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Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies of Cavity

Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies of Cavity

2021-12-14 11:40:35

Nowadays people are becoming health conscious due to increasing diseases but many people do not pay that much attention to oral health due to which problems like cavity gradually make the teeth their victim and start worsening the condition of the teeth. The main reason for this includes modern lifestyle, wrong eating habits and changes in routine etc. For example, many people forget to rinse after having a meal and clean their mouth well before going to sleep at night. As a result, they have to face many problems related to the mouth including worms (cavities) in the teeth. According to experts, if there is a cavity in the teeth, instead of taking antibiotics immediately, home remedies should be adopted. According to Ayurveda, a cavity can be got rid of by improving diet, cleanliness and home remedies.


What is a Cavity?

There are many bacteria present in the mouth, some of which are beneficial for keeping the mouth healthy whereas some bacteria are harmful to oral health. These harmful bacteria form acid in the mouth and begin to destroy the hard enamel of the teeth. As a result, tooth decay begins due to which small pores are formed in the teeth which we call a cavity. This problem can arise in people of any age but it is mostly seen in children. If it is not treated in time, it can cause pain, decay and many oral problems.


Types of Cavity

Segmentation on the basis of places-

The cavity is divided into two parts depending on the location which is as follows-

Primary cavity-

The primary cavity is mainly divided into three parts which are-

  • Smooth cavity- In this type of cavity, worms are found on the smooth surface of the teeth.
  • Pit cavity- This cavity is also called the Fissure cavity. In this type of cavity, worm pits and fissures (the teeth in which there are cracks and holes in the deep groove) are found at the place.
  • Root surface cavity- In this, worms are found in the roots of the teeth. Apart from this, these insects hollow the teeth from the roots.
Secondary cavity-

The secondary cavity is also called the recurrent cavity. Even after filling the teeth, worms start appearing in the teeth. This type of cavity is called a secondary cavity.

Segmentation on the basis of direction-
  • Backward cavity- In this type of cavity, the worms move from the inner surface to the outer surface. In this, the worms spread from the dental enamel junction to the enamel.
  • Forward cavity- In this type of cavity, the worms spread from the enamel to the root of the teeth.
Segmentation on the basis of speed-
  • Acute cavity- In this type of cavity, the worms spoil the teeth very fast.
  • Chronic cavity- Its process is very slow which stops after a while.
Segmentation on the basis of phase-
  • Reversible- In this, the activity of the worm occurs only till the enamel.
  • Irreversible- In this, the enamel breaks down and the worms reach the inner surface.

Symptoms of Cavity

Initially, there are no symptoms of the cavity but as the problem progresses, some symptoms are visible. Let us discuss these symptoms-

  • Mild or severe pain in the tooth.
  • Sensitivity from food or beverages.
  • Holes or pits appearing in the teeth.
  • Tingling in the teeth.
  • The appearance of black or brown spots on the surface of the teeth.
  • Feeling of pain while chewing.
  • Swelling of the mouth, gums, or face.

Causes to Cavity

  • Long sticking of sweet or sticky foods on the teeth.
  • Not rinsing the mouth after eating anything while sleeping at night.
  • Not cleaning the mouth and teeth properly.
  • Bacterial infection of the teeth.
  • Weakening of the roots of the teeth.
  • Less production of saliva in the mouth.
  • Mouth dryness.
  • Heartburn i.e, burning in the chest.
  • Not getting enough fluoride in the teeth.
  • Frequent eating or drinking etc.

Make the following changes in your diet and lifestyle when you have a Cavity

In case of tooth decay, people should follow the following-

  • Minimize the consumption of sweet and sticky foods.
  • Stay away from tobacco containing substances.
  • Do not eat too much cold and hot things.
  • Rinse thoroughly after eating anything.
  • Brush your teeth regularly in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Get your teeth checked from time to time by the dentist.
  • If possible, get a sealant (a ceramic powder that is filled in the grooves) of your child's molar teeth. By doing this, the food item does not stick to the teeth.

Home remedies for tooth Cavity

To get instant relief, it is beneficial to adopt home remedies such as-


Clove oil is used to reduce the pain caused by the cavity because it contains a compound called eugenol which helps to remove toothache. For this, take two to three drops of clove oil on a piece of cotton and apply it to the affected tooth. By doing this, all dental problems get relief. In addition, the eugenol compound is also used by dentists to temporarily fill the cavity with zinc oxide.


Anti-bacterial agents are found in garlic which relieves the problem of tooth decay and pain as well as sensitive teeth. For this, grind a clove of garlic and add some water and salt. After that apply it to the affected area. After leaving on for 10-15 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm saltwater.


Cavities are also treated with a solution of saltwater. It acts as an antiplaque agent when used regularly. In this way, the saltwater solution prevents the cavity by eliminating the plaque. For this, gargle with one teaspoon of salt in a cup of lukewarm water. Try to hold water in your mouth for a while before gargling.


Turmeric has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial properties which can get rid of every problem of teeth. To use it, make a thick paste by mixing salt and mustard oil in half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and use it on the affected area.


Asafoetida is used for flavour and aroma in food but it is also beneficial in many types of home remedies. In case of tooth decay, mixing a pinch of asafoetida with lemon juice and applying it on the tooth with cotton, destroys harmful bacteria.

Liquorice root-

Liquorice root is very effective in every problem of teeth because it has effective anti-microbial properties which kill harmful bacteria. For this, gargle with the root of liquorice and then rinse it.


Soft brushing of neem removes all the problems related to teeth. Neem has anti-microbial properties which destroy cavity-causing bacteria.

Aloe vera gel-

Aloe vera gel also proves beneficial for home treatment of cavities. The antimicrobial properties present in aloe vera destroys the harmful bacteria that cause the cavity. For this, apply half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel on a toothbrush and clean the teeth thoroughly with this for a few minutes. After that rinse off with water.

Toothpaste containing fluoride-

Toothpaste containing fluoride is effective in removing cavities because the fluoride present in this toothpaste is easily absorbed in the tooth due to which the teeth become strong. Research on this shows that daily brushing with fluoridated toothpaste can prevent tooth decay.

Apply baking soda-

Baking soda also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Rinse it off by adding baking soda to lukewarm water. This reduces tooth decay. Apart from this, sprinkle a little baking soda in wet cotton and apply it to the cavity tooth.


Teabags are also used to relieve toothache and inflammation. The antiseptic present in it relieves inflammation and pain. Apart from this, it also cures problems related to teeth and gums.


When to go to the Doctor if you have a Cavity?

Most people start taking painkillers or antibiotic medicine when they have any kind of problem in the tooth like decay, pain. Whereas at first, the above-mentioned home remedies should be done. In case the problem persists even after these home remedies, then contact the nearest doctor. Apart from this, a doctor must be contacted in the following conditions-

  • If the toothache persists and home remedies are not providing relief.
  • There is blood and smell coming from the gums.

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