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Stomach Ache: Types, Causes and Home remedies

Stomach Ache: Types, Causes and Home remedies

2021-12-20 16:34:26

In the present time, abdominal pain has become a common problem. The main reason for this is the irregular lifestyle of the people which has a direct effect on their digestive system. Working for long hours, consuming excessive junk food due to lack of time, not sleeping properly, etc. causes indigestion or stomach problems. These become the main causes of stomach aches.


Feeling like a needle or nail prick in the stomach is called abdominal pain. It occurs in the upper or lower part of a person's abdomen whose intensity is sometimes light or sometimes very strong. This abdominal pain can be for a short time and even for a longer period of time. This pain occurs in the upper and lower abdomen on the right or left side and in the middle part.

Types of Abdominal pain

There are mainly three types of abdominal pain. The first is general abdominal pain, the second localized abdominal pain, and the third is cramping pain.

Abdominal Pain-

This pain occurs in half or more than half of the stomach. It is caused due to different diseases and sometimes it cures by itself without treatment. Most of the common abdominal pain is due to stomach-related problems like indigestion.

Local Abdominal Pain-

This pain occurs in one part of the stomach which starts suddenly and increases over time. Sometimes local abdominal pain is also a symptom of a serious problem. The biggest example of which is the pain of appendicitis which occurs in a permanent part of the stomach and after some time becomes a major disease. Most peptic ulcers (stomach ulcers) pain also begin in one part of the abdomen and gradually becomes severe. In this form, there is also a symptom of localized abdominal pain, swelling of any part of the stomach.

Cramping pain-

Cramping pain is also known as cramping or cramps in the stomach. One that keeps on coming and going. Most cramping pains are common which is due to the formation of gas in the stomach. In many women, it also occurs during menstruation. This pain of the spasm is not a concern but it can cause a serious problem if it stays for 24 hours or more.

Causes of Stomach ache

Stomach aches may result due to many reasons. These can range from normal gas formation to serious illnesses such as appendicitis. Apart from this, women also have stomach pain during pregnancy.

The main causes of stomach pain are as follows -
  • Food Poisoning.
  • Food allergies.
  • Stomach ulcer or abscess.
  • Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Inflammation of the digestive system.
  • Urinary tract infection.
  • Stomach flu (gastroenteritis).
  • Ulcerative colitis (swelling of the large intestine).
  • Menstrual cramps.
  • Lactose intolerance.
Some other causes of abdominal pain are-
  • Excessive eating.
  • Drinking water in excess.
  • Eating oily food spices for a long time.
  • Drinking contaminated water.
  • Eating junk food like pizza, burgers, ice cream, samosa.
  • Working for long hours on an empty stomach.
  • Eating stale food.
  • Eating dry meat. 
  • Home remedies to Avoid Stomach ache
  • To reduce stomach ache, people first resort to home remedies because home remedies are found quickly which helps in quick relief from pain.

Let's know about these home remedies-

Black Salt-

Make the powder by mixing an equal quantity of black salt, Yavakshar, parsley, dry ginger, and asafoetida (heeng). Now eat half a teaspoon of lime with lukewarm water after breakfast in the morning and dinner at night. It provides relief in stomach gurgles and stomach cramps.

Carom seeds-
  • Grind the equal quantity of carom seeds and dry ginger to make them fine. Now take this powder with lukewarm water on an empty stomach or after breakfast. This powder works to reduce stomach pain and increase appetite.
  • Taking carom seeds and asafoetida along with lukewarm water gives relief from stomach ache, gas, nausea, etc.
  • Grind jaggery with carom seeds and divide it into two parts. Eating one part in the morning and the other part in the evening prevents vomiting and flatulence.
Garlic juice-

Mixing one teaspoon of garlic juice with three teaspoons of plain water and taking it for one week provides relief in gas and stomach pain.


Mixing the juice of mint, honey, and lemon juice and drinking with freshwater provides relief in stomachache.

Lemon juice-

Mixing black pepper and dry ginger powder in lemon juice and taking it with lukewarm water for two days relieves stomach ache and vomiting.

Dry Ginger-

Grind dry ginger, black pepper, asafoetida, rock salt, and make a paste. Now make a bowl-like shape of wet flour around the navel and mix this paste in mild lukewarm water and pour it into the navel. This activity helps in relieving Abdominal colic and abdominal pain.

Nutmeg and Lemon-

Mixing nutmeg with lemon juice and licking it provides relief in stomachache and gas problems.


Grind Harad, black salt, pipli, and carom seeds properly and take it with hot water in the morning after breakfast and dinner, it reduces stomach gas. At the same time, the stomach also becomes clean as it removes the toxins from the stomach.

  • Things to keep in mind when you have Stomach pain
  • Reduce intake of oily food.
  • Reduce the intake of refined flour and gram flour.
  • Reduce your intake of tea and coffee.
  • Do not drink too much water after exercise.
  • Eat light meals during the night which is easy to digest and does not lead to the formation of gas.
  • Do not eat extra spicy food.
  • Get into the habit of eating on time.
  • Get complete sleep at night.
  • Get ​​up in the morning and drink one to two glasses of lukewarm water. So that the stomach can be cleaned well.
  • Do not hold the stool for too long.
When to go to the Doctor?
  • When there is unbearable pain in the stomach.
  • Vomiting with abdominal pain.
  • On feeling the swelling in the stomach.
  • Burning sensation in the stomach.
  • If there is more difficulty in digesting food.
  • If there is no relief in stomach pain even after having medicine.
  • If you start getting blood in stools and more problems along with constipation, then, in this case, contact the doctor immediately because it can also be a sign of uterus cancer.

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