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Vacha (Sweet Flag): Benefits and Side effects

Vacha (Sweet Flag): Benefits and Side effects

2023-05-22 10:25:35

Vacha, also known as Sweet flag, is a semi-aquatic perennial monocotyledonous plant that can be seen growing near water bodies such as rivers and streams. These plants have long, narrow leaves that can reach 2-4 feet in length. Vacha flowers are small and white in colour. The leaves and roots of this plant give a beautiful aroma which enhances the quality of the plant. Its scientific name is Acorus Calamus.

Vacha is a medicinal plant which has been used in ayurvedic medicines for many years. It is used to treat several conditions that we’ll look into through the section of this blog.


Importance of Vacha in Ayurveda

Vacha is Katu (pungent), Tikta (bitter) in taste, hot in potency and has ropan(healing) properties. According to Ayurveda, Vacha has Vata balancing and Medhya properties due to which its daily intake along with honey helps with mental illness and delayed growth in kids. Its consumption also helps in treating cough by promoting the removal of phlegm from the air passages due to its expectorant properties.


Chemical Constituents of Vacha

Vacha plant is a storehouse of useful elements. Vacha’s root contains beta-asarone, beta-gurjunene, (E)-asarone, (Z)-asarone, aristolene, sequesterpenes-norsequesterpine calamusin and (E)-asarone, sequesterpenes- norsequesterpine calamusin A-H and beta-daucosterol.


Benefits of Vacha (Sweet flag)

Great for nervous system-

Vacha is a well known herb for disorders of the nervous system. It has been a very useful remedy for the brain since ancient times. Problems such as mania, epilepsy and other brain disorders can be treated with the herb as it removes the excessive kapha accumulation which causes these disorders.


Prevents hair lice-

Vacha is the best natural ingredient to get rid of lice as its oil is a natural insecticide and makes it effective in killing lice. It's safe for topical use and gentle on the skin, so applying it to the scalp won't do any harm. It has no side effects which makes it a great choice for preventing lice.


Good for cough and sore throat-

Vacha works great for relieving cold and sore throat. Taking a small piece of Vacha provides great relief from this condition. Children who are suffering from speech delay can also benefit from this wonderful herb as it helps them speak and communicate from an appropriate age.


Fights depression and improves memory-

Vacha is known to calm nerves and helps improve one's memory. It helps a person relax and relieve stress and depression. Crushed Vacha root soaked in boiling hot water also helps fight epilepsy and therefore can be used as a support system in such conditions.


Helps in childbirth-

Vacha helps in difficult or delayed childbirth. Often birth becomes critical when the mother is exhausted or does not initiate. Vacha powder helps in such situations and the mother can give birth to the child without any problems.


Reduces inflammation-

Vacha is also effective in treating arthritic pain and swelling. This condition can be very serious, causing immobility and lifestyle changes. It requires every action that can be taken to prevent and improve such severe conditions.


Prevents stomach disorders-

Vacha is an excellent remedy for flatulence and good for treating indigestion in babies. Vacha powder can be mixed with milk to feed the babies. Consume Vacha to prevent stomach disorders and colitis.


Good for the skin-

Powder of vacha can be very useful for skin problems. It is antibacterial and has anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent bacterial infections and reduce swelling and pain. Vacha also speeds up the healing process due to its Ropan (healing) property.


Uses of Vacha (Sweet flag)

Vacha is used to make natural binders. It is a good alternative to artificial ones and can be extracted by burning a piece of Vacha powder (churan) and then rubbing it on sandalwood. It is safe and suitable for use in children.

Vacha is also used as an insecticide. It protects against cockroaches and insects and is safe for use on young children. To use Vacha herb, you need to mix the herb powder with water and sprinkle it where you want it to get rid of insects.


Precautions and Side effects of Vacha (Sweet flag)

Some precautions and side effects of using Vacha are-

  • Taking Vacha during pregnancy should be completely avoided.
  • Do not use Vacha for a long time (no more than 5-6 weeks) and in high doses.
  • Vacha should be avoided if you have excess Pitta in your body.
  • Vacha can cause drowsiness and sleepiness.

Where is it found?

Vacha grows in the moist marshy places of India and Burma. It is usually found in Manipur and Naga hills of India.



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