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Medicinal Benefits, Uses and Harmful effects of Reetha

Medicinal Benefits, Uses and Harmful effects of Reetha

2021-12-13 18:48:53

Reetha is one of the most popular herbs in Ayurveda, commonly known as Indian soapberry or wash nut. It is a natural and reusable product which most women use for preventing hair fall and increasing hair growth. The fruits of reetha are also used for washing hair. Apart from this, applying the foam obtained by soaking the fruits of reetha in water on the body ends burning sensation in the body. Reetha has natural conditioning properties that help in moisturizing the skin. It also helps prevent dryness of the skin. People with sensitive skin can also use products made from reetha. Reetha works as a very good cleanser. It calms and cleanses the skin and is also used as a homemade face wash. By applying reetha on the face, the skin tone becomes lighter. It is used for a variety of purposes, from washing clothes to polishing jewellery. Its benefits are not limited to just hair. It is also very beneficial for our health and skin.


Types of Reetha

There are mainly two species of reetha-


This tree is about 15 meters high. Its flowers are white and purple in colour and fruits are fleshy, wrinkled and shiny which on drying becomes brown in colour. The seeds of this fruit are spherical, brown in colour and each fruit contains three seeds.



The shape of the fruits of this soapnut is elliptical. When it is separated, a heart-shaped mark is found at the joined place. It turns slightly red and brown when cooked. Its fruits are fused together. Its trees are found especially in South India.


Benefits of Reetha

Benefits of Reetha for hair-

  • Reetha enhances the beauty of hair and makes them healthy. For this, mix camphor with kachri, nagarmotha, amla and shikakai, apply it to the hair and keep it for some time and then wash the hair. This makes the hair thick and long.
  • The problem of dandruff also ends with reetha.
  • To eliminate the problem of lice, apply reetha mixed with shikakai and gooseberry.
  • If you are having irritation in the scalp, then reetha proves to be beneficial for this. Apart from this, it also removes the frozen crust on the scalp.
  • Reetha is used as a shampoo in the hair. For this, first, soak reetha in water and later make a paste of it. Washing the hair by applying that paste in the hair is beneficial.
  • The use of reetha reduces hair fall and tangle of hair.
  • Reetha acts to cool the hair.
  • Reetha is beneficial in removing the problem of itching in the hair.

Other Medicinal benefits of Reetha-

  • If someone has problems like migraines, they should use reetha. For this, mix one or two black pepper in reetha water and put four to five drops of it in the nose. It provides relief in migraines.
  • Reetha is good for the treatment of teeth. For this, grind the seeds of reetha after tossing them in a pan. Mix an equal quantity of ground alum in it. Rubbing this powder on the teeth cures all kinds of dental diseases.
  • If there is a problem with cough, powder of reetha must be consumed. For this, mix reetha powder with Trikatu powder and leave it in water then the next morning, putting four to five drops of this water in the nose provides great relief. Due to this, the phlegm accumulated inside comes out and gives relief to headaches.
  • People who are suffering from asthma should use reetha. It is very beneficial in asthma. To cure asthma, grind its fruit and smell it. Apart from this, after mixing the kernels of reetha in water, churning, giving it to the asthma patient after froth comes out, the patient gets relief.
  • Reetha also works great for the eyes. Therefore, the person who is troubled by the problem of eye pain or watery eyes. Boiling the fruit in water, cooling it and washing the eyes with it will get a lot of benefits.
  • If a woman has menstrual problems, then grind the bark of reetha fruit and mix honey in it. Keep it on your vagina. This gives relief from the problems during menstruation.
  • Reetha has anti-inflammatory properties, hence it is good for curing any kind of inflammation.
  • Keeping the foam of reetha fruit near the vagina provides relief in case of problems related to childbirth.
  • People who have urinary problems can use reetha by soaking them in water throughout the night and cleaning them from time to time. It provides relief from the burning sensation in urination.
  • Reetha seed proves to be very effective in piles. For this, take out the seeds of reetha, add water to it and leave it overnight. Drinking that water in the morning gives benefits. Apart from this, burning the remaining part of the fruit on the pan, adding an equal amount of catechu to it, grind it well. Now taking this powder with butter or cream in the morning and evening gives great relief. Repeat this process for at least seven days.
  • Reetha kebabs are very beneficial for a person suffering from epilepsy. For this, the epileptic patient has to grind reetha and smell it.
  • Grinding and applying reetha after a poisonous insect bite on the bitten area is beneficial. Apart from this, cooking reetha in water and giving it to the person, helps to flush out the poison in the form of vomiting. If the poison is from the bite of a scorpion, then eat it by mixing tobacco powder in its fruit. This removes the venom of a scorpion sting. Apart from this, reetha is also used in many places to overcome intoxication by opium and other types of intoxicants.

Side effects of Reetha

  • Although Reetha is very beneficial, using it excessively can be harmful.
  • Reetha is not at all good for those people who live in a hot environment. They should use it only after consulting a doctor. Apart from this, the foam of Reetha should never get into the eyes.


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