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Know about the Medicinal properties and Benefits of Oranges

Know about the Medicinal properties and Benefits of Oranges

2022-03-17 12:37:52

Orange is one of the popular and nutritious fruits and is liked by almost everyone due to its sour-sweet taste and is full of juice. Often people consume orange peeled or in the form of juice. At the same time, orange juice is also used in making many types of beverages and delicious dishes. This fruit is rich in vitamins, fibre and other nutrients.


Apart from this, many medicinal properties are also found in oranges. Therefore, by eating oranges, the cholesterol of the body is controlled and the heart remains healthy. Therefore, adding oranges to the diet has positive effects on physical and mental health.


Types of Oranges

There are many such factors like weather, climate, atmosphere, soil etc. on the basis of which oranges are classified. These are-


Mandarin Orange-

The mandarin orange tree is smaller than other orange trees. Its peel is thinner and sweeter than other oranges. This type of orange is most commonly found in China.


 Navel Orange-

This species of orange is mostly found in India. It has fewer seeds. Apart from this, this form of orange is very sweet and juicy. Apart from India, Naval Orange is also found in Brazil and Florida.


Blood Orange-

This type of orange is orange in appearance from the outside and the colour is red from the inside. The main reason for this is the compound named anthocyanins present in it. Hence it is known as blood orange. It is juicy to eat. This species of orange is mostly found in California and Florida.


Tangerine Orange-

This type of orange is sour and sweet in taste. Its peel is soft. Tangerine oranges contain more vitamin C than other oranges. It is found more in the US and North America.


Clementine Orange-

Clementine orange is soft with no seeds in it. This orange is sweet and juicy in taste. It is found in places like North Africa, California etc.


Importance of Orange in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, orange is cooling with effect. Apart from vitamins A, C, B6, folate, many types of minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium are found in oranges which are beneficial for health and beauty. Consuming them prevents cancer cells from growing. In this form, orange also helps in protecting against heart-related diseases and other diseases. Orange is considered a medicinal fruit in Ayurveda due to its rich medicinal properties.


Benefits of Orange

Helpful in maintaining heart health-

Orange is very beneficial in keeping the heart-healthy. Many types of phytonutrients are found in it of which potassium and vitamin-C are able to protect the cardiovascular system. It prevents the progression of heart diseases by preventing the damage caused by oxidation on the heart. Apart from this, the polyunsaturated fatty acids present in it work to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol which is very important for a healthy heart.


Effective in promoting immune health-

The consumption of orange improves the immunity of the body because it contains a sufficient amount of vitamins C and E which act as antioxidant activity. Apart from this, the polyunsaturated fatty acids present in it also protect the body from oxidation.


When there is a lack of water in the body-

In the summer season, there is often a shortage of water in the body. As a result, problems like weakness, dizziness and low blood pressure start arising. In such a situation, consuming orange juice is a good option because the water content in this fruit is up to 87% which does not allow the amount of water in the body to decrease.


Effective in protecting from heat-

People often suffer from all physical and mental problems due to heatstroke during summers. In such a situation, they should include oranges in their diet to avoid this because drinking orange juice 3-4 times a day proves beneficial.


For stress and fatigue-

Orange juice is beneficial in reducing headaches due to anxiety, fatigue, stress etc. Consuming a glass of orange juice provides coolness to the body and mind. It has a positive effect on the Central Nervous System. Apart from this, orange oil is also beneficial. It has a fresh pleasant fragrance that increases the feeling of mental satisfaction and happiness which makes a person feel good. As a result, there is relief in anxiety, tension, fatigue, headache etc.


For diabetes-

Orange is also known to solve the problems related to diabetes. Orange juice helps in reducing the blood sugar level in the body. At the same time, the magnesium and carbohydrate present in oranges regulate metabolism. In addition, oranges are rich in fibre which is helpful in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, to reduce the symptoms of diabetes, orange juice should be consumed regularly.


