's powder is good for diabetics.

Helpful in getting rid of leucorrhoea-

If someone has the problem of white discharge or leucorrhoea, then take 1 teaspoon of Dhataki churna twice daily with honey, water or sugar candy. Doing this will help get rid of leucorrhoea.

Strengthens uterus-

Taking powdered dhataki proves to be beneficial in infertility, weakened uterus, hormonal imbalance, stomach diseases and pelvic pain. Apart from this, mix equal quantities of Dhatki and Neelkamal powder and take it with honey every morning and evening after a monthly cycle to get rid of the problem of infertility.


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