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Role of toilet seat Sanitizer Spray in Maintaining your Health and Hygiene

Role of toilet seat Sanitizer Spray in Maintaining your Health and Hygiene

2021-12-21 12:47:29

In the present times, Cleanliness is of utmost importance as it affects our health and our state of mind as well. People often go out for work or for recreational activities be it walking, shopping, eating in restaurants, etc. In such a situation when we are out for a long time, we have to use public restrooms. Maintenance of hygiene in public places is a big problem for all of us (especially women), who are afraid of using them fearing infections, diseases, and UTIs. The marks the role of toilet seat Sanitizer Spray in maintaining your health and hygiene.


Apart from this, the problem becomes even more serious at the time of travelling because all of us are well aware of the cleanliness status of tourist places as well as public toilets in trains. For this reason, people avoid using public toilets which directly hampers their health as it can lead to various illnesses. 


What is Aarogyam Shakti Piss Happy Spray?


Aarogyam Shakti Piss Happy Spray is a safe, effective and extremely great toilet spray formulated with organic ingredients. This spray protects people from possible infections while using restrooms in college, office, railway station, airport, mall, hotel, or other public places. 


Aarogyam Shakti Piss Happy Spray is a handy bottle that easily fits into your handbag or even pockets for that matter. So, people can easily carry it with them while they are travelling, or out for work.


Constituents of the Spray


There is no harmful chemical present in the solution of this toilet cleaner. It is made entirely with natural ingredients. Aarogyam Shakti Piss Happy Spray contains Gandhatran, Turpentine oil, Cedar, Neem, Alum, Tilparni, Camphor, etc. These keep the toilet completely fresh and wash away all the germs as well. Aarogyam Shakti Piss Happy Spray gives you a clean in just a few seconds.


Why Use Piss Happy Spray?


To avoid diseases, and infections, it is the prime requirement to keep your toilets clean because more than anything else washrooms are home to germs and micro-organisms so, it becomes a necessity to keep the toilet clean.


A dirty toilet is considered as the biggest and foremost cause of diseases like Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), which is prevalent among women. So, to make the toilet fresh and clean, use Aarogyam Shakti Piss Happy Spray. This product is made entirely from herbal ingredients, which keeps the toilet clean and disinfected. Aarogyam Shakti Piss Happy spray works to protect the toilet from germs and bacteria while leaving a pleasant fragrance.


Pregnant women are most prone to infections due to their frequent visits to the doctor which makes them use the washroom despite not wanting to. So, the role of toilet seat sanitizer spray in maintaining your health and hygiene is essential for them during pregnancy. If they do not get a clean washroom at such a time, any kind of UTI infection can prove dangerous for them and the child too. In such a situation, it is very important to use “Aarogyam Shakti Piss Happy Spray” for the toilet.


Benefits of Piss Happy Spray

  • Aarogyam Shakti Piss Happy spray works as a sanitizer for a toilet seat.
  • It can be used on toilets, bathrooms, tiles, wash-basin, taps, etc.
  • Its scent keeps the washroom fresh.
  • It eradicates 99.9% of the germs.
  • It protects against diseases such as Urine Infection (UTI).
  • The constituents of the spray makes the toilet free of germs and bacteria.
  • The products comes in a handy spray bottle that easily fits into your pocket or handbag. So, you (especially women) can travel easily with it.

How to Use Piss Happy Spray

  • Shake the “Piss Happy” bottle well.
  • Now spray on the toilet seat, or any other areas you want to clean.
  • Wait for 10 to 15 seconds till the spray dries.
  • The toilet seat is now germ-free and safe for use.

Keep these precautions in mind While Using Piss Happy Spray

  • Do not spray on the body, clothes, cooking space, dining table,
  • sofa, bed, etc.  
  • Always keep away from the reach of children.
  • Do not spray in the air.
  • Keep on a cool and dry surface, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not open or discard the empty bottle in the fire.

Where to Buy Piss Happy Spray?


To buy Aarogyam Shakti Pisshappy Spray, you can visit online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, or click here

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