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Symptoms, Causes and Prevention of Nose Bleeding

Symptoms, Causes and Prevention of Nose Bleeding

2021-12-20 17:55:30

The problem of bleeding from the nose is called Nose Bleeding. This problem is usually not a major problem but sometimes can also be a sign of a serious illness. The problem of bleeding from the nose is due to many reasons like- respiratory problems, allergies, colds and not cleaning the nose carefully.

Why does the Nose Bleed?

There are many types of blood vessels in the nose. These blood vessels are very soft and covered with thin membranes which sometimes also breaks the nose while cleaning. Due to this, blood starts coming from the nose. This problem is mostly seen in children between 3 and 10 years old.

Types of Nose Bleeding

There are two types of nose bleeding which are classified based on the place of bleeding-


This is the most common type of nose bleeding in which the nose bleeds from the front part. During this time blood vessels inside the nose rupture due to which blood comes out from the nose. These blood vessels are known as Kiesselbach’s plexus.


In this, blood comes out from the back of the nose. This is the bleeding caused by the disease. This affects the inner nostrils of the nose and the nerves connecting with the brain. This problem is mostly seen in the elderly. This causes severe bleeding from the nose.

Symptoms of Nose Bleeding
  • Bleeding from one or both nostrils (nose hole).
  • Experience of fluid flow from the back of the throat.
  • Feeling like repeated swallowing.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Irregular heartbeat.
Causes of Nose Bleeding

There are two common causes of bleeding from the nose which are as follows-


Dry air-

Dry air is the main cause of nose bleeding. Due to the excess heat, blood vessels get dilated because of which the nasal membranes become dry due to hot air, they become very susceptible to blood flow and infection.

Nose Picking-

Repeated nose picking, and putting things like pen, pencil, etc. in the nose is the main reason of nose bleeding in children. Due to this, the delicate blood vessels of the nose get hurt and the bleeding starts. Apart from this, persistent nose bleeding in children can also be a sign of haemophilia.

Reasons for Nose bleeding
  • Drying and cracking of the skin inside the nose in hot air or dry climate.
  • Nasal irritation due to problems like cold, sneeze and sinus.
  • Nose allergy or frequent runny nose.
  • Having high blood pressure.
  • Cleaning the nose with strength.
  • Nose of an insect or object.
  • Nose injuries.
  • Sinus or pituitary tumour surgery.
  • Divine septum disease.
  • Vitamin-K deficiency.
  • Consumption of blood thinners such as warfarin and heparin.
  • Excessive use of nasal sprays.
  • Oxygen treatment with Nasal Cannulas.
Rare Causes of Nose bleeding
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Consumption of cocaine or opium.
  • Liver disease.
  • Increased nasal flesh.
  • Blood Cancer.
  • Tumor in the nose.
Prevention of Nose Bleeding
  • If itching in the nose, do not put a sharp pencil like a pencil in the nose.
  • Keep hand nails short.
  • Do not use nasal spray too much.
  • Do wear protective items during the game. Which can protect the nose, ears and head.
  • Avoid smoking. This may cause dryness in the skin of the nose.
  • To reduce the dryness of the nose, stay hydrated and consume sufficient amount of fluid.
  • Stay away from heat when bleeding from the nose. Reduction in dry heat can reduce the risk of hemorrhage.
  • For any other reason like liver disease, chronic sinus, consult the doctor if bleeding from the nose.
Home remedies for Nose Bleeding
  • After bleeding from the nose, sit at one place for some time.
  • Now bend yourself slightly towards the front. So that the blood does not go to the throat.
  • Now try placing a cool and wet cloth on your nose. So that blood flow can stop due to contraction in the blood vessels.
  • If blood comes out from one nostril, press and hold the upper part of the nostril for at least 10 minutes. By doing this the blood will stop.
  • In addition, onion juice should be used to stop nose bleeding.
  • Smelling of onion also stops nose blood.
  • Blood is stopped by pouring basil juice at the place where it comes out.
  • The problem of nose bleeding is relieved by heating one or two drops in the nostrils after heating the cow's native ghee and cooling it.
  • The problem of nose bleeding is also cured by lukewarm mustard oil in the nose.
  • Applying 2-3 drops of lavender oil in cotton on the affected area stops nose blood.
When to go to the Doctor?
  • In case of frequent nose bleeding problems.
  • In case of vomiting of blood with nose bleeding.
  • Dizziness or nose bleeding with nose bleeding.
  • Bleeding from the nose after taking any medicine.
  • Rapid nose bleeding.
  • On nose bleed after chemotherapy.
  • Unable to prevent nose bleeding problem.

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