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Potatoes Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Potatoes Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

2022-06-29 17:34:06

Potatoes are underground plants as these are grown underground with leaves and branches above the ground. Potatoes are edible tubers, which means these are the fleshy stems of the potato plant. According to the facts, potatoes are the fourth largest root crop in the world. Theseare a special staple food because they combine the properties of starchy foods with vegetables.

The Word 'Potato' comes from the Spanish word “Patata”. Its scientific name is Solanum Tuberosum.  In India, it is commonly known as “Aloo”, whereas italso has some other regional names like  inTamil Nadu, it is known as “Urulai Kizhangu”.

Medicinal Values of Potatoes

Potatoes have many medicinal values-

  • Potatoes contain high levels of protein, carbohydrates, iron and copper. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C in sufficient quantities.

  • Potatoes contain antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage. Thus, it helps in preventing cancer.

  • Potatoes contain thiamine which is good for cardio-vascular metabolism, neurological and heart functions of the human body.

  • Vitamin B5 in Potatoes helps in reducing body tiredness and fatigue.

  • Due to the presence of potassium, potatoes help  in regulating the balance of fluids and minerals (sodium) inside and outside human cells. Further, it also helps to counter the negative effects of sodium.

  • Potatoes contain fiber, which is important for a healthy digestive system. It helps to regulate the  bowels and prevents constipation.

  • Potatoes contain a variety of phytonutrientssuch asphenolics, flavonoids, and carotenoids. These have anti-inflammatory effects & helpto promote digestive health, bone health  and reduce liver toxicity.

Benefits of Potatoes

Good for skin-

Due to the nutrients like potassium, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B6,potatoes helpin protecting a person from acne, pimples and other skin problems.

Boosts immunity-

Vitamin C in potatoes strengthens one's immune system. Eatingboiled potatoes helps to increase immunity levels.

Improves digestion-

Due to the high fiber content in potatoes, it improves the digestive system.

Reduces inflammation-

Potatoes can help control and prevent inflammation in humans due to their healing properties.

Improves brain functioning-

Due to the presence of potassium and vitamin B6 in potatoes, it helps in improving the functioning of the brain and nervous system. It also helps to relievea person from stress and anxiety.

Strengthens bone density-

Potatoes contain minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus, which play an important role in maintaining bone structure and building bone strength.

Uses of Potatoes

  • If you have a minor burn, put a slice of raw potato in a compress to relieve it.

  • If you don't have a cucumber to put on your eyes, try raw potato wedges instead - they're just as good for reducing puffiness around your eyes.

  • If your hands get dirty while cooking, rub the stained skin with a piece of raw potato.

  • Rubbing utensils with potato wedges is a great way to clean. You can also soak utensils in the water left over from boiled potatoes.

  • Potatoes are also used to remove rust from metal. Just cut a piece of potato and rub to bring back shine.

  • Mash some raw potatoes with water to make a paste and then apply it on your face. Leave itfor half an hour, then rinse thoroughly.

Side effects of Potatoes

  • Excessive consumption of potatoes can lead to weight gain. Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, and excessive amounts of carbohydrates can increase calorie intake, which can lead to obesity.

  • If you are a patient of blood pressure, then don't eat too many potatoes. This can make your problem worse. Excessive consumption of potatoes can increase blood pressure.

  • Not only excessive consumption of potatoes but eating blue potatoes can also cause great harm to the body. This can cause allergic problems in your body.

  • Consuming too many potatoes can be harmful for arthritis patients.

Where are Potatoes found?

Potatoes are majorly produced in China and India. China is the largest producer of Potatoes. In India, potatoes are found in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar and Gujarat.


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