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Try this Vedic routine for 15 days and see the change!!!

Try this Vedic routine for 15 days and see the change!!!

2021-12-22 10:07:49

The value of Routine and regularity in everything, be it regular physical activity, rest or work, routine is very clearly emphasized in Ayurveda science. After observing it in daily and seasonal rhymes of life, the practitioners of Ayurveda adapted this routine in their lifestyles. The practical advice goes herewith then flow:


Wake up early.


Waking up before sunrise is a must. With the rising sun, rises loving (sattvic) qualities in nature that bring peace of mind and freshness to the senses. Although sunrise varies according to the seasons, yet on average everyone should get up about 5:30 a.m. After waking up, look at your hands for a few moments, then gently move them over your face and chest down to the waist. This cleans the aura and energy that surrounds you.


Spend time and attention on your morning ablutions, including the daily self-massage.


If you can, just say a Prayer before Leaving the Bed. Clean the Face, Mouth, and Eyes. Just drink a glass of normalised room temperature water. Have a habit of storing that one glass of water a night before, in copper utensil for better mineral gain. Then evacuate with proper bowel movements. Exercise because regular exercise, especially yoga, improves circulation, strength, and endurance. This would definitely help you to relax and have sound sleep, improves digestion and elimination. Practice exercising daily to half of your capacity, that measures to the level until sweat forms on the forehead, armpits, and spine.


Gently scrape the tongue from the back forward. Clean your Teeth. Chewing a handful of sesame seeds helps receding gums and strengthens teeth. Chewing in the morning stimulates the liver and the stomach and improves digestive fire. Have a good bath, preferably with cold water as it is cleansing and refreshing. By removing sweat, dirt, and fatigue, it brings energy to the body, clarity to the mind, and holiness to your life. The regular use of natural scents, essential oils or perfumes actually brings freshness, charm, and joy in life. It also gives vitality to the body and improves self-esteem.


Watch your dietary intakes with Good elimination.


In summers or hot days, the daily intake of your meals should be comparatively lighter and rather more substantial in cold season. Start your day with a smoothie for breakfast each morning durin work days. At mid-morning and mid-afternoon just have a snack that contains protein, each day. Try to pack two types of snacks and a lunch for a daily office meal. Also, be habitual of keeping a big bottle for water on your desk which you can fill every morning, keeping in mind that you should finish it by the end of the day. Fill a thermos or a nice teapot with hot water, put in three or four green tea bags and let it steep. Keep on sipping that potion of tea throughout the day in addition to your water.


Eat a good, fibrous breakfast, and have lunch at noon, when the body's agni or digestive fires are at their peak.


Meditate twice a day.


Transcendental Meditation is a proven stress-reduction technique. It is important to meditate morning and evening for at least 15 minutes. You can meditate your accustomed way or you can also explore the Empty Bowl Meditation technique. Meditation brings balance and peace into your life. Sit down and close your eyes. Take a "just-for-me" break right now, right here. Disconnect from the outer world and tune in to your own self. Even if you do this for a minute, you will feel healed. All those who practice the technique of Transcendental Meditation quote that their daily 20-minute sadhana helps conquer stress and increase positive energy and a sense of well-being.


Go with the flow of nature as often as you can.


Breathe deep. The practice of mindful breathing improves the flow of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the tiniest channels of the body, giving you an instant sense of well-being. Bond with nature. Try to connect with the most intimate way with the earth through spending time with flowers, butterflies, and trees. Ayurveda believes we are all an integral part of this all eternity. This sense of connection is tremendously soothing, particularly for those of us who are under stress.


Sleep on time — never after 10:00 p.m.


According to sleep science of Ayurveda, disease and disorders develop as the result of accumulated ama, or toxins, in the body. Disturbed digestion is a result of physical ama, it forms the breeding ground for disease. The mental ama can impact resistance to day-to-day stress. Lack of good-quality sleep is a major factor in generating high levels of mental ama. Nature intended sleep as a nightly ritual of rest and rejuvenation. When sleep does not come easy or is disturbed, the day's piled-up stresses, or ama, fail to be cleansed. A sound sleep of a good night time is, on the other hand, is important for increasing ojas, the vital life force.


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