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Medicinal Properties of Sesame seeds and its Benefits

Medicinal Properties of Sesame seeds and its Benefits

2022-03-17 14:54:52

Sesame (Sesamum indicum) is known as the world's oldest oil crop. Sesame seeds, extracted from the plant of sesame are also eaten due to their sweet taste. The sesame plant is 30–60 cm high, straight, and herbaceous (branches) with a strong and pleasant aroma. There are three types of sesame seeds on the basis of color difference, these are red, white, and black.


 Nature of Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are sweet, pungent by nature. Their effect is hot which reduces phlegm and bile. Sesame seeds are beneficial for strong hair and extremely beneficial for skin and are also effective in healing wounds. Sesame seeds are also capable of increasing the amount of milk in lactating women. Among all the three types of sesame (red, white, and black), black sesame is considered superior, which is beneficial in increasing sperm (semen) in men.


Importance of Sesame in Ayurveda

Sesame oil-


In Ayurvedic treatment, sesame oil is mainly used for massage. Massaging with sesame oil has a warming effect on the body, which is very beneficial for skin as well as blood circulation. Sesame oil is very beneficial for health due to polyunsaturated fat, it is also very useful in Ayurveda due to its rich in elements like Vitamin-K, Vitamin-B complex, Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E, and phosphorus. Sesame oil contains various proteins and enzymes that are beneficial for hair.


Sesame seeds-


Black and white sesame are mainly described in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, the properties and medicinal uses of both sesame seeds are different. In this, black sesame is more important on the basis of medicinal use than white. In Ayurveda, sesame seeds have been described as enhancing, sweet and nutritious. Sesame Pinyak (residue left after extracting oil) is helpful in controlling diseases related to eyes, dry skin, and diabetes.


Benefits of Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are very useful. Apart from enhancing taste in food items, both sesame seeds and oil have special importance in Ayurveda due to their medicinal properties. Many types of sauces and dips are also made from sesame seeds. The medicinal properties of sesame seeds are as follows:


Sesame oil is very beneficial for hair-


Sesame oil is very useful in reducing hair loss, prematurely white or greying hair, dandruff, and baldness, etc. According to Ayurveda, making a Kadha of sesame root and leaves and washing hair with it prevents whitening of hair. Applying black sesame oil to the hair does not turn the hair untimely white. Regularly massaging the head with sesame oil makes the hair soft, dark, and thick. Grind equal quantity of sesame flower and Gokhru (a type of plant) in ghee and honey and apply on the head to remove hair fall and dandruff problem. To make hair long, black, and thick, the powder of Indian gooseberry, lotus saffron, black sesame, and licorice should be mixed with an equal quantity of honey and applied to the head.


Sesame seeds are Effective in treating Eye Diseases-


Sesame seeds help in curing diseases related to eyes like red-eye, eye pain, etc. Make a kadha of black sesame and wash eyes to get rid of eye diseases.


Consumption of Sesame is beneficial in cough-


Drinking sesame kadha provides relief in cough. Boil sesame and sugar candy and drink it, it cures the problem of dry cough.


Sesame seeds are helpful in Piles-


Grind sesame 1 hour before meals thrice a day and eat it with butter, it provides relief in piles.


Consumption of Sesame is helpful in Stone Disease-


Regular intake of sesame seeds cures the stone problem. Apart from this, burning the sesame flowers and consuming that ash also reduces the size of the gallstones.


Use of Sesame is Effective in Uterine Disorders-


Consuming sesame seeds 3 to 4 times a day cures uterine disease. It is good to take sesame kadha to get rid of problems related to periods. Apart from this, soaking cotton wool in sesame oil and keeping it in the vagina removes the problem of white water.


Sesame seeds increases masculinity-


To increase masculinity, it is good to drink kadha made of sesame and flaxseeds in the morning and evening before meals.


Sesame seeds are beneficial in extracting many types of poisons-

  • After spider bite, grind sesame and turmeric with an equal amount of water and apply it on the bite helps to remove spider venom immediately.
  • After a cat bite, applying it to the bitten area does not spread the toxin in the body and the wound also heals quickly.
  • To remove the venom of wasp, grinding sesame in vinegar and rubbing it on the bitten area is beneficial.
  • Applying sesame cake (residue left after extracting oil) when bitten by a scorpion provides relief in pain.

Where are Sesame seeds found?

Japan and China are the major producers of Sesame. It is also found in sufficient quantity in India. It is cultivated up to a height of 1200m in all provinces. Its leaves are thin, soft, hairy, and large while its flowers are purple, pink, or whitish purple.


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