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Know about Chopchini and its Benefits

Know about Chopchini and its Benefits

2021-12-14 11:07:41

Chopchini is a thorny plant that has a thick rhizome and spreading. This plant grows only by spreading on the ground. Its leaves are pointed and elliptical. Its flowers are small in size and white in colour. Its fruits are spherical fleshy, juicy and bright red in colour. Its roots are tuberous, heavily knotted and fibrous.

Chopchini has a pungent and bitter taste and is warm by nature. It is light to digest, pacifying Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It works to increase appetite, cleans stool and urine and gives strength to the body. It maintains youth and sexual power and cures joint pain. It is also helpful in problems like gas, constipation, body ache and arthritis.

The best Chopchini is identified by its colour that is, it is red or pink in colour. Its taste is sweet and is smooth and shiny. It is of the same colour inside and outside. Apart from this, when it is put in water, it sinks in it.

Benefits of Chopchini

Chopchini is used as a spice in India but apart from this, Chopchini has many benefits. According to Ayurveda, Chopchini is a classy herb that is used for the prevention of many diseases. Chopchini is a good remedy to reduce many diseases like headache, sexual dysfunction, joint pain, skin diseases. The various benefits of Chopchini are-

For uric acid-

Taking half a teaspoon of Chopchini powder regularly for a few days on an empty stomach in the morning and half a teaspoon with plain water at bedtime reduces the problem of uric acid.

For asthma-

Put about 100 grams of Chopchini in 800 ml of water, boil it till the drink reduces to 300 ml remains. Now let it cool down and filter it. Taking 25 grams to 75 grams of this decoction daily provides benefits in respiratory diseases (asthma).

For gout-

Boil chopchini in milk and mix cardamom, mastangi and cinnamon in it and take it twice a day, it provides relief in gout. Apart from this, making a decoction by mixing Chopchini and Gavajban, massaging the knees with it, ends knee pain and bone weakness.

For pain from hip to toe-

Grind chopchini a little coarsely, soak it in water at night and keep it. Boil that chopchini in the morning till half the water is gone, filter it and drink it after it cools down a bit. This reduces the pain from hip to toe.

For the problem of dreaming-

Chopchini plays a positive role in removing the weakness of the body and removing the troubles of dreaming. Apart from this, its regular use also helps in getting rid of ejaculation.

For masculine power-

Make a powder by mixing an equal quantity of mocharas, dry ginger, black pepper, fennel, both muesli and vavidang in chopchini. Now take 10 grams of this powder and drink sugar-candy milk mixed with this powder. By doing this, there is an improvement in masculine power. Apart from this, the chemical properties present in Chopchini also help in removing the semen defects of the body.

For syphilis-

Taking the powder of Chopchini regularly in the morning and evening is beneficial in syphilis. At the same time, it is good to drink a decoction of Chopchini or mix honey in it, if the venom of syphilis spreads excessively.

Some other benefits of Chopchini-
  • Taking the powder of Chopchini mixed with butter and sugar candy provides relief in headaches.
  • Taking Chopchini powder with honey is beneficial in skin disorders.
  • Mixing sugar, sugar candy and ghee in Chopchini powder and consuming it, or mixing it with cow milk and drinking it provides benefits in fistula disease.
  • Diseases caused by tremor (Parkinson), paralysis and vata dosha can be avoided by taking the powder of Chopchini with honey.
  • Taking the powder of Chopchini mixed with butter, sugar candy and honey provides benefit in goitre disease.
  • Mixing double the sugar of the Chopchini powder and taking it with milk ends physical weakness and increases strength.
  • Massaging the joints and arthritis with Chopchini oil is beneficial in arthritis and joint pain.
Precautions for using Chopchini
  • People with stomach problems should not consume Chopchini in large quantities.
  • If there is any problem after consuming Chopchini, it is good to take pomegranate or its juice.
Where is Chopchini found?

Chopchini is found in the hilly areas of India like Uttarakhand, Assam, West Bengal, Sikkim and Manipur. In these areas, Chopchini can be seen at an altitude of 1500-2400 meters. Apart from this, it is also found in China, Japan, Myanmar and Nepal.


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