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Know about Chamomile tea and its Benefits

Know about Chamomile tea and its Benefits

2021-12-14 15:03:48

Tea is one of the essential beverages of our daily life. There are many types of tea available in the market today that range from simple tea to lemon tea, green tea, mint tea, ginger tea, black tea etc. There is also chamomile tea in these teas whose name before today, many people would not even have heard but chamomile tea is a herbal tea which is a treasure trove of health benefits for the body. This tea is prepared from the flowers of chamomile and has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which work to reduce stress, regulate sleep, protect the skin and soothe menstrual cramps. Apart from this, it also helps in boosting immunity and reducing stomach bloating.

What is Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile tea is prepared from the flowers of chamomile. It is a plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. To prepare this tea, chamomile flowers are first dried, then they are boiled in water. Chamomile tea has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Apart from this, chamomile flowers have also been used for Ayurvedic and natural remedies and poultices.

Today, tea bags of chamomile tea are easily available in many markets and malls which is used in the same way as green tea. Chamomile tea has been used for years because of its pleasant taste and health benefits. Many nutrients are found in this tea like flavonoids, anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidants and healing properties. Apart from this, amounts of potassium, vitamin A, calories, fluoride, carbohydrates, magnesium, folate and calcium are also found in it. Due to all these properties which are very important and beneficial for health, it is also consumed as a medicinal drink.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea
For anxiety and better sleep

Chamomile tea contains a flavonoid called apigenin which has sedative effects that enhance the effect of sleep which help a person to have a good sleep. Apart from this, chamomile tea also has anticonvulsant properties which calm the mind, works to remove anxiety.

For diarrhoea and stomach related problems

Chamomile tea helps to relax the muscles that carry food to the intestine due to which the person gets relief from stomach pain and gas. At the same time, chamomile tea also has the ability to inhibit the bacteria called Helicobacter pylori that cause stomach ulcers. Apart from this, drinking chamomile tea by mixing other herbs like fennel, mint, liquorice and vervain can also control diarrhoea.

For diabetes and glycaemic

Chamomile tea works by regulating sugar levels in the body, increasing the effect of glycogen in the liver and preventing the build-up of a sugar compound called sorbitol in red blood cells. It maintains the level of insulin in the body which helps in controlling blood sugar. Apart from this, chamomile tea also works to protect the cells of the pancreas from damage caused by oxidative stress due to an increase in blood sugar. It works by reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) of the body and increasing the effectiveness of insulin. Thus, this tea also aids in glycaemic control.

For chronic inflammation and cancer

Chronic inflammation is the inflammation inside the body, which causes damage to tissues or cells and causes diseases like cancer. This inflammation is usually caused by an increase in the amount of nitric oxide in the body which requires an effective anti-inflammatory agent to prevent or control. Since chamomile tea contains flavonoid anti-inflammatory agents which reduces the effect of nitric oxide in the body and provide relief from inflammation. Thus, this tea also helps in the treatment of cancer.

For bones

Osteoporosis is a common process due to ageing which happens to most people. In this disease, the bones become weak by losing nutrition due to which the risk of breaking bones easily increases. Selective estrogen receptor modulators are used to prevent or avoid the progression of this problem for which chamomile tea is also used because it has anti-estrogenic properties which work to strengthen bones.

For a healthy heart

The increase in cholesterol in the body and sugar in the blood are the main causes of heart disease. Therefore, to keep the heart healthy for a long time, it is advisable to keep cholesterol and blood sugar under control. For this, it is considered good to consume chamomile tea because this tea works to reduce increased blood sugar and bad cholesterol (LDL) due to which the risk of heart disorders is reduced.

For skin

Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties which protect the skin from rashes, sunburns and many types of bacterial infections. Apart from this, its anti-inflammatory properties also help in reducing inflammation of the skin.

Side effects of Chamomile Tea
  • People who are allergic to flowers of the daisy family should avoid consuming chamomile tea because they can also be allergic to it.
  • Pregnant women should also stay away from chamomile tea because by consuming this tea during pregnancy, urine muscles can be tight and harm the fetus growing in the womb.
  • Chamomile tea thins the blood. Therefore, people taking blood-thinning medicines should take them only on the advice of the doctor.


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