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Know the Benefits & Side effects of Chyawanprash

Know the Benefits & Side effects of Chyawanprash

2022-01-04 18:53:24

Perhaps every child must have had Chyawanprash and not only children, many elderly people still consume it daily because Chyawanprash provides all kinds of health benefits to every age group be it children or the elderly. Many people have made Chyawanprash a part of their daily routine to keep their health and body strong because Chyawanprash works to increase the immunity of the body. It is an Ayurvedic product made from all the herbs which works to protect the body from cold and strengthen immunity. 


What is Chyawanprash?

Chyawanprash is a type of jam prepared from various Ayurvedic herbs and other ingredients. It is black or brown in colour and has a mild sour, sweet and spicy taste. It is generally consumed more in winters because it works to keep the body warm and provide protection from cold and flu. 


Many Ayurvedic medicines are included in Chyawanprash which bring various benefits to the body. This is the reason why doctors also advise people to consume Chyawanprash. Regular consumption of Chyawanprash is very beneficial for both men and women for increasing immunity. 


Ingredients present in Chyawanprash

Herbs and various plant extracts with many medicinal properties are used in making Chyawanprash. Every brand uses different ingredients to make Chyawanprash. Some of the common ingredients are amla, turmeric, clove, ashwagandha, neem, pippali, bael, white sandalwood powder, basil, fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, arjuna, brahmi, honey, ghee etc. All these herbs have properties that increase immunity and provide energy to the body. 


Benefits of Chyawanprash

Reduces inflammation-


Chyawanprash can help reduce inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. According to a report published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), sesame oil, clove and agaru are used in making Chyawanprash which possesses anti-inflammatory properties. These can reduce inflammation. Apart from this, ingredients like Nagkesar, Ashwagandha and Amla also have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is believed that Chyawanprash can also aid in improving the function of the central nervous system. 


For a healthy heart-


Chyawanprash is considered a great cardio tonic. According to the NCBI research report, regular consumption of Chyawanprash keeps the heart strong and also regulates the heart beat by ensuring healthy blood flow to the muscles. Therefore, it is beneficial to consume Chyawanprash in heart related diseases. 


For digestion and metabolism-


Consumption of Chyawanprash improves digestion power because herbs like bay leaf, cinnamon, nagkesar present in Chyawanprash have a positive effect on gastrointestinal function by improving metabolism, gastritis (inflammation and irritation in the lining of the stomach), abdominal cramps and pain due to which food is digested well and bowel movement also improves. 


For cold and cough-


It is very common to have a cold and cough during the changing seasons but this problem can be avoided by regular consumption of Chyawanprash because the honey present in Chyawanprash helps in curing cold-cough and boosting immunity. Apart from this, Vitamin-C is abundant in Amla and other herbs present in Chyawanprash helps to protect the body from all kinds of virus and bacterial infections. Therefore, consuming Chyawanprash is great to reduce the effect of cold and cough. 


For blood purification-


Regular consumption of Chyawanprash works to clean the blood because many brands of Chyawanprash contain natural ingredients like patala, tulsi and turmeric which work to purify the blood by removing toxic elements from it. 


For sharpening memory-


Consuming Chyawanprash leads to a sharper mind and good memory. According to a research report published on the site of NCBI, many Chyawanprash have antioxidant effects which help in regaining memory because Chyawanprash nourishes the brain cells and makes them sharp. 


For immunity-


Strengthening immunity is the main function of Chyawanprash as it helps in fighting with infection and bacteria. Amla present in Chyawanprash shows immunomodulatory effects in the body which helps to increase the immunity of the body. Apart from this, the ghee and honey used in making Chyawanprash also have immunity-strengthening properties. 


For respiratory problems-


Consuming Chyawanprash is a great way to deal with respiratory problems due to the presence of pippali. It works to protect the body from respiratory infections. Due to this, it is advised to consume Chyawanprash with lukewarm water and avoid milk and curd because during cold and cough, milk and curd act to make mucus (phlegm) in the body. 


To strengthen bones-


Regular consumption of Chyawanprash helps in better absorption of calcium and synthesis of proteins due to which the teeth and bones become strong. Therefore it is good to consume Chyawanprash with milk. This helps in absorption of calcium present in milk. 


For cholesterol-


Chyawanprash works to control cholesterol. It lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides (a type of fat present in the blood) in the body like hypolipidemic. According to the research report of NCBI, Chyawanprash helps in reduction of cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and increase in good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. Therefore, it helps in controlling cholesterol.


Side effects and Precautions while using Chyawanprash

  • Chyawanprash possesses a hot (ushna) property, therefore, it should not be consumed if there are mouth blisters.
  • People suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems should not consume Chyawanprash with milk.
  • Amla is present in most of the Chyawanprash. Consuming it at night can have a negative impact on the teeth. Therefore, it should not be consumed at night.
  • Small children, pregnant women and diabetic patients should consume Chyawanprash after consulting a doctor.
  • Sugar is used in Chyawanprash, therefore people suffering from diabetes should consume it as per medical advice.


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