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Sound Therapy: Benefits, Procedure, and Side-effects

Sound Therapy: Benefits, Procedure, and Side-effects

2021-12-21 17:42:16

Sound therapy, also known as vibrational therapy, is a form of Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It works to relieve problems such as stress disorder and depression. The therapy uses soothing sound and mild vibration by playing Himalayan singing bowls. Body massage is a good way to get better results of therapy. This helps to make the patient relaxed.


This therapy helps to improve physical and emotional health. It is a process of relaxing the muscles and the mind with soothing and relaxing music. Singing bowls are strategically placed around the body. By doing this, the patient relaxes by sending vibrations in the body through sound waves.


Benefits of sound therapy

  • Sound therapy treats mental disorders such as depression and stress disorder.
  • It is also beneficial in reducing stress.
  • The therapy is also a great remedy to uplift mood.
  • Vibrational therapy helps in controlling blood pressure.
  • It lowers the level of bad cholesterol.
  • It reduces the risk of heart diseases such as coronary artery disease and stroke.
  • Sound therapy can also prove beneficial for reducing fatigue.

How does Vibrational therapy work?

  • In vibrational therapy, sound waves transmit vibrations to the body. These vibrations make the body relaxed. For example, when the Himalayan Singing Bowl produces sound waves, it has a positive effect on the body. We hear the sound through the ears and they sense the vibration through the body. The frequencies emanating from the sound of the Singing Bowl change the direction of the brain-wave and move the brain to a state of meditation. 
  • Sound massage therapy is an effective way to calm the brain by soothing the body. Bowls used in this therapy are made of various metals. These are of varying sizes and produce many types of vibrations and frequencies.

Method of Vibrational therapy

  • The patient lies on the floor on a mat. Bowls are placed around the body, on the head, and the energy chakras of the body. 
  • To do this, the patient has to wear comfortable clothes with no buttons or zips. The generated sound waves and vibrations are transported to the body. The therapist gives the patient a refreshing drink after the session is over.

Types of therapy and their benefits-

  • Binaural or Brain Wave Vibrational therapy
  • In binaural vibrational therapy, sounds of different frequencies are transmitted inside the body through different areas. Binaural beats, produced by the brain are composed of different frequencies. The binaural beat brings peace to the ears and mind. This beat changes the brain’s wave pattern for some time. This helps to calm the mind. Binaural beats also improve sleep by reducing stress.
  • Binaural vibrational therapy helps to reduce stress before surgery. This also reduces headaches and premenstrual syndrome symptoms due to brain wave changes. It also improves behavioral problems in children.

Healing with voice Vibrational therapy

  • Healing with voice therapy involves meditation by uttering words such as ‘ॐ’ and chanting mantras. This helps in reducing stress, boosting memory, reducing pain in the body. It also reduces the amount of bad cholesterol. 
  • This therapy is done by resorting to videos or going to meditation classes. Therefore, healing with voice therapy is also beneficial in curing mental disorders.

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy

  • Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy (Vibration therapy) uses sound vibrations and music, delivered directly to the body. It helps to bring positive changes in the body. It cures diseases such as blood pressure and respiratory diseases.
  • Vibroacoustic therapy improves health and also reduce stress. According to the Health Experts, this therapy works as a pain reliever. It is also great for people suffering from cancer and those recovering from surgery.

Healing with singing bowls therapy


Singing bowl therapy, commonly used in Tibetan culture uses sound emanating from a bowl made of metal. It relaxes the mind and also cures many respiratory diseases. Apart from this, it also cures insomnia.


Tuning Fork vibrational therapy or Sonic Acupuncture-


Tuning fork therapy, also called “Sonic acupuncture” uses tuning forks. The calibrated metal delivers specific vibrations to different parts of the body. It helps in promoting emotional balance by transmitting energy in the body. The therapy uses sound frequencies for point stimulation, instead of needles. Tuning fork therapy helps relieve muscle and also reduce bone pain.


Instruments used in therapy

  • Singing bowls
  • Tuning fork
  • Pan flute
  • Veena
  • Drum


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