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Learn about the Amazing Benefits of Pine

Learn about the Amazing Benefits of Pine

2022-03-17 11:20:28

In the hilly areas of Uttarakhand or Himachal, many people must have seen the tall pine trees. In Ayurveda, this tree is considered very good for health. The wood, oil and sticky gum of this tree are used as medicines. The gum obtained from this tree is also called Gandhviroja. The length of this tree is about 30 to 35 meters, the stem is dark brown in colour and has a roughly round shape. Its leaves are in clusters of 3 whose length is 20-30 cm. Most people recognize pine by its length and the shape of the leaves. The fruits of pine are similar to that of deodar but they are slightly larger in size, conical and pyramidal in shape. The botanical name of pine is Pinus roxburghii Sargent.

Benefits of Pine
For mouth ulcers

If there is a blister in the mouth, making a decoction of the gum coming out of the pine tree and gargling it is good for ulcers. By doing this, mouth ulcers are cured soon.

For stomach worms

To avoid the pain caused by stomach worms and reduce the symptoms like loss of appetite, mix powdered rice with pine oil and keep it in the sun for some time. After drinking this mixture, intestinal worms are reduced.

For flatulence

People who are troubled by the problem of flatulence should apply pine oil to the stomach. By doing this, problems like flatulence and piles are reduced.

For ear

Pine is a beneficial medicine to reduce ear pain, swelling and discharge from the ear. According to ayurvedic experts, putting one to two drops of oil obtained by burning cedarwood, kuth and pine wood, soaked in sesame oil, and putting one to two drops of the oil in the ear provides quick relief in earache, swelling and discharge.

For windpipe

Inflammation in the respiratory tract is a big problem. For this, Ayurvedic experts believe that massaging the chest with pine oil reduces inflammation of the respiratory tract and also provides relief in cold and cough.

For paralysis

Make a paste of Pippali and its root, pine and cedarwood and mix honey 2 times the quantity of the above ingredients and consume 1-3 grams, it provides relief in paralysis. However, it should be consumed only on the advice of an ayurvedic doctor.

For wound

The gum extracted from the pine tree is considered good for wounds. For this, the gum should be ground and applied directly to the wounds. By doing this the wounds heal quickly. Apart from this, by applying pine gum to the wound, the bleeding stops.

For ringworm and itching

The problem of ringworm and itching is cured by applying pine gum (Gandhviroja) on ringworm and itching.

Useful parts of Pine trees
  • Oil
  • Wood
  • Gandaviroza (gum)
  • Oily output
Where is the pine tree found?

The pine tree is found in the Himalayan regions from Kashmir to Bhutan at altitudes up to 450-1800 m, in Kumaon at altitudes up to 2300 m, in the Shivalik hills, Ooty and also in Afghanistan.


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