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Know the Medicinal Benefits of Cedar (Deodar)

Know the Medicinal Benefits of Cedar (Deodar)

2021-12-13 18:55:24

Deodar, known as cedar has an important status in Ayurveda for its usefulness and medicinal properties. A deodar tree can live for one hundred to two hundred years. The more space this tree gets, the more it grows. At the same time, the older the tree, the more are its usefulness and medicinal properties. Cedar is used for many diseases. The use of cedar trees helps in controlling earache, throat pain, headache, joint pain, diabetes etc.


What is Deodar?

Deodar trees are much bigger and taller than normal trees. In view, it becomes thick from below and thin like a cow's tail from above. The branches of this tree are inclined towards the earth. Its leaves are long and slightly rounded. Its flowers are arranged in clusters like castor. Wooden frames, doors, windows of this tree are installed in almost every house due to which that house remains a little fragrant.


Medicinal Benefits of Cedarwood

  • Decoction of cedar bark proves beneficial in respiratory diseases.
  • Decoction of cedarwood is beneficial in gonorrhoeic and syphilis.
  • The decoction of deodar is also beneficial for blood purification.
  • Drinking a decoction of the soft bark of cedarwood and dry ginger helps in controlling the heartbeat.
  • Rubbing its bark and applying it to the brain provides relief in headaches.
  • In case of itching in the body, grinding its bark in water and applying it like an ointment provides relief in itching.
  • Grinding the bark of cedarwood in water provides relief in joint inflammation.
  • Grinding the leaves of cedarwood, turmeric and guggul in water gives relief in swelling.
  • In case of ear pain, putting 2-3 drops of cedarwood oil in the ear provides relief.
  • Cedarwood oil proves beneficial in leprosy.
  • Cedarwood oil is beneficial for eczema or ringworm.

How does Deodar work?

Deodar is bitter and has astringent and pungent properties which help to remove the doshas related to Kapha and hair. Several parts of this plant have antibacterial, immunomodulatory, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anticancer properties which work in the body like this-


Insecticide: Helps kill insects.


Antiviral: Works to fight against viruses.


Astringent: Inhibits soft organic tissue.


Antiseptic: Works to inhibit the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.


Antispasmodic: Acts as a relaxant from muscle spasms.


Antifertility: Reduces fertility.


Anti-inflammatory: Helps in quick relief of inflammation.


Diuretic: Helps to pass urine easily.


Carminative: Relieves gas in the alimentary tract. It is used in colic pain and flatulence.


Precautions while using Cedarwood

If a person has any disorder, disease or medical condition, a person should avoid the consumption of cedar. Otherwise, it can worsen the situation.


People who are allergic to herbs should consult a doctor before consuming deodar.


People who are already taking any medicine should also refrain from consuming herbs because cedar can interact with the medicine in some conditions and worsen the situation. As a result, the person is at increased risk of getting side effects. Therefore, before using it, please consult a doctor.


Where is cedar found?

Deodar is a huge and tall tree whose bark and root are fragrant. This tree is found in the regions of North Baluchistan, Asia Minor, Afghanistan and the Himalayas. In India, this tree is found in the north-western Himalayas towards the east in Uttarakhand up to an altitude of 1800-3600 m.


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