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Learn the Importance and Benefits of Chromotherapy (Color Therapy)

Learn the Importance and Benefits of Chromotherapy (Color Therapy)

2021-12-20 18:05:48

Chromotherapy, alternately known by the names of color therapy, light therapy, colorology is a form of alternative treatment done with the help of colours. The word 'chroma' is derived from the Greek language, which means 'color'.


Chromotherapy means healing through dyes. Although color therapy has been in practice for thousands of years, in the recent past, the inclination of people has increased more towards this. Depression, eczema, high blood pressure, menstrual problems, etc. are treated successfully with the help of this therapy.


What is Color therapy?

Treating diseases with colors is called color therapy. This is a treatment that does not involve the use of colours. The therapy helps balance physical energy. This therapy is quite popular in relieving anxiety, stress, and emotional problems.


According to color therapy, many disorders and diseases in humans are due to an imbalance of energy centers or chakras of the body. Each color is associated with different parts of the body. These are the natural healing properties of various energy centers. Therefore, every cell in the body requires light energy. When colors properly enter the body through light, they activate the healing properties of the body which makes the healing process much faster.


 Importance of Color Therapy in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the human body is composed of seven chakras. A magnetic field created as a result of biochemical reactions occurring inside the body.


Colors have a type of vibrational energy, which interacts with this magnetic field to treat many diseases. This vibrational energy performs biochemical reactions to revive the energy circulation inside the body. Today color therapy is becoming a popular treatment option to cure emotional, physical, and mental patients.


Chakras of the body and their relation to colors

People have different chakras in their bodies. Those are considered to be the center of energy. The colors used in color therapy affect these cycles of the body which gives relief to the body.


According to Indian philosophy, the body has seven centers of spiritual energy. These are considered to be related to colors which are as follows:


Root Chakra-


It is also called the base cycle. This is the initial cycle of the human body. It is related to red color.


Swadisthan Chakra (Sacral Chakra)-


The sacral chakra, which is 2 or 3 inches below the navel, is represented by orange color. This cycle is associated with fertility, kidneys, adrenal, and pleasure.


Solar Plexus-


The location of this chakra is believed to be above the navel and near the heart. Its relation is stated in yellow color. This cycle is mainly associated with digestive organs. It is positive and associated with well-being.


Heart Chakra-


Its location is near the heart. This cycle is believed to be associated with the heart, lungs, and immunity system. This cycle is related to green color.


Throat Chakra-


This cycle is located in the throat. It is considered to be related to blue color. It is thought to be associated with the thyroid.


Ajna chakra or commandment cycle-


Its location is believed to be between the two eyebrows. It is related to dark blue color (indigo). This cycle is also known as the third eye. It is related to the pineal and pituitary glands which are associated with our sleep and knowledge.


Sahasrar Chakra (Crown chakra)-


Its location is in the head. It is believed to be related to purple color and considered to be associated with mind, dreams, and spirituality.


Colors and their advantages to Color Therapy

Color therapy involves only certain colors. These selective colors have their own importance and many advantages.




The red color is considered more stimulating than orange. It is mostly used for physical treatment. Because its emotional effects are extreme. Color therapy involves the preparation of red blood cells and for mentally challenged individuals.




Yellow color works to increase intelligence and understanding in this therapy. This color is mainly used in the treatment of cough, cold, jaundice, inflammation, nervous system weakness, and liver-related diseases.




The blue color is a symbol of truth, hope, expansion, cleanliness, and justice. This color is used in color therapy to remove problems of bile, fever, gynecology, stomach irritation, heat, lack of vital force, etc. Additionally blue is a cool color, its use can help you become more calm and relaxed. But dark blue color increases loneliness.




Purple color is formed by mixing red and blue. This color is used to provide fame, fame, and enthusiasm. This color is used for blood purification. This color is used for pain, swelling, fever and to increase work capacity. The purple color gives celebration and hopes to the dull brain.




Green is considered the most balanced of all colors. It is also considered the safest color in color therapy. When a man feels depressed, the green color improves the mood. Therefore, green is used in medicine. For this therapy, it is necessary for the color to be pure green. Light green can make you anxious.




This color is used to enhance the glow of the skin. It is believed to give courage and energy.


Indigo Color-


This color is considered to be very good in terms of health. It proves effective in treating eye and nose related diseases.


White color-


White color helps in curing every disease quickly. It also helps to overcome negative thinking.



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