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Importance and Benefits of Himalayan Salt (Rock Salt) in Ayurveda

Importance and Benefits of Himalayan Salt (Rock Salt) in Ayurveda

2021-12-13 18:40:46

Salt is used for cooking in all kitchens. One of them is Himalayan Salt. Most people use it in place of common salt in fasting. Apart from this, Himalayan salt i.e. rock salt is used in homes in spices, powders, decoctions and water.


Himalayan salt is a type of mineral which is considered to be the pure form of salt because it does not contain any kind of adulteration or chemicals. Apart from this, it does not have to go through any kind of chemical process to make it edible. This salt is found in the mountains due to which it is seen as natural medicine. Himalayan salt is also known by the names of Rock salt, Sindha salt, Sandhav salt, Lahori salt etc.


Because rock salt is extracted from rocks, it is also called rock salt. Since it is obtained from the Himalayan regions, it is also called Himalayan Salt. Consumption of rock salt is more useful than white salt because rock salt is not artificially iodized. Rock salt is also called shende lone in Marathi and chemically magnesium sulphate.


Importance of Himalayan Salt (Rock salt) in Ayurveda

Many such medicinal properties are found in this light pink coloured salt, which makes it more healthy than common salt. Minerals are found in high amounts in Himalayan salt i.e. rock salt. Therefore, its consumption also reduces side effects like swelling in the eyes and body. A lot of iron is found in rock salt which helps in getting rid of heartburn, bloating and flatulence. Along with this, rock salt is also very beneficial for patients with high blood pressure and diabetes because it contains a high amount of magnesium. This reduces the risk of high blood sugar and blood pressure, that is why in Ayurveda, rock salt or Himalayan salt has been considered as a medicine of the best class.


Benefits of Himalayan Salt (Rock salt)

Relief from muscle cramps-

Lack of electrolytes (calcium, magnesium and potassium) causes muscle cramps but Himalayan salt i.e. rock salt is rich in electrolytes which help in reducing the problem of cramps.


Beneficial for bones-

Magnesium and calcium are essential for building bones and maintaining their health. Since rock salt is considered a good source of calcium and magnesium, it makes the bones strong. For this, keeping the feet soaked in rock salt water for some time strengthens the bones. Along with this, joint pain also gets relief by doing. Therefore, consuming rock salt is good for bones.


For swelling-

Rock salt is rich in elements like antioxidants, alkaloids, flavonoids, phenolic acids and saponins which help in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Apart from this, the anti-inflammatory effect present in rock salt also helps in reducing and preventing inflammation.


Beneficial for high blood pressure-

People who have problems with high blood pressure are advised not to eat too much salt but Himalaya Salt also helps in BP because it is rich in iron content which is necessary for blood pressure. It also corrects blood circulation by which blood pressure is controlled. Apart from this, the use of rock salt in food also reduces cholesterol levels due to which all the problems related to the heart are removed.


For brain development-

The neuroprotective properties present in rock salt help in developing the brain and removing all the diseases related to it. Apart from this, the circulation of oxygen increases by the consumption of rock salt due to which the brain becomes active. Along with this, the memory of the brain also increases and neuronal cells are also protected.


For stress and anxiety-

Neuroprotection properties are found in rock salt which works by calming the mind, fighting oxidative stress. Therefore its consumption is able to relieve anxiety and stress. Apart from this, keeping the feet soaked in rock saltwater removes the problem of stress and pain. As a result, you get a good night's sleep.


For skin-

Rock salt is rich in many natural minerals. Hence using it as a scrub and spa helps in removing dead cells. Rock salt works to regenerate skin cells. Along with this, it provides glow by protecting the natural texture of the skin. Apart from this, rock salt also has cleansing properties which work to clean the dirt off the skin. For this, bathing by mixing rock salt in lukewarm water clears the skin.


Helpful in maintaining metabolism-

Soaking the feet in rock saltwater, apart from taking care of the skin is effective in keeping the metabolism properly because by doing this both the body and the mind get rest which also has a positive effect on metabolism.


For oral health-

Himalayan salt also proves beneficial in removing all the problems related to the mouth. For this, gargling with lukewarm water containing rock salt ends bad breath. At the same time, by doing this, the problem of mucus and sore throat is also removed.


For hair-

Rock salt i.e. Himalayan salt has both cleansing and exfoliating properties which work to clean the scalp and hair. Apart from this, hair conditioning is also done by washing hair with water containing rock salt.


Uses of Himalayan Salt

  • Himalayan salt is used in vegetable preparation in place of common salt.
  • Rock salt is also used to make lemonade.
  • Himalaya Salt is used as a toothpaste or mouthwash for teeth and gums.
  • It is used during bathing or therapy.
  • It is also used in Dahi Vada, Raita and Pani Puri.
  • It is also used to make mint chutney.
  • Rock salt is also used in chaat masala and pav bhaji.

Take these Precautions for consuming Himalayan salt

  • People who have sensitive skin or have any type of skin infection should not use Himalaya Salt on the skin. Doing so may cause swelling or a rash on the skin.
  • Consuming it in excess can cause stomach related problems like abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting etc.
  • Consuming an excessive amount of rock salt increases the amount of magnesium in the body which can put the heart at risk.
  • While bathing with rock salt, keep in mind that there is no injury or wound on the body. Otherwise, the problem may increase.
  • Pregnant women must consult a doctor before consuming Himalaya Salt.
  • People going through kidney diseases must consult a doctor before using it.
  • A small child should not take Himalayan salt i.e. rock salt.


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