For blood pressure-

To prevent low blood pressure, it is most important to keep the amount of sodium in the body balanced. In such a situation, oranges must be included in your diet because it is rich in sodium which helps to keep the blood pressure normal. Apart from this, essential elements like potassium and pectin are found in it which provides relaxation to the nerves. Along with this, it also helps in maintaining normal blood flow in the body due to which the blood pressure in the body remains normal.


Helpful in reducing cholesterol-

Nowadays, due to wrong eating habits and lifestyles, the amount of bad cholesterol increases and the amount of good cholesterol goes on decreasing. As a result, heart-related diseases get promoted. In such a situation, it is good to consume orange juice because it contains elements like magnesium, potassium and vitamin B etc. which lowers the level of triglycerides (a type of bad cholesterol) in the body. Apart from this, pectin is found in oranges which is a type of soluble fibre and helps in reducing cholesterol from the body.


In improving kidney function-

The antioxidants present in oranges help in curing and preventing kidney-related problems like kidney stones, frequent urination, high bladder activity etc. due to which the proper functioning of the kidney is ensured. In this way, the consumption of orange juice is helpful in preventing kidney problems. According to research, drinking orange juice daily also prevents kidney cancer.


For constipation-

Due to the changing environment and wrong eating habits, people are often troubled by constipation. To get rid of this, a diet rich in fibre should be taken. Since oranges have a good amount of fibre, it helps in reducing the problem of constipation.


Effective in preventing cancer-

Orange is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Hence, it prevents cancer from taking over the body and the growth of tumours. It also destroys cancer cells. According to a study conducted in Japan, mandarin orange reduces the risk of liver cancer. Limonene is found in oranges which remain active in the body for 8 to 10 hours. Thus, it helps in preventing cancer from growing in the body.


Beneficial for pregnant women-

Drinking orange juice is very beneficial for pregnant women. Its regular consumption reduces labour pain during delivery. Also, the baby is born healthy.


Effective in arthritis-

Antioxidants and many minerals are found in oranges which are effective in relieving arthritis and the pain caused by it. Apart from this, orange is also effective in removing the disease of osteoporosis. For this, drinking a glass of orange juice daily is beneficial.


Helpful in removing the bad odour of feet-

In the summer season, some people have bad feet due to wearing shoes. In this case, orange peel proves to be very helpful. For this, boil orange peels in water and dip your feet in this lukewarm water for at least 5 minutes. After that take out your feet and wipe them with a towel. Do this three to four times a week. By doing this, the smell coming from the feet is removed.


Helpful in removing bad breath-

Orange tea works to maintain oral hygiene. For this, drinking a cup of orange tea daily removes bad breath and also improves oral hygiene.


Beneficial for skin-

Consuming orange is very good for the skin. It works to take care of the health of the skin. The antioxidant vitamin C present in it removes many problems related to the skin. Along with this, the vitamin E present in it is also very beneficial for the skin. Apart from this, orange peel is ground and used as a face mask on the face. By doing this, the problem of fine lines, acne, and wrinkles. This face mask improves the elasticity of the skin and maintains its moisture level.


Beneficial for hair-

Orange is a nutritious fruit beneficial for hair. The nutrients present in it work to make the hair healthy and strengthen them. Vitamin E present in it gives essential nourishment to the hair. It also works to promote hair growth. Apart from this, put orange in a blender and make a paste and apply it to the roots of the hair. After this leave the hair for an hour and then wash it with water. Doing this also reduces hair fall. It also gets rid of dandruff as well.


Side effects of Orange

  • Consuming too much orange can cause problems like stomach cramps, pain and nausea.
  • People who take beta-blocker medicine should avoid consuming oranges.
  • Oranges contain high amounts of acid which can cause problems like heartburn, especially people suffering from heartburn should avoid it.
  • Young children should not be fed too many oranges. Otherwise, the problem of stomach pain may arise.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should also not eat more oranges.
  • People who have sensitive skin should use orange peel only after doing a patch test because people with more sensitive skin may have allergic problems to it.
  • If itching, redness, burning or other adverse effects are experienced after using the orange paste, discontinue its use immediately.

Where is Orange found?

In India, oranges are commonly found in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka.


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