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Know about the health benefits of Kutki

Know about the health benefits of Kutki

2023-03-01 16:59:58

Ayurveda uses a variety of remedial herbs to keep the body healthy. One of which is kutki. It is a medicinal plant found in the Himalayan regions. It has been used as a medicine in Ayurveda since ancient times and is mainly used for the treatment of recurrent fever, skin disorders, diabetes, reducing weight, keeping the liver healthy, and many other health problems.

Kutki is a medicinal plant which is found in the Himalayan regions at 3000 to 5000 m altitudes. It is small in size and bitter and pungent in taste. Its flowers are white or blue. The roots of the kutki are 15 to 25 cm long, and the leaves are 10 to 15 cm long. It balances both Kapha and Pitta. Due to its bitterness and pungency, kutki has its own distinct place in Ayurveda.


Benefits of Kutki


Effective in treating fever-

Due to an imbalance of pitta and kapha, heaviness in the body, fever, headaches, and many other types of problems occur. In such a situation, the use of kutki proves to be very effective due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, which prevent and protect against infection. For this, mix 1 gram of kutki powder with 3 grams of sugar and consume it twice a day, 10 minutes before meals. Apart from this, to get rid of fever, taking capsules made from kutki is also beneficial.


Beneficial in jaundice-

Kutki is a major and useful ingredient used in almost all types of Ayurvedic medicines. Therefore, it also acts like a medicine in the treatment of jaundice. For this, take one or two spoons of kutki powder with water. Apart from this, make laddus by mixing kutki powder, coriander powder, and jaggery and eat them twice a day. It provides benefits in jaundice.


Beneficial for liver health-

Kutki consumption is helpful in keeping away liver and stomach related problems and promoting their health. Kutki contains an enzyme called kutkin or picroliv which promotes the functions of the liver. It also protects the liver from harmful bacteria. Apart from this, it also works to reduce pitta related disorders and detox the lungs.


Helpful in relieving constipation and gas-

Kutki is helpful in treating constipation and gas problems. To get relief from this, take the powder of kutki with honey 3 to 4 times a day. By doing this, it increases the secretion of gastric juice. It improves appetite, strengthens the stomach, and removes constipation and gas related problems.


Helpful in the treatment of eczema and blood disorders-

Kutki is considered effective in curing eczema and blood related disorders. For this, take a decoction made from kutki and chirata. By doing this, eczema disease is cured. Apart from this, keep the powder of kutki and chirata in a glass vessel at night and add water to it. Now filter this water in the morning and drink it. Eczema and blood related disorders can also be overcome by doing this.


Beneficial in curing white spots-

Kutki is used as a natural remedy for white spots on the skin (leucoderma). For this, make a decoction by taking equal quantities of bark from kutki, manjistha, triphala, vacha, daruhaldi, giloy, and neem. By consuming this decoction continuously, the white spots start to reduce.


Beneficial in arthritis-

Kutki is a popular traditional remedy for ailments like arthritis. Its consumption helps in preventing the emergence of gout. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in the treatment of gout. For this, take the powder of kutki with honey.


For diabetes-

Kutki plant proves to be very effective for the treatment of diabetes. Diabetic patients benefit from consuming the decoction or juice of kutki regularly. It helps to stimulate digestive secretions. In addition, it also stimulates pancreatic insulin secretion in the body. Apart from this, it helps the liver store blood sugar in the form of glycogen, which is very important in controlling diabetes.


Beneficial in weight loss-

Obesity is caused by the accumulation of fat and carbohydrates in the body. Obesity is genetic and common in people with diabetes. Therefore, consuming kutki is beneficial for reducing weight. For this, drinking the juice of this herb helps to aid digestion and increase metabolism. As a result, it helps in burning the extra fat.


Side effects of Kutki

  • Kutki activates the immune system. Therefore, if someone already has problems like multiple sclerosis or lupus, then do not consume it in this situation.
  • As it lowers the level of sugar in the blood. So keep getting checked for diabetes from time to time.
  • Excessive consumption of kutki can cause vomiting, nausea, etc.
  • Do not consume kutki during diarrhea. Otherwise, problems may increase.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid its consumption.


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